My Only Wish

by: s2.koiishii.s2

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Getting a hold of a peculiar green bottle, Syaoran didn't expect that he'd suddenly wake up one morning with a girl claiming to be a genie in his arms. She promised to grant him 5 wishes and then she would disappear from his life forever after fulfilling them. But what he had come to realise in the end was, of all the humanly happiness he could possibly wish for, his only true wish was something she could never grant him. Because she simply did not belong in his world, and he did not belong in hers.

I summon thee

From the world unknown

Surging beauty, illusion of a fool

One will surge willingly into her reality

Happiness caused by her hand, sweet verity

Thy call, hear it

Thy heart, save it

I only ask to thee, extinguish

All sorrow, sadness; Erase it

This is but my only Wish

My Only Wish

I summon thee

Syaoran Li leisurely awoke from his dreamless stupor, stretching the bleariness away as he moved his numb and aching limbs. Still slightly dazed, he muttered incoherently regarding the odd weight entrapping his other arm from any sort of movement and tried to pull it free but a light pressure held it in place. Cursing audibly, he lifted his free hand to his face and slapped himself lightly, ridding of any hint of sleepiness. Thinking he was somewhat paralysed, he turned his gaze towards his useless arm to inspect any apparent abnormality and gasped as his amber orbs gingerly traced over the perfect, soft-featured face before him. Long, cascading auburn locks spread delicately over his arm, smooth, shiny strands framing a delicate beautiful face adorned with long, permed eyelashes, a pair of gentle-arching eyebrows, plump carnation lips and high, defined cheekbones tainted with a faint blush.

Unable to comprehend any rational reasoning which crossed his buzzing mind, he instinctively swallowed the growing curiosity threatening to escape his mouth and freed his arm from the soft tangles of her hair. He did not wish to wake the stranger but who was she? Lifting her head ever so gently, he exhaled quietly as he successfully accomplished his task and breathed in the peculiar but soothing aroma of sakura blossoms and sweet berries. He stared at her speechlessly for a long time, inhaling more of her intoxicating scent before pushing himself to his feet and heading to a door nearby which led to an expansive, green-tiled bathroom. After successfully convincing himself that he was being delusional, he did not dare turn back to confirm his suspicions and absent-mindedly got the water running.

Every cold, relentless droplet struck him like a piercing knife, causing chills to crawl down his spine. He stood solid and unmoving underneath these merciless assaults but eventually felt his tensed muscles relax, the soreness being carried away with every gush of flowing water, his troubles and confusion along with it. Sighing contently as he wondered blindly through his tranquil mind, he dried himself and wrapped a towel low around his waist. Finally, after heavily contemplating that it had all been but a dream and he was surely to find his bed empty as it should be, he opened the door casually and froze

His silken, emerald sheets held no woman but thin air. In the pit of his stomach, a sense of relief overwhelmed him but a tinge of disappointment managed to slyly creep into the troubled chambers of his mind. Cold showers had always been his antidote to quiet his thoughts but for the first time in his life, it swiftly wore away along with the colour of his face. He could sense that something was amiss; he felt unknown eyes on him.

He walked to his drawer and fished out a decent combination of a fitting white shirt and denim pants and clothed himself. Turning around, he headed towards the full-length mirror situated in the corner of his room and combed his unruly, chocolate mane. The moment he was satisfied with how it looked, although there wasn't much he could really do with it, he stepped back to check his appearance and brushed a ball of frizz that got caught in the sleeve of his shirt. Eyeing his attire for the last time to be certain, his eyes suddenly locked unto an unfamiliar lustrous red fabric reflected unto the mirror. It was resting innocently upon the green lounge he had in his room, placed on the opposite corner with tall, black lampshades on each of its side. His gaze impulsively returned in level with the reflection of his face on the mirror and he nearly choked with surprise and horror.

The red material momentarily hovered in the air as if it had invisible strings sewn to it and cloaked the person underneath it who instantly began to approach him from the lounge until he felt a solid, warm body firmly pressed against his back. He then felt hot, moist breath tickling the back of his neck and playful fingers drawing circles on his sides. Engulfed in confusion and in the state of shock, he decided that he was crazier that he had given himself credit for.

