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"How is it that I have the ghost powers and you're the weird kid?" – Danny, Mystery Meat


One hot summer day, with only a week left before their first day of eighth grade, three teenagers sat eating ice cream and relishing their last days of freedom in the cool air-conditioning of Nasty Burger. Two of the teens, Danny Fenton and Sam Manson, were pretending to fall asleep listening to their friend Tucker Foley go on and on about some new comic book.

"…and on page 56 Electroman uses his newest power, Rain of Lightning, to defeat the villain. Then the villain says 'No! You—'"

Finally, Danny interrupted. "Tucker, you will always be the weird kid."

"What if you fell into toxic waste, or got zapped by something, or got hit by a meteor and got super powers? Then you would be way weirder than me."

Sam laughed. "Danny? A superhero? That would be the day. Besides, even with super powers, I doubt that he could be any weirder than you."

A/N: So, this is a little drabble series I've started. Each drabble is based off of a quote from a Danny Phantom episode. Enjoy.