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"By the way," Sakura randomly tutted, "I started my monthlies today. Just so you know."

Syaoran's face instantly contorted from a blank and focused expression to one of horror and slight disgust. "Why in hell do I have to know?"

"Because Syaoran," she started with a sweet, innocent grin, "This whole week will be quite memorable for you."

"And why, pray tell, would that be the case?" Fear suddenly began to creep slowly but painfully in his gut. He had the feeling that his edgy start that morning had to do with what he was about to hear.

"Remember when I told you that for me to exist in your world to grant you your wishes, I'm currently sharing your life line?"

"If I tell you that I don't remember, can the problem that's about to hit me right now just go away?" he asked, almost pleadingly. He almost died when Sakura continued on without much care for what he just said.

"The shared life line we have kind of goes both ways."

"And?" He asked, bracing himself for her next words, "And what?"

"How does being the first ever guy in the face of the earth to experience PMS sound to you?" she cheerfully asked, watching as his expression turned sour.


CHAPTER EIGHT: The Calm before the storm 2

Watching Syaoran's facial contortions along with his resourceful dictation of every word of profanity in existence, it was like watching fireworks explode again and again. He would stop for a breath for a second then fire up again, face all red in agitation. Sakura had seen many scary things in her life but not as scary as what she was seeing. Her fingers were tightly gripping the chair she sat on, gluing her bottom as firmly as she could on the chair without being pitched forward or from side to side. Syaoran's foot was pressed too heavily on the accelerator and Sakura had the feeling that even he hadn't realised it. They were zooming through the road like a racing car on its last lap heading for the finish line, petals squished under screeching rubber tyres.

"Syaoran!" Sakura called out, "Slow down!" At first her voice didn't seem to register in his head. It seemed that she had sparked his first hormonal tantrum. What awful timing. After a few minutes of praying for her life, Sakura felt the car suddenly slow to a turtle speed of 20 km per hour. She was about to conjure some sort of magic to unearth a tree trunk and use it to block their path but there was a great chance that she didn't possess enough magic to accomplish such an action. She was still weakened from granting him his wish the night before and it would take a few days for her to regain the full extent of her magical abilities. Genies were like batteries in that sense – when they stayed in the human world and shared a lifeline with their host, they do not possess an unlimited source of power.

When some of his surprise and anger had abated, he got a hold of himself and slowed down. He looked at her angrily and gritted his teeth, "Argh! I can't believe this!"

Finally letting go of the breath she had sucked in awhile ago Sakura let go of the chair and looked up at him, "Calm down, I understand you're hormonal right now but you're going to get both of us killed."

There were no words that could explain the bubbling frustration and rage unfurling inside him. He felt like screaming, biting, punching, kicking and crying all at the same time. He turned away from her and kept his amber eyes focused outside, still gritting his teeth. He couldn't understand or control himself and before he knew it, his eyes were starting to water. He had the biggest urge to cry at that moment and run head on unto a brick wall for some unexplainable reason. Syaoran frowned, this wasn't going to work. He couldn't show up at school the way he was going.

"Make it stop damn it," he demanded angrily, "Why the fuck am I crying?"

"Calm down," she said, "You're only going to get even more emotional if you don't calm down."

He stopped the car in the middle of the road and rested his head on top of his hands on the stirring wheel, hiding his face from her view. He hoped that by pressing his lids tightly against the back of his hands that it would instantly stop the flow of tears escaping from his eyes. It stopped but only marginally. Great rivers of salty tears were dripping from his chin and he couldn't stop them! Sakura didn't need to see his face because from the apparent trembling of his crouched torso, she knew by his breathing that he was crying. Crying in buckets and buckets.

"Bloody hell," she gushed wide-eyed, "You have suppressed emotional baggage issues."

"Be quiet!"

"No, seriously. Normal people cry once in awhile you know, how many years of un-cried baggage am I seeing right now?"

"Be quiet!" he suddenly screeched in the middle of a hiccup and a sob, "Damn it, make this stop! Now!"

"I told you, control yourself and calm down. If you calm down, it'll stop."

