Deceptions and Robots.
Introduction and Chapter One

Authors notes:- (well more of an essay really)

I'm nothing but a big kid at heart. You know how women say men never grow up? Well I can tell you that this man hasn't. Twenty years ago, on this rainy little island called Britain, I saw an episode of Transformers. I was hooked, giant robots in an endless struggle against their enemies, Good verses Evil and Optimus Prime verses Megatron. It was probably quite a sight, a bouncing one year old pretending I was right by the big robots. Then my Dad came in and turned on the news. I didn't get a chance to see another episode.

But that fifteen minutes gnawed at me. When I could I would search car boot stalls and flea markets hunting high and low for that elusive memory. I found half chewed Dinobot's right next to burnt Mutant Turtles. Slowly I built up a collection. Second hand videos began appearing and I collected them. Then came Beast Wars and this new, almost constant, wave of new ideas. Mini-cons, new Megatron's, different Prime's. Now there's a new movie being made!

But people like me, we've got the DVD's and the limited edition Alternators. We bought the original comics when they were re-released. And I, for one, never grew up.

But T.V moves on and new shows come (and go) with as much promise. Shows are resurrected from the restrictions placed on them. And British television still refuses to show them to the fans. Kim Possible has ticked all of those boxes above. So here's a big kid that never grew up. Who's imagination sometimes refuses to stay on one path. Can he come up with a crossover fan fiction just for the hell of it. (and speak of himself in the third person without worrying the nice men in white coats?)

Also if you've read this before and coming back to it, yes this is sort of 2.0 version. I went back over it and fixed some spellings. Also I'd like to make it clear that this was written before Kim Possible season 4 started, so its not happened yet. Thanks


Transformers belongs to Hasbro while the program I am crossing it over with, Kim Possible is a Disney trademark. I'm neither of these companies but because I'm not making any money they have no reason to sue me (I hope).

Chapter One

Putting his fist through the old chest plate didn't help, much, but it did make him feel a little better as the service drone carrying it shattered. Shaking the scrap metal from his arm Megatron strode out of the repair bay, past the handful of injured warriors too damaged to repair themselves. Outside the repair bay the Decepticon's leader watched as they hobbled into the small bay, growing more and more irritated. Not even Starscream dared to point out the failure as he shuffled past carrying his own dismembered parts.

However tact and intelligence were never Frenzy's strong points; 'Stupid humans. Get in the way, that's all those useless flesh things do is get in the way. Why don't we just kill them? Instead the boss just shouts at them a lot…' Being a smaller Decepticon the red and black tape-transformer missed Megatron's reaction, but not his foot.

'You fool Frenzy!' Megatron shouted at the man sized Decepticon as he skittered across the deck. The other Decepticons recoiled from their leader as he followed the bouncing minion. 'How do you propose to annihilate them with the Autobots in the way?' Charging his fore-arm mounted cannon Megatron picked the helpless troop from the corner with the same hand, at this range not even Prime would survive the blast. 'You can not destroy one without the other…'

Stopping mid sentence was not something he did, neither was allowing an insult to go unpunished but this time Megatron, the scourge of all sentient (and most not-sentient) life did. Dropping Frenzy the Decepticon scrambled backwards, into the corner of the room, but Megatron ignored him and every other Decepticon as he headed to his quarters. The first parts of a plan falling into place.

Frenzy was busy picking up the pieces of the repair drones. Because of his size and skills he was always fixing the things that went wrong on the base; '… and I'm sick of it. Repair this, do that, carry that part, don't drop it. It's enough to make me sick'

'Shut up Frenzy!' His blue clad brother hissed at him. 'You were lucky Old Meg's didn't scrap you on the spot.'

At the far end of the bay the door slid open. 'You are right Rumble, Frenzy is very lucky today.'

'M…M… Megatron?'

'Yes Frenzy, I have a job for you. A job that will rid me of those bothersome flesh-lings and that sanctimonious Prime once and for all!' Frenzy cringed as his boss's insane laughter filled the ship.

People, if you could call Bonnie "people", had said Kim was an adrenaline junkie, that was if "people" knew what that meant. In her defence Kim would point out that Ron wasn't an adrenaline junkie and did everything with her. She chose to ignore the logical flaw in that argument.

Base jumping from a San Francisco high rise into a back ally was a normal day for Kim Possible. Using her grappling line to land perfectly was just par for the course. Heck she didn't even startle the small ginger cat perched on the dustbin. Another thing she was more than used to was Ron.