The familiar odour of cherry blossoms and sweet berries teased his nostrils as he watched the hood of the cloak fall slowly from the stranger's head and an unexpected mop of silken auburn hair bobbed animatedly behind his shoulder. He was evidently two heads taller than her. Struggling through the bizarre silence that possessed his room, his ears strained to hear every soft muffle of deluging fabric which matched every meek movement she made.

"You can at least say something," she said playfully, her mirth apparent in her bright emerald eyes, "Hi! My name's Sakura!"

Her bubbly nature took him by surprise and all he heard himself say was a simple "Who?"

"Say it with me, SA-KU-RA" she giggled and spun around like an awestruck child lost in a carnival, "I can't believe it took THIS long for me to be freed! I get fanatical even thinking about it."

Raising a brow, Syaoran still held a questioning expression on his face, "I don't think you realise what's happening here SA-KU-RA. You're trespassing in my room and in my house. How did you get in here?" He eyed her suspiciously and turned around from the mirror to face her, "Or are you one of Meiling's friends? Her room is three doors down to the left." Meiling Rei was his cousin who stayed with him and his family so she could finish her studies in Japan. Syaoran thought that she must have had one of her girly sleeping parties again; a lot of her friends tend to get lost in the maze of the Li mansion, a few occasionally stumble into his room.

"No, no I don't think you understand Syaoran," she said thoughtfully, a finger on her chin, "I'm actually here for serious business and I will be staying awhile with you if you don't mind. I haven't got anywhere to go and it's not as if I can just wander off freely without you."

"What in hell are you talking about?" he replied gruffly thinking that Meiling had put her up into doing this, "It was nice to meet you and all Sakura but the door is just right there." He pointed sternly and placed his wallet in his back pocket.

The smile on her face did not falter as she started fiddling with the pink brooch which held the thick, heavy red fabric around her form until it fell gracefully to the floor, "Awww, you're no fun!"

Syaoran's eyes widened as he witnessed the cloak slide to her ankles, revealing her toned, smooth and petite body barely covered by mere black and red pieces of fabric. Her top which could barely be distinguished as a shirt of any sort resembled a tight red corset with black lace over it. It was short, as it came very high to her torso and on its front were two black intertwining strings like shoelaces, squeezing her breasts to emphasise the sensual outline of her cleavage. Travelling down, past her flat stomach, gleaming black diamonds encircled her navel, matching the black choker around her slender neck. She wore very short tight black shorts which nestled very low on her hips and a pair of high red stilettos to complete the look. She appeared like she had come from a very expensive and sophisticated escort service; a strange mist of elegance clung naturally to her figure.

Massaging his temples, a groan of frustration escaped his lips after he overcame his state of disbelief, "A mistake on my behalf then… from the looks of things Meiling isn't the one to blame."

"Do you like it?" she asked naively with a sweet pout, "I know I should have chosen the green outfit out of the bunch but this kind of stood out, sorry. I should have known that your favourite colour's green."

"ERIOL! That idiotic, pathetic excuse for a cousin!" he exclaimed angrily, keeping his eyes away from the beauty before him, "I should have known."

"Oh come on! I don't think it's that bad!"

"I'm going to kill that asshole," he muttered to himself, momentarily forgetting about Sakura, "I told him to mind his own damn business!" It was bad enough that he had started receiving these erotic emails of pornographic content in his email, more than a dozen a day, filling his box to the brim. At first he thought it was a mistake or some sick joke but when they started coming everyday with complementary subject titles ranging from every sexual profanity in existence, he later learnt that someone had mischievously subscribed him to every possible porn mailing list on the internet. He had told Eriol to unsubscribe him after he eventually admitted that he was at fault but it seemed that he hadn't come around to doing so. Syaoran had stopped himself from erupting in irritation at the time as he knew that Eriol, his cousin and best friend only wanted to cheer him up since he was still in the dumps after his break-up with Haruna but he didn't perceive that Eriol would go to this far.

"Syaoran, look at me!"

"Sorry but I'm not interested in the services you offer," He said to her calmly, processing the fact that it wasn't her fault that she was there, "As I said before, the door is just right there, don't worry, you can go."

