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Emma sadly stayed at Manny's staring at the screen. Manny looks over at her and sadly puts a hand on hers "Em…" she drifts trying to get her attention.

Emma blinks and looks over to smile a bit "sorry" she said and Manny shook her head no.

"Don't be" Manny confirms "You must be tired. Sean will probably call you soon or by the morning…. You look beat" she admits and Emma nods laying down beside her.

"I'm tired" Emma whispers putting a hand on her stomach as Manny got comfortable in the blankets beside her in the bed.


Manny's brown eyes met Emma's sadly "I am glad you are keeping the baby Emma…I think it will turn out great" she confirms.

Emma slowly nods and stares down at the pattern of the blanket. It went so well together. White and black stripes everywhere. White as if Emma, black as if Sean. She was the innocent angel as everyone thought he was the bad guy.

But he wasn't…he was perfect. So damn perfect.

"I messed up" cried Emma letting a tear slip and Manny's mouth fell as she sat up.

"No Emma" Manny shakes her head and Emma sat up cleaning up her tears and sniffing "Emma you're the greatest person I know! How could you possibly screw up?" she questions.

Emma breaths and gets up slowly shrugging "With Sean I mean, maybe I heard him wrong. Maybe…" Emma looks down sitting on the window cell and watching the rain fall.

Sean was so perfect.

It kept repeating in her head. Maybe she wasn't good enough for him. Everyone use to think it was the other way around but what if it was really Sean was too good for her. He was everything. It's why she was so in love with him. But maybe Sean knew she wasn't good enough for him.

"Maybe we aren't meant to be" Emma let tears fall down hard and Manny ran over to her.

"Emma" Manny yells "You guys are the best lovers I've ever seen in my life! Your like Bonnie and Clyde" Emma gave her a weird look and laughs shaking her head "Come on Emma, never think this again, it's insane"

Emma slowly nods and smiles a bit as Manny goes back to bed. She tells her she'll head to bed soon but sneaks outside to get some air first.

Emma sat on the porch of her house and thought things over not noticing headlights view her and drive up into the driveway.

Sean sucks in a breath and gets out of his car breathing it out. He was so nervous…but he had to tell her. He couldn't even sleep because he was thinking so much about her like always. "Emma" he goes to her sitting on the porch in deep thought.

Probably hurting over him which made his heart break. He looks away guilty and slowly sits beside her as her melting brown eyes follow him down.

"Em, I'm so sorry" he breaths shaking his head "I love you so much, what I said back there was not my place…" Emma listened to every word and he connect eyes with her deeply.

"Sean-" but he cuts her off needing to tell her.

"Keep the baby. Keep it. If that's what you want I'll support it" Sean confirms.

Emma blinks not believing he was actually saying this to her. It was making her heart race faster and faster.

"You will?" she asks in almost a whisper.

Sean slips her hands into his "ofcourse Em, you're the only thing in this world that I'd give up or give anything for her…and this baby. This baby will be my everything too" he confirms and Emma lets a tear slip "I want to be part of it's life too. When I said it was Jays kid…I started thinking…it could be his DNA…but it could really be ours" he confirms and Emma smiles a bit nodding.

"You're going to play daddy?" she jokes as he leaned in closer caressing her hair.

He nods smiling and leaning in "I'm going to be the daddy" he softly laid his lips to hers and cups her face as she kissed back.

Kissing until breathless they pull away and stare into another's eyes. "I love you so much Emma, nothing can ever stop that" Sean tells her

"I love you too" Emma smiled pecking him on the lips and pulls away "you know this means you'll have to change dipers…oh and feed me a lot until the baby comes" she teased as he pulled her up by her hand and guided her to the car.

He smiled rolling his eyes "Yeah I know…best part is beating up the boyfriend"

"And how do you know it's a girl?" Emma teased getting gently pushed against his car, in his arms.

"I just have a feeling" he shrugs and they smile back at another lovingly "tell me what it is…"

"Will you love it either way?" she asks and he nods, she smiled a bit "then it doesn't matter"

They get inside the car as Sean starts driving and Emma sneaks a glance at him, outside the window, and then back to him for Sean to catch and smile "What?"

Emma smiled "It's a girl"

Both hearts skip.

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