'Ron,' she sighed. 'Are you stuck?' Looking up at her partner she hid a smile. He was about eight foot from the ground and hanging there by his own grappling line still attached to his belt.

'I'm fine KP! At least my pants didn't come off' He flashed a goofy smile before an all to familiar ripping sound signalled his falling the rest of the way. There was along moment as the startled cat ran across his back and behind a bin tucked against the dead end. 'I think squashed my nose.' Came the muffled voice from the black top..

'Ron, you want me to get them?' Kim rolled her eyes and looked back up at the still hanging pants.

'No its cool.' Ron rolled onto his back and called out; 'Rufus?' The mole-rat poked his head out from the dangling trousers pocket.

Muttering a 'oh boy' the pet came to the rescue of what was left of Ron's dignity. Biting through the cable the little mole-rat jumped down.

As he was putting his, Wade supplied, self-sewing pants back on Ron asked; 'So what are we doing here anyway.'

'You heard the message Ron. "Life and death", "You must help me" and so on.'

'Okay, fine. Shouldn't they be here by now?'

'We're early…'

'Are we? Snap, I forgot to wind my watch.'

'You still use one of those?'

'Last digital I got broke Kim.'

'Oh yeah I remember. You put it on and it burnt the back of your hand in all of two seconds.' Ron flashed her a half smile before looking around, refusing to look at her. Watching him she sighed. 'What is it Ron.'

'What's what?' for some reason his shoes were more important than looking at her

'What's bugging you.'

'What?' The boy tried to coax the cat out from it's hiding place.

'Can we stop with the what and you just tell me?' Kim glared at him. 'Is it to do with what we were talking about when Wade called?'

He stopped and his shoulders drooped. 'Yeah, it is.'

Kim shook her head, her best friend could be such a baby. 'We always went to dances together Ron. It didn't mean anything then and it doesn't now.'

Ron seemed to shake between one thought and another. A long time ago Kim had learn to recognise that as a decision he didn't want to make. 'I guess your right KP.' he said lamely before looking up, right at her. 'It's just I don't remember you kissing me on any of those "Just friends" dances.'

Somewhere in her gut a butterfly fluttered its wings, echoing the feelings in her at that prom dance but before she could answer a low rumbling shook the bins around them an a large shadow blocked off the alley. It was far to much for the cat, who clawed its way over the wall.

'Urm Kim? Is that a tank?'Ron asked. The obvious answer was "Yes" but she decided to save time with just a glance.

At the far end of the ally the very big tank came to a stop. Slowly it's turret swung around until it pointed at them. Then, just under it, a ramp dropped and a tall, bulky, man in a hooded trench coat stepped out. 'Kim Possible?'

'Yes… Hi we got your message.' Whoever it was had all his attention focused on Ron, same for the tank's turret. 'And this is Ron, my partner.'

'That does not matter. Come with us flesh creature'

'Flesh creature?' Kim didn't like the sound of that. After a second it ripped the coat off. It was some kind of red and black robot, before she or Ron could react the two circles in its chest glowed and a high pitched scream clawed at her.

It was like feed back on a speaker. Grabbing her head in her hands Kim covered her ears but it was like the sound was echoing of her skull. A grey fuss crept in from behind her eyes, it all hurt so much. The grey became black and she toppled forward, not feeling the landing.

Coming too the young hero felt an oppressive weight crushing down over her shoulders. Whatever that was must have been meant to knock her out, she was just glad Drakken didn't have anything like that.

Kim tried to look around but the only light came from a crack between her jaw and whatever was covering her head. Before trying to get it off Kim flexed her limbs. What felt like huge metal bars pinned her flat to some sort of up-right table.

'Megatron. The flesh thing is awake.' A very mechanical halting voice called out but whatever was covering her head echoed so much she couldn't tell if it was man or robot speaking.

'What's going on?' Kim already knew that trying to get free was hopeless but she struggled anyway.

'An explanation would be pointless, insect.' Kim tried to hid the shiver up her spine. There are some things you can tell with just a voice. Who, or whatever this was, it was evil. A brand of evil she had only seen form a distance. 'But know that your life rests on my whim. But I do thank you, with your assistance your bothersome race will be exterminated forever!'

"Then I won't help you! She struggled against whatever it was that crushed her in place. She could tell it was metal and that didn't help.

'You are mistaken. Soundwave, activate the device.' The evil voice gloated and a skull shattering burst of electricity racked across her. Biting her lip to stop from screaming Kim could feel her mind being pulled apart. It was too late but she now knew what was happening, and could do nothing to stop the oblivion from calling her.

End Chapter One.