"I can't leave Syaoran even if I wanted to," she replied quietly and then smiled brightly at him, "I can't because I'm kind of stuck to you…whether you like it or not."

"What do you mean?"

"If I go more than a few metres away from you, it's going to hurt," she said, bringing her hand over her heart, "like hell I've been told but I'm not really sure. Anyway, can you just sign the contract and we'll get the party started"

"What contract?" he said distantly as he thought of one hundred and million ways to make Eriol miserable.

"Hey, can you just listen to me for a bit?" she asked sweetly, her voice resonating in his ears, "Don't space out on me!" She walked to him and shook him by the shoulders.

He quickly snapped out of his reverie and consciously realised the heated small gap between them, her protruding breasts a centimetre away from his own chest. He couldn't remember her approaching him but he quickly retreated back, gaining more decent space from her, "Alright! I'm listening, what contract?"

A knock suddenly sounded from the door as both Sakura and Syaoran whipped their heads to the jingling door knob. "Master Syaoran? Your mother wants to see you." A voice called out, most likely a maid, "She's waiting in the garden outside."

"Tell her I'll be right down," he called back and focused his eyes back to Sakura, "As I was saying, what contract? I really have to go."

"This." she answered gleefully as she raised both her hands in front of her and made strong, swift hand gestures in the air, "hei-mash-la-o-sar-pur-pa-wah." Three distinct popping sounds echoed throughout the room as an exquisite emerald bottle appeared amidst her long delicate fingers, a white ribbon was tied around its lean neck, holding a crème-coloured card that smelt of mint. A spark of recognition flashed through Syaoran's eyes, he was too stunned to speak but illogical ideas spurted in his mind. For some perplexing reason, deep inside him he knew who this girl was although every realistic and sensible nerve in him objected to the idea. Could it really be?

"That's the bottle I bought in the antique shop yesterday afternoon," he mused loudly, finding his circumstance too eerie to find the right words to express his confusion and bewilderment, "but there's no way…. NO WAY." He had only purchased it as he didn't intend to seem rude to the shop keeper who eyed him sceptically behind the mahogany counter in the antique shop. It was pouring heavily outside and he had no where else to go while he was waiting for Eriol to pick him up so he went inside and paced impatiently along the narrow long aisles of old furniture and trinkets. He thought it was only right that he should buy something at least and luckily he found a particular green bottle that caught his interest.

"Sorry I don't really remember anything before my summoning," she said, poised elegantly on the lounge she had been before, "I just woke up and here I am!"

"Do you mean to say that you really came from that bottle?"

"Yeah, I guess so… I mean where else would have I come from?" A seductive smile abruptly touched her lips, her innocence somehow dissolving into thin air, "Now to the contract." She let a lone finger into the mouth of the green bottle and pulled out a rolled up brown paper.

"You must be kidding me?" he gasped, still unable to believe what he was hearing. Who would have thought that the mint smelling card he had read yesterday out of curiosity was some kind of summoning spell?

"I kid you not Syaoran…. Not at all," she replied pushing a pink feathered pen and the parchment unto his open hands, "Now sign it."

"Master Syaoran? Your mother is asking what is taking you so long?" the maid called out again from the door, knocking gently on the wooden barricade, "She insists that you come down now."

"I'll be right down!" he answered, focusing his gaze to the door, "I have to go Sakura."

Her arms ebbed their way around his neck, locking him in place. She had her body firmly pressed against his firm chest, her lips close to his ear, "Hush. I'm here now Syaoran. Your very own genie… don't you want me? You can have me. I'm yours. Take me. Sign it."

He couldn't move an inch, his feet were glued to the floor by some force and his mind was swirling with her alluring smell. Without much resistance, he watched as his right hand held the feather pen and signed the brown paper, he felt himself trapped in a trance.

What was it that his father always reminded him?

That's right, he told Syaoran again and again

Again and again

Over and Over

That he shouldn't sign any contract unless he had thoroughly read and understood the risks, terms and conditions within any given contract.

But it was too late… the parchment popped into smoke the moment he finished signing it…

What was going to happen now?

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