Compelled Emotion

By: Fire Tenshi

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Summary: The all famous Inuyasha Takahashi is a successful actor and not to mention a drop dead gorgeous hunk. Every girl wants him..except for Kagome Higurashi .Truth be told, she can't stand him and his arrogant attitude. Will an unexpected meeting bring these two opposites together or bring about a hell on earth.

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Chapter 7: Butting Heads

Kagome's left leg was bouncing wildly out of frustration as she stared blankly at the morning newspaper while she ate her breakfast in the kitchen. Her eyes once again scanned the big bold letters 'Show and Kiss' which were hovering over the huge picture of hers and Inuyasha's little 'incident' and she let out another cry of frustration.

Inuyasha casually strode into the kitchen and smirked when he seen the front page story. "That's a good pic of you Kags." Kagome turned her head to face him and in a very menacing way. "Don't call me Kags!" It almost made Inuyasha nervous, but he simply shrugged. "Just being honest." Kagome shot up from her seat and practically stalked out of the room without even so much as a glance at Inuyasha.

Later on set, Kagome was absolutely fuming. 'The nerve of him! Kissing me and then letting the whole world know!' she thought. She continued to grumble and didn't notice Sango come up behind her. "Kagome you will never guess what happened." she stated too sweetly, but Kagome seemed to not notice what she was getting at. "What?"

Sango then pulled out the paper and pretended to look at it confused. "Well there's a picture of some girl kissing Inuyasha on the front page, and she looks a lot like you." Kagome glared at Sango who only batted her lashes and smiled innocently.

Inuyasha seemed to appear through thin air. "Yeah, she was a good kisser too" He smirked, knowing just how well this was getting to her. Kagome stood up angrily and went over to make up.

The whole day seemed to drag on for Kagome. Shooting scenes with Inuyasha nagging and pestering all day was nothing short of impossible. She sighed as she slumped on one of the chairs onset. "Hey Kagome, you got a minute?" Kagome lazily rolled her eyes over to meet Miroku. "Sure, what's up?" Miroku was wringing his hands and trying to make this as painless as possible.

"Well the press knows about our new movie production and since we haven't given them much inside as to how we came across you or what your really like, they were um…wondering if you and Inuyasha could make a public appearance at a premiere…together." Kagome eyed Miroku and noticed how nervous he seemed to be. 'Poor guy' she thought.

"Sure Miroku, I guess I can do that. When is it?" Miroku let out a huge breath he didn't know he had been holding. He would live to see another day. "Tonight."

Lsater that day Kagome waited for Sango to bring her the dress she was going to be wearing to the red carpet event. She already had her make up and hair done but everyone refused to let her see the look until she had the dress on.

Finally Kagome heard the door to her bedroom open and Sango stepped in with a black dress bag strung over her right shoulder. "Alright miss super star lets get you dressed."

When Kagome was finished Sango attempted to make the whole moment more dramatic than need be. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention and introduce you to the one and only Kagome Higurashi!" Sango then stepped away from the full view mirror and Kagome felt her jaw slacken.

Her dress was satin and fell down to the floor. The dress itself was silver in color which gradually changed to black for the single strap which went across her left shoulder. Kagome had a matching silver eye shadow on with black eyeliner and mascara, giving her the smoky eye effect. Her hair was in a slightly messy bun with a few strands hanging down to frame her face.

Kagome was absolutely speechless. She looked to Sango and immediately enveloped her in a huge, crushing hug. Sango laughed at her friends excitement then gasped. "Is that the time? I have to get into my dress!" Kagome's eyes lit up. "Your coming also?" Sango nodded as she opened the door. "Yeah Miroku asked me to go with him." Kagome smirked, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively. "Ooh really?" Sango blushed lightly. "Shut up Kagome."

Inuyasha was pacing back and forth down in the hotel lobby while Miroku patiently sat. "Where the hell are they!" Miroku shook his head. "Patience is a virtue Inuyasha" Inuyasha looked over to him, confusion written all over his face. "What the hell does that mean?" Miroku rolled his eyes and was about to explain it to the half wit when his jaw dropped. Inuyasha looked to see what was so interesting when he felt his jaw drop as well.

Miroku's eyes were glued to the goddess named Sango. She wore a deep purple, satin, floor length dress. The dress had a strap on either side which rested on her shoulders with a low cut in the front, though tasteful. Her makeup was in a light purple done similar to Kagome's, and her hair was a mass assemble of waves. A few strands were tucked away on the sides and fastened with bobby pins.

