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In the high country outside Durango…

"Make sure you check that landing before you drop off your line!" Parker Quinn, called down into the inky black abyss. The light from her headlamp illuminated a few feet down the rock face, but no more. She was hooked into all her climbing gear, her rope coiled neatly at her feet, waiting for her two companions to finish their descent.

Parker and her sister had been spelunking with their father since they were little kids. When Parker had graduated college two years back, with no real desire to join the corporate world, she got a job being a spelunking guide in the Colorado back country. She'd never looked back. The only downside to the job was that Parker rarely got to see her sister and family, so when Angie had asked Parker to give her and her boyfriend a guided tour on their summer vacation, Parker had jumped at the chance.

Her sister's voice floated up to her, and Parker had to grin at the disdain dripping from it. "I know Parker. It's not like this is some cave we've never been in before. Spelunking here is like…" she trailed off, trying to think of an appropriate comparison. Unfortunately, dangling from a rope deep in the bowels of a Colorado cavern, sarcastic comebacks seemed to escape her. "It's familiar is all I'm sayin'!" She finally yelled.

"And if we weren't?" Parker questioned, slightly teasing the younger girl. "Look before you leap Angie! It's still a good rule!"

"And while you two girls were bickering," came a third voice, low and distinctively male, "I made it down here first."

Parker crouched down on one knee, peering cautiously over the edge, looking for the familiar bob of a headlamp on the ground. It didn't matter how often she explored these caves, she knew how quickly things could go wrong. With a slight roll of her eyes she returned, "I'm not sure I'd always be bragging about being quick on the draw there Aiden, if you know what I mean."

"Parker!" Angie sounded horrified. Parker just laughed, a warm, rich sound that lit her eyes. Then she tied off her line, and hooked herself into her belay, reaching around to check her hip for her cams, more out of habit than anything else. The caves by Bear Rock weren't really all that challenging, but they were a pain to get to, necessitating a day and a half long hike from the nearest logging road. In all probability she probably would have no need for her set of cams, or the extra length of rope draped across her shoulder.

"It's okay sweetie," Aiden's voice was quieter now, though still loud enough to Parker to hear. "As long as you love me I don't care what she says."

Parker could picture Angie's face, smiling, having eyes only for the man in front of her. At the top of the cliff face, Parker stuck her index finger in her mouth and pretended to gag. Angie and Aiden, a set of names that together, were almost as sickeningly cute as the couple themselves. Still, Parker had to admit that Aiden was a far sight better than the last few guys she'd brought home.

The most notable of the previous losers had been Nick, tattooed, way too pierced 26 year old was firmly stuck back in the glory days of 80's mullet rock. Angie had brought him for Christmas dinner, presumably to shock and horrify their parents, which she had done successfully. Luckily the relationship hadn't lasted any longer than Christmas, mostly due to the fact that Nick had started hitting on Parker as soon as she walked in the door. When his hand had started creeping up her thigh at dinner Parker's notoriously thin patience had evaporated all together and Nick had ended up with green bean casserole hanging off his eyebrow hoop.

No, Aiden seemed like a decent enough guy, entirely too Joe Blow All American for Parker's taste, but hopelessly devoted to Angie. That in and of itself made Aiden welcome on their trip, but a small part of Parker wished it could be just her and Angie. It had been a long time since she'd gotten to spend time with her little sister on her own. Parker scooted backward, leaning against her line till her heels dropped over the edge of the cavern cliff. "Angie, you down?" She waited for an answer, her belay locked. "Be sure to tie off your ropes….Angie?"

"I'm down Parker but….I thought I saw….it couldn't be." Parker shook her head wryly. They'd been playing games in the caves since they were little, always trying to scare the other. She started her descent, keeping her feet firmly planted on the sweating rock face, leaning back into her harness and letting gravity do the work.

"What is it?" she called, looking quickly back over her shoulder. She'd play into Angie's game, for now.

"I thought I saw something moving."

"Right Angie. What do you think lives down here, a bear with wings?"

