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Goku opened his eyes slowly. Bright lights hit his eyes painfully as he awakens from a long sleep. He wondered what had happen to him as he couldn't recall the past event that landed him in the hospital. "HOSPITAL!" cried Goku. 'How did I end up here?'

A young man, with blonde hair and wonderful violet eyes, was sitting beside his bedside and heard his cry of wonder. His hands slowly clasp around the frighten boy's hand as he said, "Finally, you're awake. We were wondering when you would wake up after the operation."

"Operation?! What operation?" cried Goku.

As if to answer his question, a doctor and a nurse came into the room just in time to check on their now awake patient.

"Ah, so you have awakened. Finally…we were very worried. How do you feel?" asked the doctor.

"Practically confused. What happened to me anyway?" a confused Goku asked.

"Well, you had an accident and some kind of chemical blinded your eyes. We couldn't save them and the only way to regain your sight was to find a donor. Luckily, someone was kind enough to donate his eyes for you. You are one lucky guy to have been saved in this way. I'm glad to say that you have made a full recovery and you may go back in about a day or two." answered the doctor.

"Oh…who was the person who donated his eyes to me, doctor?"

"I'm afraid I can't tell you because of client's privacy. I'm sorry."

"Oh. Ah, Genjou! You are here. Where is Hakkai, ne?"

"He is not here. In fact, he has left town and may not be coming back soon. But don't worry, he asked me to look after you while he's away." lied Genjou. 'His loss, my gain,' he thought.

"So desu ka?" and Goku felt a slight pinch in his heart. 'Where could Hakkai have gone to?' he thought.

The next day, Genjou helped Goku out of the hospital and brought him back to the apartment. Goku saw the emptiness of the rooms, like no one has lived there for a long time since he was brought to the hospital. Wonderment was written all over his cute face. Where could Hakkai be right now? Why wasn't he there at the hospital to visit him? And why was he not where he should be?

Goku passed his days in a kind of trance, not noticing his surroundings. With no Hakkai around him, he felt like there was nothing in life worth living for. Although Genjou was by his side every second of the day, he couldn't seem to get over the fact that Hakkai would not be coming back for good. Everyday, he would ask the question in his head: "Why did he leave me? Did I do something wrong? Where is he now?" And everyday, none of his questions were answered.

"Come on Goku. Cheer up. At least you've got me to take care of you now. I've loved you since the first day I met you. It was unfortunate that you met Hakkai first before me, or else we would have been a couple earlier. But now, I'm here by your side. Can't you accept me?"

But Goku just ignored Genjou's pleas. He tried asking Gojyo where Hakkai was, but Gojyo said that from the moment he left Hakkai, he had not seen him since. Not knowing where his koibito was broke poor Goku's heart. Eventually though, he allowed Genjou to a small room in his heart, yet he knew somehow he could never love Genjou the way he loved Hakkai. He can never love Genjou more than he loved him.

One day, he was strolling near the race track where Hakkai and he used to motor race. A few motorbikes could be seen racing down the track. He remembered that experience of adrenaline rushing, the wind blowing throught his hair and Hakkai's warmth flowing through him as he hugged him from behind. It was just another day at the race track, but his eyes then caught a lone figure of a man sitting silently at a corner, patting his dog. It was very obvious that he was blind because of his black shades and for a fact that the dog was a guide dog, equip with a handle on his back.

The man didn't look at all weird or anything, but somehow Goku felt curiosity eating at him. So he when closer. Somehow, the man looked familiar. As he went closer to the man, a strong wind blow and something from the man's hand flew out of his grasp. Goku hurriedly picked up the item because he wanted to help but froze in his act when he so it. It was a picture…of HIS OWN cute face…staring innocently at the camera with a slight expression of shock. So that means the man in front of him was none other than…Hakkai!

Blind Hakkai was scrambling for his fallen picture when Goku hesitatingly gave it back to its owner. He wanted to say something but no words pass through his mouth. Hakkai, being blind now, took the picture that w placed in his hand and thanked the stranger, before taking the handle of his guide dog and walked silently away…all the while not knowing that the stranger was actually his beloved koibito.

And all Goku could do was to watch his back as he walked away from him. Finally, big teardrops began to fall from his beautiful 'green' eyes as his knees buckled and he collapsed to the ground, crying his broken heart out.

Author's Note: FINISH…!!Why are his eyes green now? Because Hakkai donated his green eyes to replace Goku's golden eyes. Just to clarify some things. Until the next story…