Inuyasha couldn't believe that was Kagome! She looked like a completely different person. The girls walked over to the guys and Sango giggled. "Drop your jaws guys?"

Inuyasha merely offered his arm to Kagome, who grudgingly accepted it. Miroku did the same with Sango and she accepted without any problems. The guys lead them to the limo and they all got in.

As the limo pulled up to the carpet, the girls became slightly nervous. Inuyasha then spoke up. "Alright, don't answer too many questions and when you do answer, use as little words as possible, keep smiling, and whatever you do, don't do something stupid." he directed this last part to Kagome who shot him a glare.

Finally their car pulled up and the driver came over and opened the door. Inuyasha stepped outside the vehicle and held his hand out for Kagome. She accepted and gasped slightly at all the people. They crowded both sides and many were practically jumping at them. Out of reaction Kagome drew slightly closer to Inuyasha, who didn't fail to notice this. He leaned his head down to hers slightly. "Just remember to smile and it will be over as soon as we get inside." he stated.

Kagome took a deep breath and walked alongside him as they slowly made their way towards the building. One reporter yelled his question at Kagome. "What's your relationship with Inuyasha?" Kagome was about to respond when she re-thought her answer. 'I can't exactly tell them I hate his guts.' she thought. "We're good friends." she said with a smile then continued on. 'Ha, yeah right.'

When they safely made it into the building they made their way over to their seats for the movie premier. An thought suddenly came to her. "Hey Inuyasha, what movie are we here for?" Inuyasha looked at her and kind of rolled his eyes. "Some lame movie Sesshoumaru worked on a few months back." Kagome remembered who he was referring to through their 'meeting' earlier on. The four quickly found some seats together and awaited the movie to start.

Throughout the entire movie, Kagome found it hard to sit so close to Inuyasha. Their hands were a mere hairs width apart and she could feel the heat from his body brush against her bare skin. She couldn't help the small sigh of relief that escaped her when the end credits began to roll. The occupants in the theatre all stood and cordially made their exit into the lobby. When Kagome and Inuyasha had made their way out of the theatre, Kagome couldn't help but think that Inuyasha's brother was a really good actor (from the few scenes she had actually managed to pay attention to) and she was sure that Inuyasha knew this too.

As the thought ran through her mind, that very man came up to them. "Hello little brother, this is the last place I would expect you to be attending." Inuyasha growled slightly. "We had to come, so that Kagome could make an appearance to the press." Sesshoumaru turned his attention to the woman who stood beside his idiotic half brother. He made the mental note that she was a huge improvement from the last wench he had had the displeasure of meeting. He gave a gentle nod and she kindly returned the gesture. "A pleasure to meet you again Kagome. I wonder if you would allow me to show you around and introduce you to the others?" he inquired intriguingly.

Kagome was about to decline when her stubborn and mischievous side came bubbling up to the surface. 'I wonder just how mad I can make Inuyasha with this, he doesn't seem to be very close with Sesshoumaru, in fact he seems to downright loathe him. This would be such good payback for everything he has done to me. And I am here to meet people and get publicity.' she smiled brightly, having come to a decision. "I'd love that." she submitted, placing her hand into the crook of Sesshoumaru's arm that he generously offered. She turned slightly back to Inuyasha. "I'll see you later Inuyasha!" And with that she disappeared into the crowd.

Inuyasha bristled as she accepted the offer from his asshole of a brother, completely forgetting what Sesshoumaru had said about meeting her a second time. He knew that Sesshoumaru had offered only in spite of him, because he had caught the little glint in his eye. But what surprised him more was when she had accepted! He had caught the slight change of her mood and knew that she was giving him some form of payback. 'She did a pretty good job too' he thought offhandedly.

"Inuyasha!" he turned towards the source of the person who had called him. "Hey Sango, Miroku." Sango had her arm wrapped around Miroku's and she smiled when she seen him, but then a slight frown etched across her features. "Inuyasha? Where's Kagome?" she asked him. He growled slightly in response then folded his arms over his chest. "She's over with the fuckhead." he stated in distaste.

Instantly knowing to whom Inuyasha was referring to they started scanning the area and stopped when they seen Kagome and Sesshoumaru. "Why is she with him?" Miroku asked, slightly confused. "Sesshoumaru wanted to introduce her to everyone, at least that's what he says. He most likely has another reason, knowing him." Miroku raised his eyebrows at this. "What ever do you mean Inuyasha?"

