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Hotaru Tomoe sat down in her seat at the back of the classroom, waiting for the teacher to arrive. She closed her eyes and began to listen to the conversations taking place around her.

"Did you hear what happened over the weekend?" asked one girl.

"Want to know something cool?" said a boy to his friends.

"Ya hear what happened this morning?" asks a boy with black hair.

Upon this statement, Hotaru strained her hearing, trying to listen in on what they were saying.

"Yeah, this gajin appeared from nowhere, and the freak talked to him." replied a red haired girl.

A girl with pink bubble gum hair spoke next "He doesn't know about her strange powers."

One brown haired boy voiced his opinion. "He spoke flawless Japanese, though he looked to be no older than 17."

Before anymore talking could take place, the teacher walked in. She had long chestnut colored hair, which traveled down to mid back, and wore a black one-piece dress, that molded to her figure perfectly. Her green colored orbs traveled around the class. "We have a new student joining us from Australia. Please give him a warm welcome." Her voice is soft like a summer breeze, and it echoed through the classroom.

The students returned to their seats and waited. The door opened and in stepped Yami, his left hand in his jeans pocket, his jacket twisting to the side, his swords evident for all to see. His face held a slight smile that was resulting in several girls blushing.

"Hello. My name is Yami no Hikari. I changed my Gajin name when my family died." 'Or to be more exact, when I died.' he thought to himself. "The swords are all that I have left of my family. I hope to be a friend to you all." Yami bowed to the class.

The class is silent at the introduction. A gajin who was capable of speaking flawless Japanese, with no hint of an accent. This was very unusual.

"Now where to sit you." mumbled the teacher as she looked around the class. "You can take the seat next to Hotaru. Tomoe, raise your hand please."

Hotaru raised her hand, albeit shakily, probably due to the many death glares she was receiving from the female half of the class.

Yami seemed to almost glide down the rows, as if he were walking on air. He also managed to not get his swords to hit the desks. He finally reached the desk next to Hotaru. "We meet again, firefly." His voice is a sensual purr.

Hotaru blushed deeply and whispers, "Yami."

Yami removes his swords and places them on the ground. And so the class starts and everyone listens to the teacher, and begins to work.

The day goes by without a problem, at least until lunch.

Yami walks into the cafeteria and was immediately set upon by many kids wanting him to sit with them, while others tell Yami to avoid Hotaru because of her strange powers. Yami listened to them, all the while discreetly pinking their pockets.

"Listen you little morons, I choose my friends and besides…" Yami's voice trailed off as he walked off to look for Hotaru.

One girl, with long blond hair and black eyes asks the inevitable question, "Besides what?"

A smirk comes to Yami's face, giving more then a few of the watching students the memory of a predator about to pounce on its prey. "We freaks need to stick together."

They quickly move away from Yami, as if he was carrying the black plague. He looksed around and notices Hotaru sitting by her self outside, picking at her food.

"What ya thinkin' about firefly?" Yami asked, walking up to stand next to her, before sitting down beside her.

"Next period." Hotaru replied, her tone and body language revealing the amount of dread in that statement. She said it like another might speak of a monster!

"And what is that?" Yami inquired with a slight smile.

"Phys Ed."

"What will we be doing?" asked Yami kindly

Hotaru's pale face grows even paler, if that was possible, "Track."

Yami's eyes narrowed slightly, and his face lost its smile. "You don't like P.E. do ya?"

Hotaru shook her head slightly, "I never was good at P.E. I just don't like it."

The bell rung and the students rose from their places, threw their trash away, and left for their next classes, and Hotaru starts to sweat, and seemed to be having problems standing.

Yami offered his hand to her. "Don't worry; I'll make sure you get through the class."

Hotaru grabbed the hand and they proceeded to walk to the track and field section for P.E.

This is going to be fun.' Yami thought with a smirk on his lips, a smirk that would make others think that he was mad.

This is not going to be fun' whimpered Hotaru within the confines of her mind.