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Author's Note: It's an AU, yaoi fic. If you can't take it, DON'T READ IT THEN! So don't expect too much from this. If it's lame, it's because I'm a bit rusty from not writing for so long…

Because I'm a Bakasaru

It was a beautiful sunny morning, and Goku was just making his way to the nearest diner for breakfast before heading to work at the hair salon. He was whistling together with the birds flying overhead him and was enjoying the feeling of great ease and happiness, and thought: "Life IS good!" He didn't realize that he was walking straight into a photo shoot. The photographer, a handsome young man with dark brown hair and beautiful emerald green eyes, was also unaware of his approach as he busily snapped away at the model before him, who so happens to be a tall, red-haired guy.

The moment Goku stepped into the camera's view, the photographer snapped a picture of his face, up-close; and then another, automatically, as Goku realized his intrusion. His first picture was of an innocent-looking, calm facial expression, so cute and naïve; while the other was of wild shock, golden eyes going wide and face becoming a white porcelain bust. Both were perfectly taken, though it was an accident. The dark-haired, young man looked up from his camera to find Goku still staring at him with those same, shock-stricken golden eyes; and somehow, he looked so cute that way.

"Gomen nasai! I didn't mean to interfere with your picture!" panicked poor Goku.

"It's ok. It was an accident. I know you didn't mean it," answered the young man, gently.

Embarrassed, Goku turned away and hurriedly walked away from the scene while muttering soft curses to himself, hoping not many had witnessed his embarrassing moment. As he walked away, the young photographer watched him go, deep in thought. His model came over and whispered: "You should have rebuked him a bit, Hakkai. He was in the way of my perfect pose." He pouted his mouth and stroked his long red hair while saying that.

"You shouldn't be too harsh on him, Gojyo. He was indeed sorry. And besides, he is just a boy."

"I don't care. The next time if there is an interruption let me handle the situation. I'll set it straight immediately." And with that, he placed his palm on the photographer's cheek, tilted his head, and kissed him deeply and passionately (in front of the public! Arghhh).

Later that afternoon

Still recovering from his aftershock, Goku wasn't paying attention to his work and had made plenty of customers annoyed and angry with him. His boss was beginning to lose patient with him and warned him that he would lose his job if he messed up again.

He tried his best to concentrate on his work, but his mind kept drifting to the incident that morning. What an embarrassment, and it was so hard to get it out of his mind! The light kept flashing into his eyes, in his mind, blinding him for a while, distracting him from his work.

"What's happening to me? I can't lose my job now! I haven't paid this month's rent." lamented Goku. That encouraged him enough to work harder.

A customer walked into the salon and his boss greeted him warmly.

"Irasshaimase. How may we help you?" asked the boss.

"I just need a hair wash. That's all."

"OK. Will do," answered the boss enthusiastically, and with that he ordered one of the shampoo girls to wash the customer's hair. The girl giggled and immediately set to work.

Goku had a quick glance to see who was the customer and got the second shock of the day.

It was the same photographer whom he accidentally interfered in his photo shoot…

Author's Note: What will this develop into… Stay tune, folks…