He shut his eyes tight and tried to find some balance and calm in the rampaging darkness with in him. It wasn't easy but he tried as hard as he could to empty his head and listen to the genie's suggestion. Within a minute or two, Syaoran had managed to stop the tears but his body was still suffering from the occasional tremor from the hiccups.

"I can't hiccup believe hiccup this," he drawled out, "How long hiccup is this hiccup going to bloo- hiccup -dy go on hiccup for?!"

"Three days in the least, if not, wouldn't be more than 7 days." Sakura answered truthfully, "But you should be okay. If you don't go overboard with your emotions, it wouldn't be as bad as this." She passed him a packet of tissue from her school bag.

"7 days?!" he yelped, feeling his insides stir again. He stiffened and quickly pressed a palm to his eyes. I am Buddha. I am calm, peaceful and fat. I am immovable because I am calm and fat. I am Budha. Buddha Buddha Buddha.

"Listen," she said calmly, "If you try to remain as neutral as possible for the whole week, it's not going to take over. So from today, you're not allowed to get angry or pissy or anything. I mean, unless you want a repeat of this drama right here. Being like Buddha is a great idea!"

Syaoran straightened and attempted to shrug off the irritation taking over him. He could control this, he HAD to control this. Buddha Buddha Buddha.

"You can't let anything get to you or else you're going to explode again."

"Urgh, might as well dress myself in a dress, wear some heels and while we're at it, slap on some make-up." he muttered with sarcasm, the scowl present on his face deepening.

"That's the spirit!"

Buddha Buddha Buddha.

When Syaoran stepped into the main school building with Sakura not far from his heel, a woman of tall and lithe stature glided her way in front of Syaoran and immediately stopped him from walking any further. She was dressed in a professional black suit that flattered her small waist and long legs. Black framed glasses sat on the bridge of her nose magnifying two stern, black eyes that looked down on them with clear distaste.

Syaoran stared up at her placidly, managing to hide his struggle of maintaining his Buddha mantra behind a blank, uncaring facade. This was his first encounter with the woman who many students had fancied to label as 'The Vulture'. 'Ms. Vulture' happened to be the assigned Tardy officer who patrolled the front main building entrance for late students. Syaoran had never been late to school in his life but that day was his first, thanks to Meiling and Sakura who prattled on that morning with out a care in the world.

Sakura glared up at Syaoran. Don't pin this on me. You were eating like a rampaging monkey who had never seen so much bananas in his life. And what the hell is wrong with this woman?

Syaoran pushed her presence from his head and addressed the scowling vulture of a woman as calmly as he could. Buddha. Buddha. Buddha.

"Mr. Li, may I inquire as to the reason of your tardiness this morning?" 'Ms. Vulture' asked authoritatively, each syllable pronounced with sharp precision, "I believe this will be your first tally." She glanced at Sakura, attempting to place a name to the face but when she couldn't, she returned her attention to Syaoran.

"I've been designated as Sakura Kinomoto's host for the duration of her stay here in Japan. She's an exchange student who will be staying with us for the rest of the year. I had to settle a lot of documents this morning for her stay that's why we're running late." Syaoran replied evenly, his expression unchanged. Buddha Buddha Buddha.

'Ms. Vulture' looked at Sakura again, "Welcome to Tomoeda Private Ms. Kinomoto."

"Merci Beaucoup!" Sakura replied with a beam.

The woman smiled dryly in return and began to scribble something on a piece of paper. She handed the note to Syaoran and stepped out of their way, "Please proceed straight to your class. Please ensure that I don't catch you running late again. Have a good day." She turned and walked out of their sight, her high heels clicking and tapping on the marble floors.

"What's her problem?" Sakura asked with a raised brow, "It's like the whole world is having PMS today."

"She's just doing her job." he stated, walking to their Latin class, "She's actually one of the few teachers in this school who manages to do their job without being influenced by the prestige and wealth of the students here."

"What do you mean?"

"Bribe her and you land yourself a month of detention."

"Ah." Sakura liked her already.

