Okay, so I was thinking… Maybe I could switch the episode Secrets and Sean never left to Wasaga. But Ellie did move out not being able to understand him. But What happens when something still goes on between Jay and Emma. Something horrific? I REALLY love Jay, I mean…look at my username haha, there's just no one this desperate to actually do this to a girl but Jay. SO! Here it is.

"We'll be doing a project on how well you know the person beside you" Mrs. Kwan went around the room explaining their English assignment, she handed paper out.

Sean looks to Emma who raised an eyebrow, he grins.

"These papers have every questions you can think of, answer them nicely, Spinner" she eyes him he laughs a bit until turning to the girl beside him

"I'm Spinner" "Darcy" she laughs at his funny grin "want to partner up?" he questions

"I already know much about you, besides…Jimmy asked me" she turns to Jimmy and Spinner frowns. What does Jimmy do? Go around telling people 'Hey! See that guy over there? He shot me.

Sean leans back reading over the paper and steals Emma's pencil "woah, how bored are you in English" he teased with the bite marks near the top of her pencil

She laughs a bit "shut up, I get frusterated sometimes" he just keeps nodding and smiling, they get down to work

"Eye color?" he eyes her and writes down brown, she gave a playful glare and writes hazel for him "Ah ha" Sean fakes a laugh erasing it to blue, she smiled innocently

"What's your favorite sport?" he asks she thinks "I don't like sports.." she admits and he puts 'none'

"Best friend?" he asks "Manny" he answers for her already knowing it and she laughs a bit putting Jay down, he did a face "I don't know…"

"Well he's your master, same thing" she taunts "oh" he laughs "that hurt" she shrugs and he shook his head "put Spinner"

"Thanks buddy" Spinner says behind Emma gave a look

"When did you get there?" she questions

"Just passing" he shrugs and goes to bug Mrs. Kwan.

Sean chuckles going to the next question "Boyfriend?" he could even feel his smile and she rolls eyes seeking over her paper

"That's not on there" she said

"So?" he chuckles "What happened to Peter Pan?"

"The new guy?" Emma laughs and Sean softens to it and she said "he's a loser"

"Good" taunts Sean going back to work and Emma sneaked a glance at him smiling a bit.

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