Disclaimer: No I don't own this stuff blah blah blah

Disclaimer: No I don't own this stuff blah blah

Crazy People That

Drive Crazy Taxies

-Part Two-

Greg: ::In taxi driving like a madman down-town:: ::Pulls up to a red light and doesn't show any mercy:: ::Drives right through on the wrong side of the road::

Henrey: Uh Greg!!!! You need to slow down, and I don't mean after the cops pull you over I mean NOW!!~

Greg: Okay…. But right after I run another red light!! That was exhilarating!!!!!!

Jessica: (Oh my gosh he actually used a bigger word than DUDES… wait a minute…) Greg do you even have a clue what that word means???

Greg: NO… ACTUALLY I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!!!! ::Signals right and turns left:: ::Pulls into a Police Station's Driveway… and after a few knocks on the door, figures out that it's not his house::

::Henrey takes the wheel because they now have twelve cops behind them with sirens on::

Henrey: So Greg you say you're parents have never even let you touch a car that actually works in your entire life!?!?! ::Gives him The People's Eyebrow::

Greg: I think thst's pretty messed up if you ask me…………. They always say "Well someone didn't mature at the age three." I never understood what that meant though………….

Jessica: (Sometimes the truth just hurts bad) ::Sirens grow much louder so Greg ""Accidentally"" steps on Henrey's foot that just happens to be on the gas pedal::


Greg: OH, BUT WE ARE!!!!! ::Cops stay their distance because they didn't want to disrupt a mad-man in the middle of his spaz attack::

Greg: ::Throws his mental pills that he didn't take that moring at Cop Car:: ::After losing his mind a few minutes ago Greg leaps out of the car and safely lands on the sidewalk with a little James Bond Roll at the end::

Alright now we all have our mental problems every once and a while…

And if you haven't already figured out the person I'm talking about is Greg

Him and I are so much alike………..

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