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He stared at the long knife in his hand as he walked towards his prize. After weeks of following her everywhere, she was finally his. She looked so pretty, gagged and tied, her beautiful eyes wide with fear. God, how did he love those eyes. They were bright green, but it was not the colour that made them so attractive, it was the way that looking into them you could read her soul. The way they expressed what she felt. How they'd light up with happiness, or glaze with fear, the way they were at the moment. Right now, they were making her look so innocent and helpless, and he enjoyed that.

She continued to watch him as he kneeled beside her, her eyes glued to the knife. Even when the other hand started caressing her cheek, sending shivers down her spine, her eyes never left the blade. Then out of nowhere, in a flash of silver, the knife was tearing at her throat. The blood was pooling at both their feet, the pain flooding her senses, and he just watched. He watched as her eyes dulled with pain and confusion and their life started to drain along with the blood. He watched as the feeling left them and how they finally shut down.

When he finally stood up and looked over at the lifeless body sprawled at his feet he felt no remorse, he felt rather like an artist who had just finished his masterpiece, he felt only ecstasy. And as he stood there proudly, casting his shadow upon his work he was certain of one thing, this might have been the first time but it was most certainly not the last.

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