The interior of Tomoeda Private was breath-taking. Even more so than its ostentatious exterior. The floor, if not marble, was covered in thick, lush wine-red carpet with golden borders on its edges. The crème walls were bright and eye-pleasing, as if newly painted. The wooden furniture were all polished to perfection, a welcoming hue of sophisticated dark mahogany with intricate coiling and swirling designs. Magnificent marble and granite statues graced the odd corners of the building, along with expansive oil paintings depicting the works of world renowned painters. There were also the occasional coffee-tables and cushioned chairs placed every now and then, with sophisticated vases holding a bouquet of freshly picked and assembled flowers. The school showcased its beauty, wealth and prestige without much restraint. Any average citizen would look like a pauper within its overwhelming grounds.

Sakura ogled her surroundings, especially loving the countless canvases of paintings that softened the interior features of the halls. There were paintings of stretching landscapes, abstract shapes and lines, portraits of people Sakura didn't know and some contemporary pieces that had textured layers that tempted her to touch them. Syaoran swatted her fingers with a look of warning.

"You're not allowed to touch them," Syaoran muttered, "These paintings are one of the most important assets of this school, if you get caught tampering with them, you'll get in really deep shit."

"How deep are we talking about here?" she asked, slightly hypnotised by the swirling colours of the piece in front of her, "I really like this one."

"Suspension, even expulsion. Some student got suspended a few years back for drawing a mustache on one of the portraits in the third floor. He had to pay almost a million dollars to get the painting fixed in Rome."

"He must have had a grudge." Sakura contemplated, turning away from the painting and following Syaoran down the long corridor.

"He said it looked like his mother."

"Then why would he do that?"

"Simply because he thought he had the right to do it. I'm not sure if it was really his mother. There's something you should know about the people in this place."

"And what's that?" she asked, pulling at the strap of her backpack. It was black with numerous pockets and the school emblem on the outside.

"Everyone acts all refined and educated in this place but in truth, most people are spoiled rotten, proud and pragmatic. Everyone is used to getting whatever they want but then they get enrolled in this place where they have to get used to the fact that they're not the only one anymore. So try not to piss off anyone, they're already struggling with their own inferiority complex."

"I already kind of got that message when I met you, but thanks for the word of warning."

"Seriously, don't piss off anyone."

"Okay, okay, I got it."

"And acting and speaking with a little bit of finesse wouldn't hurt either." Syaoran expressed flatly, "You are supposed to be from France."

"Shut your trap." Sakura snapped, slightly pissed off, "I'll show you sophisticated."

They reached another long-winding corridor that had huge, clear glass doors on one side, doors that led to the gardens outside. Right opposite them were wooden door after wooden door that turned out to be entrances to the classrooms. Sakura could already hear the buzzing of voices within the rooms, the noise made her suddenly nervous.

Syaoran walked to the 4th door down the corridor and turned to Sakura, "Are you ready?"

She looked up at him and then at the thick wooden door in front of her, "I don't know."

Sensing her anxiety, he gave her a smirk, "What, too chicken?"

"You asking for some bashing?" Sakura asked in irritation, "Cos' I'm happy to comply."

"You'll be fine." he reassured her, lifting his hand to knock on the door.

She suddenly reached up and stopped his knuckle from reaching the wood, enclosing her small fingers around his, "Wait a second." She breathed in a mouthful of air, exhaled loudly and nodded at him to signal that she was ready. Syoaran gave her a nod in return and lightly tapped on the door, opening it when he had heard the teacher give his permission. Overbearing silence welcomed them, along with twenty-four pairs of inquisitive eyes. At that moment, Sakura wished she could just vanish.

Indifferent to the stares pinned at him, Syaoran walked straight to the teacher and quickly explained the whole situation with Sakura being an exchange student and all, handing over the late note he had received from 'Ms. Vulture' in the process. The teacher nodded his head in understanding and smiled warmly at Sakura. Syaoran could already guess the idea running through the minds of his classmates, he disappears for almost a week then comes back with a new girl in tow. He scanned the crowd, his gaze firstly landing in the front row where Yuri sat, wide-eyed and surprised. He gave her a slight nod of recognition and then continued to look around, meeting the eye of everyone who dared to stare at them. Some instantly looked away, focusing their gaze on Sakura instead.