"Parker I'm not kidding!" she thought Angie sounded a little scared then, panic creeping into the edges of her voice. Parker felt her heart start to thump a little harder in her chest. Angie wasn't joking around; her kid sister had never been that good an actress. She let the rope slide through her fingers a little faster. She looked back over her shoulder, not paying the wall any mind, in exactly the way she always chastised others not to do. But Parker couldn't help it, she wanted to see her sister. The light from her headlamp still didn't illuminate the bottom. The wall they had been repelling plummeted nearly a hundred feet into the cavern before leveling off again. She wasn't even halfway down.

Angie and Aiden weren't paying attention to Parker at all anymore. But Parker could still hear them. "What the hell is that thing?"

"Aiden don't…stop. Aiden would you not please? Parker!" There was a loud scrape, and a whoosh, like a gust of air. Then Aiden screamed, a bone chilling, blood curdling cry that was cut abruptly short. Footfalls echoed up off the walls and Parker knew Angie was running. "Get away, get away! Parker!" she was yelling through tears. Parker heard a thud, then nothing.

"Angie!" Parker was panicking now, full fledged and desperate. Her throat was nearly closed off. She was practically falling now, the rope sliding through her calloused hands fast enough to burn.

A sudden updraft hit her, and it reeked of rotting and decay. She could see it now, a small light lying motionless on the floor of the cavern. Another draft hit her, this one from slightly to her left. Her panic addled mind fought for control. The wind, it's not right. It couldn't come from the…Parker looked up.

The headlamp only illuminated it for a moment. Parker didn't know if it was the red eyes she saw, or the sight of Aiden's lifeless, limp body hurtling down at her, but in that moment she let go of her line. Aiden hurtled past her, brushing her, and the rope whipped furiously through and out of her belay. And then she was really falling, plunging downward. It was almost a relief when she hit the ground and everything went dark.


Six days later…

Dean Winchester stared grumpily out the Impala's front windshield. Sam, his younger brother, sat beside him in the passenger seat, his lanky frame seeming awkwardly compressed in the car like always. He had their laptop open, their father's journal on the seat next to his thigh and was typing furiously. Ahead of them, the Denver skyline rose up, as they chased the sun westward with the receding shadow of night.

"Why are we here again?" Dean grumbled. "Report made it sound like a run of the mill accident. Few drunk college kids decided to go out where they didn't belong, and good ole Mother Nature called them on it."

Sam resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Sure, Dean doubted the validity of the find. Even Sam had to admit it was a bit of a stretch, but he hadn't told Dean about the part that convinced him yet. No, Dean was just annoyed that Sam had made the find and the connection, when he himself had read over the same paper without seeing anything. The eldest Winchester brother didn't like losing, especially to Sam, even when they weren't actually competing.

"Maybe," he said, but not meaning it at all. "But you remember what the paper said right, two kids are missing, but one got out."

"Sure," Dean nodded, letting Sam string him along. He didn't mind it when Sam did this really, asking him questions pre-designed to get him to reach the same conclusion as he did. He was getting pretty good at it actually, and Dean figured he'd let the kid practice. "Three kids went out for some climbing and spelunking in the back country. Four days after they went in, one came back out. A girl…Parker…something, supposed to be a guide. Paper said she was drunk off her ass. She probably got her sister and her boyfriend killed."

"Parker Quinn," Sam affirmed. "And yes, paper said she was drunk and rambling, but the police report says different. Blood alcohol came back clean. The police report said she was freaked, going on and on about a 'thing' that had taken her sister." Dean shrugged. So she was hysterical, it wasn't exactly abnormal.

The Impala passed an exit sign on highway I-25. Dean sat up a little straighter as the morning traffic thickened. "So where we headed Sammy?"

Sam closed the laptop. "Exit onto the off ramp for highway 36 when the road splits 20 miles or so up. From there," he cast a sideways glance at his brother, wanting to gauge Dean's reaction. "From there we're headed into the foothills, to where Parker Quinn has been staying since she got out."

"And where's that?" Dean asked, snickering. "The Hilton? You'd think if she were all that concerned about her sister she'd be up there looking for her."

"Yeah well, that's a little hard to do when you've been committed for observation to state mental ward." That got the reaction Sam had been hoping for. Dean's hands tightened on the wheel and his eyes widened just a little. "Apparently Parker wouldn't calm down. She kept insisting that whatever had taken her sister had blood red eyes….and wings."


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