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Sin (II)

"Come on," He finally said, kissing her, "Let's go to sleep.". She smiled against his lips, but said, sounding extremely sly, "I'll get you tomorrow." He let out a short laugh.


He just happened to be going to his room at that very moment.

"Mather and Father sometimes forget they're not alone in this house..." He said, rubbing his temple, and trying to fight back the amused smile. Now more than ever, he was convinced that going to look for a glass of water to the kitchen in the middle of the night wasn't THAT MUCH of a good idea.

He, just in case, made sure to tip-toe all the way back to his room, and keep himself from making any guillible noise. To be on the safe side.


Her frosty voice came out in the form of a whine. "I think you don't love me." A very sexy whine...


"Dear god" The soon-to-be-Envy muttered under his breath, trying to walk steadier, "How much cheesy can they get?"


"Dante" He said, slightly taken aback by the senseless statement (which was so much unlike her...)... His thin-line-of-a-mouth warmed up into a gentle smile. "I'll always love you."


He shook his head. "That's so pathetic..."

Just when I finished the previous one-shot, I came up with this cute idea... Imagine Envy walking straight into the awkward situation XD OMGG!

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