Sango turned to Miroku instantly and slapped him over the head. "Get your mind out of the gutter you pervert." Miroku rubbed his now pounding head. "Sango dearest, I merely asked my friend what he meant by his statement, nothing more." She rolled her eyes and then returned her attention to Inuyasha. "I'm sure that Sesshoumaru is only introducing her to important people that she may-" Sango stopped talking and looked over Inuyasha's shoulder, her face contorted into a shocked expression. "What's wrong?" he asked upon seeing her face. Inuyasha followed her gaze back to where his brother and Kagome were, and immediately growled.

Kagome sighed out of frustration. How was she suppose to remember all these people! She had remembered a Shippo Nakamura because of his fiery orange hair and bright green eyes, a Kagura Yoshida because of her red eyes and cruel smirk, and also a Yutaka Nomiya because of his jet black hair and kind blue eyes.

After they had met a few 100 people or so (at least it felt like that many) Sesshoumaru casually spoke up. "You know I do find it interesting how you decided to get back at my naïve little brother for your…incident together." he stated coolly, referring to the front page. Kagome looked slightly shocked for a moment at how he knew her reasoning, and then smiled. "I happen to find it interesting that you pulled me away from your brother, to merely get on his nerves." Sesshoumaru smiled lightly. "I find plenty of ways for getting on Inuyasha's nerves." Kagome brightened up at this, maybe she could take a few notes. "Oh?" she asked innocently. "What may those be?"

Suddenly they stopped walking and Sesshoumaru turned to her. She noticed his eyes flicker to her right for a minute before leaning his head down to her ear. He then slipped his left arm around her waist and to the small of her back before whispering in her ear. "This for instance works quite well." he stated in a low baritone. Kagome was caught off guard by the sudden proximity, a small shiver crawling up her spine. "How so?" she managed in a barely stable voice.

Sesshoumaru had listened to her question, while inhaling her heavenly scent. He then fought the urge to smile. "Well right about now, his face has taken on 4 shades of red, and I believe I can see smoke escaping the ears perched on his massive head." Kagome turned to the right inconspicuously and instantly broke into a full out laughter upon seeing Inuyasha's face.

Her laugh reminded Sesshoumaru of bells, rather than the screeching of cars, that most other women's laughs possessed.

Inuyasha had remained calm watching Kagome and his brother walk around so comfortable with each other, well as calm as he could manage under the circumstances. He didn't even know why he was getting so mad, it's not like he was jealous or anything. Why would he be? It's just Kagome. His last nerve snapped then when he seen his brother put his vile face near her ear and whisper something, but due to the loud racket from the crowd, even with is super hearing he couldn't make out what it was he was saying.

Inuyasha angrily stomped over when he heard her laughing. 'Payback or not, she's getting way too comfortable with him, and I don't like it!'

Kagome looked into Sesshoumaru's eyes after she established control over her laughing. She had been slightly nervous when she was near him earlier on, now she felt as if they were good friends! She also made note that he had gorgeous honey colored eyes, which contrasted beautifully with his long, flowing silver tresses.

Soon though, Kagome was brought out of her reverie when Sesshoumaru let out a small growl. She was about to ask him what she had done when she felt a hand grab her arm. Turning around, she met none other than Inuyasha.

"Alright Kagome we're leaving, now!" he angrily spat and began dragging her. "Wait a minute buddy! What if I don't want to go? Maybe I'm having a good time!" she yelled while attempting to wriggle free from his iron like grip. Inuyasha turned to face her with a scowl on his face. He was about to yell something when another voice broke into the conversation.

"Little brother, I believe it is not your decision whether or not Kagome stays. Now remove your hands from her person before I do so myself." Sesshoumaru stated in a deathly calm voice. Inuyasha turned his attention to his half brother and put on a cocky grin. "Oh and just what exactly do you think you could do about it Sesshy?" he asked and smirked triumphantly when Sesshoumaru glared at him.

Kagome then pushed herself between the two feuding brothers. "Okay guys, let's calm down and just let it go." she spoke while placing one hand on each one of the brothers chests, failing to notice how both of them momentarily tensed. "Yeah Sesshy, you heard her, be a good little puppy and heel." he smugly tossed. "Inuyasha you will do well to watch your tongue before I rip it out of that vile mouth of yours." Sesshoumaru shot back.

