Compelled Emotion

By: Fire Tenshi

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Inuyasha characters from the anime or manga. I am only a fan…which results on me writing stories with these characters on FANfiction .

Summary: The all famous Inuyasha Takahashi is a successful actor and not to mention a drop dead gorgeous hunk. Every girl wants him..except for Kagome Higurashi .Truth be told, she can't stand him and his arrogant attitude. Will an unexpected meeting bring these two opposites together or bring about a hell on earth.

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Chapter 1: A Grudge

The clicking of cameras sounded off like the beating of rain hitting cement as the famous Inuyasha stepped out of his black limo. Screaming girls stood on either side of the red carpet watching as their dream guy strode by them, occasionally flashing a heart stopping smirk. Reporters instantly swarmed the young actor and began their interrogation.

A young female got to him first and popped the first question. "Mr. Takahashi, when can we expect a new film from you?" Inuyasha gave no hesitation in answering, he was used to all the attention now. "Well I'm going to be starting on a new love story tomorrow on the other side of Tokyo." "Who all is appearing in this movie?" another reporter asked. "No big actresses, this movie is going to focus on new talent that will liven the movie up a bit" finished Inuyasha.

Sango screamed her heart out at what she had just heard come out of the television. She could hardly believe it. 'Her' Inuyasha was coming to her part of Tokyo tomorrow and he was looking for young actresses like her to star in a love film alongside the hottest actor in all of Japan. She suddenly imagined herself and Inuyasha kissing each other on film and every other fan girl out there radiating with jealousy towards her. Sango barely held back another squeal of excitement.

Kagome sighed in frustration at her friend. She glanced at this so called "God" on the TV and immediately grew disgusted. She watched how he walked by girls and expected them to just thrown themselves at him whenever he so chose. She couldn't stand him and his arrogant, self centered attitude, it made her sick. Kagome then turned her attention to the clock on their kitchen wall and seen it was almost time for supper. She really didn't want to cook anything and felt the need to go somewhere. "Hey Sango? Think you can peel yourself away from the TV and help me choose a restaurant to eat at?" Sango blinked once then merely nodded and started backing away from the television towards her room to get changed. Kagome shook her head lightly and then went to change out of her 'lazy clothes'. When she finished she was dressed in black hip huggers, a white tank, and a red long sleeved zipper jacket. She seen Sango waiting by the door and seen she was wearing a pair of jeans, and a black hoodie. "Took you long enough" said Sango sarcastically as she grabbed the car keys and headed to their driveway. Kagome closed the door behind her and followed Sango to the car. "Me? I wasn't the one gawking at a television for some jerk" Sango giggled "A hot jerk though." Kagome rolled her eyes as they sped away to a restaurant.

"I don't see what is so great about him that could make half the female population want to kiss the ground he steps on" stated Kagome as they pulled up to the WacDonalds drive through window. Sango ordered their meal and when their total came up she drove ahead. They came to another window where a man said that their food would be out in a minute. Sango then turned her attention to a bright, flashy flyer pinned on the wall. She examined it more closely and yanked it off the wall. Kagome looked at what had caught Sango's attention but after seeing what it was, she rolled her eyes and looked away. Sango let out the long awaited squeal. The paper read as follows:

'Love's Addiction' Auditions

Held by Inuyasha Takahashi

Time : 11:00 - 1:30

Place: Yume Studios

Any female over the age of 18 will be granted a five minute acting performance to try and gain one of the leading roles alongside world known actor Inuyasha Takahashi.

Sango turned her attention to the friend sitting next to her. "Could you possibly drop me off at this tomorrow dear friend of mine?" She then made her puppy dog face and whimpering noises. Kagome could only sigh as she knew how much it meant to her friend and knew she had no choice but to agree. "Sure, but I am not under any circumstances going in. I can pick you up and drop you off but that's all." Sango nodded hurriedly in agreement knowing it was in her best interest to push it. They then got their food and headed back home.

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