"That's an interesting name. Light of Darkness," smiled Hotaru with a small giggle.

About ten paces ahead of us are there were several 15-year-old boys whispering, not bothering to keep quiet.

"Look at that freak. She thinks that she can befriend someone."

Hotaru is visibly saddened by their words, and for an instant, I could see into her eyes, and note the sadness and despair within.

"Don't listen to them Hotaru, they are nothing but bullies who gang up on a person to make them fell better." I whisper into her ear.

I walk up to the gang of boys. With my height, I tower over all of them, and I can almost smell the fear in these pitiful excuses for men. Obviously, they were not used to being stood up by the people they were teasing.

. "Shut up, or put up." My voice was cold and emotionless.

One rushes forward and tries to punch me; I step back and grab a hold of the fist and squeeze, hard. His eyes start to water and he starts moaning in pain, just before a loud, but muffled crack is heard. I let go and he falls to his knees, clutching his broken hand, with his eyes watering from the pain. His companions stare at me in horror, unable to believe what had just happened.

"Don't hurt me or my friends." I whisper in a menacing hiss to the gang, before turning and walking back to Hotaru.

She looks at me with bright purple orbs, "You mean what you said? You consider me your friend?" Her lower lip trembles as she asks. She must be afraid that I was going to say that I didn't mean it.

"I meant what I said Hotaru, and yes, I do consider you as my friend. No matter what gifts you may have." I reply solemnly, as we begin to walk towards her school, Infinity Academy.


On the planet Pluto, stands a green haired woman, her eyes are an unusual red color, and in her hand she clutches a staff, one that is shaped like a key. She is dressed in a professional business suit. About five paces away from here is a large door of some kind. In gold lettering, across the side are the words: Gates of Time.

The lady looks up and looks at the time gates for a second, before bring up her staff, pointing it at the door, and she says, "Open, Gates of Time, and let your mysteries be revealed."

A thin green beam comes out of the staff and hits the gates; a resounding boom is heard as mechanical sounds are heard, as well as shifting gears.

Slowly the metal doors slide apart, and a gray mist sweeps out from the small gap and covers the floor. The doors open all the way and a swirling vortex of black, white and gray meet the Time Mistress's eyes.

She casts her red eyes to the vortex, and another identical version of her steps out, except that this one is dressed in what seems to be a skimpy schoolgirl's outfit.

"Hello Setsuna." The new woman greeted her counterpart.

"Same. What brings you here, Pluto?"

"A new warrior has been found."

"Is he good or evil?"

"Neither. He follows his own rules, Sets."

"Don't call me that, please. Could he be a threat?"

"Don't know, but I would keep an open eye for a person with two single handed wooden swords. Also, he is arriving at Infinity school soon. Make sure he gets in."

"Why should I allow a potential enemy into the school?"

"He is a potential friend, and ally, bai." Pluto blew a kiss before leaving the same way she came.

"The things I do." Setsuna said to herself, shaking her head, as she disappeared from the planet Pluto.

Setsuna Meiou leaned back against a part of the school, sipping her favorite blend of tea; Her long emerald green hair blew in the wind. She could feel something coming her way. Her ruby red eyes crossed the courtyard as students came in, in three, or fours. Then the stragglers came in. Two of whom caught her eye, one was a Japanese female standing about 4' 2 inches tall, and was dressed in the school uniform. Her purple hair flowed in the wind, and her face looked remarkably happy. Next to her was a tall gajin, even by his race's standards, he was about 6' 7 inches, maybe 6'8, and was dressed in dark attire. However, what caught Setsuna's attention were the two wooden swords at his waist.

Setsuna finishes her tea, and with a wave of her hand, makes them vanish, and walks up to the two, just to hear the girl let out a laugh.

"Now listen Hotaru, if anyone causes you trouble, tell me okay?" the boy says with a soft smile on his face,

Hotaru nods her head, "You got it Yami." And with a smile she's off to her class.

'Let's have some fun, shall we?' Yami thought to himself, "How may I be of assistance, Ms. Meiou?" His voice seemed to be calm, as if he was talking about the weather, but if one were to look closer, his right hand was twitching, a sure sign that Yami was angry with her.

Setsuna blinked a couple times, before regaining control of her face. "Could you please follow me? But before you do, please hand over your swords."

Yami shrugs, and does so, pulling them out from a cross-armed position, and the swords making an X when they are revealed. He then tosses them in the air, and grabs the 'blade' and offers the bark covered handles to Setsuna.

Setsuna's red eyes gleam at the though of having a warrior like him join the scouts. He would be an excellent help. Setsuna takes the wooden swords, and as she's holding them she realizes that one is slightly shorter than the other. She turns around and they walked to her office in silence.

She opens the door, and they step in, her office is nothing special, just a normal 20 foot by 20-foot room, painted dark red, with purple highlights. A few certificates hang on the wall, and in the center of the room is a large dark wood desk, with Huon Pine highlights. It softly spoke of wealth. The floor was simple school regulation tile, and around the desk sat three leather chairs.

Setsuna gestures with a hand, "Please, have a seat." Her voice is calm and collected.

Yami takes off his jacket, and reveals scars from sword matches, and Setsuna notices an odd red thing hanging just below his silk shirts sleeve. It was too large to be a cut, so it had to be a tattoo.

"Please roll up your sleeves, or take off your shirt, Yami."

Yami does as instructed and all over his chest are scars, with the hard muscles that any girl would dream of touching. Under his right shoulder is the phrase: Aku Zaku Zan.

And under his left shoulder is a snake biting its tail, around a six-sided star, with a six-sided hole in the middle, and two bat like wings above the snake.

"You may place your shirt back on. Now, I have a proposition for you."

"I'm listening." Yami says as he buttons up his shirt. His black hair tied in a ponytail, reaching down to his shoulders.

Setsuna leans forward, and hands over a piece of paper with a pen on top of it. "If you sign here, you will be automatically enrolled in Mugen Gakun."

Yami looks over the paper silently for a moment, seemingly in thought. He nodded to himself slightly before saying, "I will sign on two conditions."

Setsuna looks at him, "Name them."

"One, I am in all the same classes as Hotaru and second, I am allowed to carry my swords on campus."

Setsuna thinks over it for a minute, before agreeing.

Yami signs it, and hands the paper back.

"Your first class is down the hall, to your right, and then the third door to your left."

Yami grins, "Thank you, Meiou-san. Have a nice Time." He leaves the office.

Setsuna blinks as she thinks on what Yami said, and what comes out of her mouth was, "Huh?"