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In frustration Tony slammed the phone onto the hook several times before letting it rest in its cradle. "McGee where's Ziva?" He asked, the annoyance evident in his voice. He'd just tried her cell phone and she didn't answer. It was now half past one and she was late, again.

"She said she had to run out for a minute." McGee answered, not wanting to be the bearer of bad news. "About an hour ago."

"Run out? Run out where? She can't just 'run out for a minute'!" He rubbed his hand over his face. He wasn't surprised. Ziva'd been out of sorts all week. Late to work everyday; she was in a chronically foul mood with him. Normally their banter was all in good fun-a game between two players. But this week, she hadn't said anything to him that wasn't absolutely necessary, punctuated with the occasional "You suck."

Monday the team had been called to a multiple homicide in the home of a marine. Ziva took one look at the bodies and ran from the room, her hand over her mouth. Tony caught up with her as she was wiping vomit from the corners her mouth behind the NCIS van. He laughed at her, "The Mossad agent with the stomach of steel and you can't handle a little blood." In response, she promptly threw up on his shoes.

The elevator doors dinged open and Ziva entered. She spoke rapidly on her cell phone. She shot an angry look at Tony, and sat down at her desk, ignoring his withering look.

He got up and hovered behind her.

Ziva swatted him away and continued to talk on the phone. "Be there by 4 30? I can make it." She hung up.

"Officer David." Tony reprimanded her sharply. "You're late. Again."

"You suck Tony." She said. She stood and grabbed her backpack. "I have a doctor's appointment. I have to go."

"Get sick on your own time. You stay here," he said in a stentorian tone.

She gave him a soul-piercing glare and hurried into the elevator.

He followed her, his hand on her shoulder.

She punched 'close' on the door.

"Zee-vah! You're not leaving. None of us are until we're done with this case." He threw the switch halting the elevator's descent.

"It's just paperwork Tony. I'll come back later and finish it this weekend." She stared straight ahead at the cool steel doors. "This is important."

"Ziva, we're swamped. You don't even look sick."

She pivoted and stood toe to toe with him. "You have no idea do you?"

"Look. As soon as we get our new agent you can have some time to make your appointment but I need you here now."

Ziva grabbed two fistfuls of his shirt. She brought her face millimeters from his. "You locked me up." She hissed.

"What? These doors aren't locked you can go-oh my God." His stomach flopped into his shoes before zooming up into his throat. He felt light headed and dizzy. "You mean I knocked you up?"

"I'm late." She said, releasing his shirt.

"You're pregnant?" He said in a choked voice.

"I just took a pregnancy test and it's positive. That's where I was. My doctor wants to do a blood test to be sure since it's early. Could've gotten a false positive. The blood work takes 24 hours to get the results and if I miss this appointment I have to wait until Monday-which means it'll be Tuesday by the time I know for sure." She spoke rapidly, the emotional stress plain in her voice.

"God, let's hope it's false." He breathed. He thought back to their singular torrid night together nearly a month ago. "Are you sure it's…" he couldn't quite get it out. He gulped. "Mine?"

"Of course it's yours!" She said angrily.

"But. But we used a condom!"

"Operator error?" She offered. "I know for certain it's yours. There hasn't been anyone else since we were together. There hadn't been anyone in a long time actually."

"Geez. No wonder you've been so cranky." He let out a forced laughed.

She gave him a shot to the shoulder. "Not funny."

Tony leaned against the elevator wall and slid down, placing his head between his knees. "I think I'm going to be sick."

"Oh, you think you're going to be sick?" Sarcasm oozed out of her voice. She began to pace.

He lifted his head and looked at her. "You have to get out of here to go to the doctors." He said. "Want me to go with you?"

"No need." She said.

"Let me change that. I am going with you."

He rose and flicked the switch to start the elevator in motion. It didn't move.

"Stop fooling and let me out of here." She said.

"I'm not fooling. It's stuck." He flicked the switch up and down, nothing happened. He ripped the phone off the hook. "McGee!" he barked. "We're stuck in the elevator!"

"I know boss. Something's wrong with them. Dr. Shepard and Fornell are stuck too. We've called the repair people. Just sit tight and wait."

Side by side Tony and Ziva slunk down the elevator walls and sat. She rested her head on his shoulder. "This is all your fault." She said.

"Hey. You took me home. You came onto me. You're fifty percent responsible at least."

"It's still your fault." She said. She let out a sigh. "I feel like crap."

For a long time the only sound was their unspoken thoughts.

"You ever had anything like this happen before?"

"No." She said. "You?"

"Couple of scares in college. Thought I'd learned my lesson. He hesitated for a moment before finally asking the unspoken question on both of their minds. "Are you going to keep it?"

"I'm waiting until I find out for sure from the doctors for certain that I'm pregnant."

"But the test said you are?"

She nodded yes.

"Are you going to keep it?" He persisted.


"I'm shocked."

"Believe me. So am I." She said softly. She had always been careful, but had assumed that if she did become pregnant she wouldn't stay that way for long. But now, faced with the very real possibility of pregnancy, she found herself feeling differently. "Then let's talk about what we're going to do."

"We?" She asked.

He pointed at her abdomen. "This baby is joint custody. So talk."

"Babies don't divide 50 percent you know." She drew her knees into her chest and rested her chin on her knees. "What are we going to do about work?"

"I'm putting you on desk duty as of Monday."

"I hate desk duty."

"It's not just about you and me anymore." He responded. "Like it or not you have a little DiNozzo in the oven."

"David." She said. She picked her head up and met his gaze. "I won't tell anyone it's yours."

"You can if they ask." He said. "You're not in this mess alone."

"Not a good idea." She responded. "You're my boss."

Exhausted by the emotional turmoil she rested her head on his shoulder. Within a few minutes her breathing evened out, indicating that she was sleeping. Tony turned his head slightly and took in her sleeping form. He'd never really watched her sleep before. The one night they'd spent together that led to this, neither one of them had actually slept.

Her features were soft and relaxed. They angry look that had been present all week softened by slumber. His mind reeled with the near certainty that she was carrying his child. She obviously hadn't planned on telling him until she'd seen her doctor. He had to wonder if even then she would have told him.

She prided herself on being a strong and independent woman. She never asked for help with her personal life. She always preferred to handle things on her own. He was fast learning with her that offers didn't work. You just had to do. And still, she was willing to conceal his identity as the father. As much as it bothered him, he knew she had a point. Revealing him as the father of her child would have serious repercussions for the both of them.

He had no doubt that she could handle the pregnancy and job of single mom on her own. But he refused to let it happen. It had taken the two of them to get to this point. If she were pregnant the two of them would find some way to raise the child together.

No matter what people thought of him and his attitude toward women, her would never get a woman pregnant and leave her to handle the fall out on her own. Men who did that disgusted him. Most women he knew would be grateful to know they didn't have to raise their child alone, but Ziva wasn't most women. They were definitely going to have to work on her issues with sharing burdens if they wanted to raise this child together. As they sat in the dimly lit elevator Tony rested his head on hers and closed his eyes.

Ziva woke with a start when the elevator came to life. Tony stood and helped her to her feet. "It's 4. O'clock. How far's your Doctor?"

"Twenty minutes." She said, exiting the elevator. "Let's take the stairs."

Tony called out to McGee as they ran for the stairs. "You're in charge until the end of the day."

McGee looks puzzled. "Sure."

Tony hurried after Ziva, "Want some company this weekend while we wait to hear?"

For a minute he thought she was about to brush him off. But instead she just nodded yes at him. "Thanks. Can you make dinner too? I'd love some pork chops."


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