Deceptions and Robots
(set at the End of All Creatures Great and Small)

The young couple literately collapsed in to their chairs. Ron looked to his girlfriend of most of the last year. 'Something I don't get K.P. The world is in ruins, we were all almost destroyed by a planet that mysteriously appeared and then disappeared and for the last two days we've been running around the country trying to fix it all...'

Kim pulled her head from her desk 'That sounds about right.' Her face fell back down.

'Why wasn't school destroyed too and what are we doing here?' Ron asked. It was a pretty good question as they were the only two in the room.

That changed when Mr Barken stormed into the classroom 'You're here Stoppable because learning waits for nothing. Even if we're nearing the end of your time here at Middleton High little things like this world disaster mean nothing compared to the power of education!'

Ron looked around at the empty room.

'No one else came did they?' Kim asked, her face still planted firmly into the desk.

Rufus hopped out of the back pack by Ron's desk and chirped 'Nope!' 'No slouching in the back Possible!' Barken shouted and then started writing on the chalkboard. It wasn't really Kim's fault she was tired. The two of them had ran up and down the east coast saving people form burning buildings, trapped in cars and the odd derailed train. Ron's Mystical Monkey Power had helped him bounce back but even that was drained.

A familiar series of musical notes blared from his backpack. 'Oh god. I turned mine off.' Kim flopped back.

Ron pulled his "Ronmunicator" out of his back. Kim might be using the new watch thing but he preferred the classics. 'What's up Wade?'

A yellow and silver face filled the screen. That wasn't Wade; 'Bumblebee? Something wrong?' Kim sat up straight away and Barken glared. The Autobots had the frequency but almost never used it directly to contact them.

'Oh not much, I took a nasty blast in the battle but I'll be fine. Just wanted to let you guys know you better be watching the TV.'

'Battle?' Kim asked. 'Sounds bad.'

'I lost a few friends but we won. We got them Kimberly, the Decepticons have been defeated.' Bumblebee crowed excitedly, Ron couldn't blame him.

'Yes!' Kim shouted. 'So what we need to see the news for?'

'It's starting, I'll have Telatran set it up on the communicator.' Bumblebee vanished and was replaced with what looked like a press conference outside a giant city. Parked in the background was a familiar red truck cab and a couple of other Autobots. There were also huge Autobot symbols on the city and it looked like no city Ron had ever seen. spires and walkways stretching between them were all too big.

'Uh oh' Kim whispered, 'That doesn't look very secret Autobot base like.'

The President stood up to a lectern. 'Ladies and gentlemen of the world press, welcome to Metroplex; Autobot City-Earth.'

The two teenagers looked at each other 'Oh boy!' squeaked Rufus. They were going public! They didn't notice Mr Barken watching over their shoulders.

'I've had you gathered here to explain to you all, and the world at large, what has happened in the last two days.' The president continued. 'The disaster that devastated the planet originated from an alien life form so vast it resembled a whole planet. I want to assure all the people of Earth that we knew about it and it has been destroyed.

'For almost seven years the United States Air Force has operated advanced alien technology to save this world from extraterrestrial threats and we have succeeded in secret. For fear that our people would panic at the idea of invasion from space. There is nothing to fear, with the destruction of the Alien menace we can be confident that very little can threaten this world again.

'As well as few enemies we have also made friends. People from across the universe who have agreed to help us. Among the greatest of these are the Autobots. Living robots who respect freedom and life in whatever form they find it.

'I know only a few people believe I'm not insane and that you all want proof. Optimus Prime, you're on.'

Kim and Ron watched as their Autobot friends transformed. The news cameraman zoomed out, his camera shaking as the Autobots filed the frame and then some.

'Great Crackers!' Barken shouted, The couple looked up and finally noticed that the vice-principle was hovering over their shoulder.

'Greetings. I am Optimus Prime. Leader of the Autobots.' The red and blue Autobot looked down on the reporters. 'Know that my people come in peace, to defend the freedom and justice of all life on this world and across the galaxy. Now, are there any questions I can answer?'

Ron looked to Kim, 'Oh this is going to be great!'

'Jinx, you owe me a kiss.' She smiled happily.

'NO Petting in class!' Barken shouted down Ron's ear.

End of Deceptions and Robots

Authors note:-

Well then there we go. I am afraid that we are the reaching the end of this part of the saga. The next part is over in the Smallville section under the title Help Needed.

Thomas Fishwick
AKA Mountain King