Kagome sighed and shook her head, this wasn't going as planned. She decided that it was time to go home and drag the stubborn dog Inuyasha with her. "Half breed!" "Overgrown mutt!"

"Both of you enough!" Kagome shouted causing a few guests to turn in their direction. "You two are acting like children! Inuyasha get moving, we are going back to the hotel!" Inuyasha looked down at her slightly surprised, while Sesshoumaru maintained a slightly composed face showing only a small glare.

Inuyasha turned to walk away and Kagome turned to Sesshoumaru. "Thank you for a wonderful night Sesshoumaru. I'm sorry that I have to leave" she offered kindly. Sesshoumaru took her hand and lifted it to his face before kissing it gently. "The pleasure was all mine, Kagome. I will be keeping touch." Kagome smiled brightly. "I look forward to it. See you at work!" she said before, heading through the crowd towards the exit.

Inuyasha and Kagome remained silent the whole time in the limo. After a while Kagome thought it be best to get this over with. "Inuyasha you really need to keep control when your around your brother, whether you like him or not." she stated, finally looking at him.

Inuyasha looked from the window to her. "Keh! Like I would listen to you!" he shot back, still highly unnerved due to the fact that Sesshoumaru's scent was still surrounding Kagome and hung heavily in the air. "You better listen to me or your in for a trip to hell. You guys are brothers for crying out loud, why can't you two just accept each other and move on?" she asked calmly, ignoring his last remark.

Inuyasha snorted, "Yeah right, that arrogant bastard accept me? I'm a half demon remember? Even if I'm famous, my kind isn't just accepted with open arms." Inuyasha became confused. 'Why am I telling her this and talking with her like this?"

Kagome looked down at her linked hands in her lap and thought over what he had just said. "Well, to me Inuyasha it doesn't seem like he despises you at all, it seemed like he called you a half breed as a joke, albeit not a funny one but still." Inuyasha scoffed. "Whatever. It doesn't matter that much anyway. I'm only planning on seeing him when I have to, and you're not hanging around him anymore so lets just drop it."

Kagome raised her gaze to Inuyasha again. "Wait a minute, what do you mean I'm not hanging around him anymore?" he turned to look at her and replied as if it were obvious. "You aren't seeing him anymore because I said so. I'm not having two together and becoming close or something." Kagome glared deathly at Inuyasha. "Well I'm afraid that you have no say in the matter. Sesshoumaru and I are already…friends and you have no right to stop that!" she shouted.

"Oh I'll stop it alright, just you watch." he replied. Kagome crossed her arms. "Oh really and how do you plan on doing that Inuyasha?" "Quite easy, I'll lock you in the hotel room if I have to, you won't go anywhere." Kagome rolled her eyes at his stupidity. "You do remember I have the leading role in your stupid movie do you not? It's the only reason I`m here in the first place. How would I go to work and not see Sesshoumaru there when he works there also?" she asked.

Inuyasha cursed under his breath, how stupid was he that he forgot they work together? "You won't talk to him if you see him then. If he tries talking to you then simply ignore him." Kagome let out a very good impression of a growl. "Unlike you Inuyasha I have manners and would not ignore him if he started talking to me, just so you could be happy! If me and Sesshoumaru want to talk to each other then we will, and you will deal with it!" she yelled angrily.

Inuyasha snarled. "You will not! End of discussion!" he yelled as the limo came to a stop at their hotel. "Ugh!" Kagome yelled in frustration. "Your so stubborn!" Throwing the door open and stomping angrily through the front doors toward the elevator. She reached the room, opened the door and slammed it shut locking it behind her. She then made her way to her room and proceeded to get ready for bed.

Inuyasha calmly got out of the limo and handed the driver a tip. He slowly walked into the hotel, nodding to whomever acknowledged him. He entered the elevator and then waited to reach his floor. Arriving at the door he pulled out the copy of the room card and swiped it through the lock, before making his way in.

All the lights were off, but he could see the light spilling out from under the bedroom door, signaling she was still awake. He walked towards the couch and proceeded to get comfy.

Kagome sat on her bed fuming at Inuyasha. Did he honestly think she would just agree to not see one of her friends again? Then again they weren't really friends, more like acquaintances or even co-workers, but still. After changing and removing her makeup Kagome flopped back onto her bed and closed her eyes falling into a deep sleep.

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