But one pair of eyes met his head on without flinching. How long had he hoped that those azure orbs would look his way again? He had resorted to using women, violence and manipulation but none of those worked. The hatred and disgust she always looked at him with had disappeared and she now smiled at him as if nothing had happened.


Syaoran didn't know how to react or what to say.

He felt Sakura sharply nudge him at his side which shook him out of his stupor. He broke eye-contact with Haruna and looked down at Sakura, disbelief in his eyes.

Did it really come true?

Sakura met his eyes, emerald probing his amber ones that had somewhat become soft, glassy and vulnerable. She slightly frowned – Syaoran always managed to look like a retard when it came down to Haruna. What irritated her all the more was that when it came to her, Syaoran felt so unreachable. In the few seconds that he met eyes and connected with Haruna again, Sakura knew she had already lost him.

Their Latin teacher, a pleasant and likeable old man welcomed Sakura in Latin, which she instantly understood. He brightened when he saw the comprehension on her face, "Have you studied Latin before Sakura?"

"Yes, back in France," she replied fluently in Latin, gaining the attention of her classmates all the more.

"Excellent!" the old man exclaimed then turned to Syaoran, "You may go and take your seat Mr. Li."

Syaoran looked at the teacher in confusion, "Japanese please." He'd been doing Latin for a year and a half now and it just didn't click with him. When the teacher repeated what he had said in Japanese with a sigh, Syaoran nodded his head and walked to his chair. It was on the far right corner, by the window, on the same row as Yuri. Haruna sat on the far left corner, her eyes never left him. Down at the front, Yuri had turned in her chair and followed his back with her possessive hazel eyes.

From the front, Sakura herself followed him with her own eyes, not wanting to meet the dozens of foreign eyes glued to her.

"Why don't you introduce yourself to the class, Sakura?" the teacher asked, giving her another warm smile, "In Latin of course."

She forced a smile and faced the strangers in front of her, "Hi everyone, my name is Sakura Kinomoto and I am originally from France. I will be staying here until the end of the year, that's when my exchange program is going to end. Syaoran is my host during my stay here in Japan and so I'm currently staying at his residence." She bowed humbly, "It is nice to meet you all."

Some students smiled back at her, others who were in the same boat as Syaoran looked at her in confusion, it seemed that she spoke too quickly. A few looked down at her in irritation, they understood her fully and knew she was a threat. Haruna completely ignored her as she had her eyes focused only at Syaoran while a particular girl at the front of the room looked at her as if she was going to eat Sakura alive. Yuri glared at Sakura with her dark, angry hazel eyes. Why does this bimbo get to live with Syaoran?

"That was excellent!" the teacher praised, instantly liking his new student, "You can go and sit over there to the left. There's a spare chair there beside Ms. Haruna Tsukiyo."

Sakura almost tripped at the mention of the name. She even saw Syaoran slightly flinch at what he had just heard. She beamed at the old man and walked along the aisles, making her way to her new chair.

Haruna looked the same as she remebered seeing her last, only this time, her long, straight dark hair was let loose and framed her face perfectly.

Haruna turned to look at Sakura when she settled on her chair, "Hey, you're the one Syaoran was with in the grocery that time weren't you?"

"Ah, yeh," Sakura replied uneasily, "How have you been?" Stupid Syaoran didn't even tell her that his ex-girlfriend attended his school.

Haruna giggled, "I know what you're thinking. How can a check-out chick get into a school like this right?"

Sakura cocked her head and looked at Haruna, surprised more than anything at her warm and pleasant attitude. The first time they had met, Haruna had been cold, distant and even to Sakura, quite rude. The Haruna that sat beside her was different this time – this was the Haruna that Syaoran fell in-love with.


Sakura didn't understand it at first but now she understood. This was what Syaoran had wanted; this was the Haruna that he had wanted back.

"I guess Syaoran didn't tell you huh?" Haruna said pleasantly, "I'm on a scholarship here."

No, in fact he didn't tell me a damn thing. This is bound to get really messy...

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