Answers the reviews to my story.

Yes it will remain a one shot

Maybe and sequel MAYBE (but when im done with So you want to play MASH)

If you keep reviewing I might just write a squeal! Lol

TO: Ghostboy814: Yes they do rock I am going to there concert September 2.

TO: Shiva the Sarcastic: yes each to his or her own, I dunno im not into the beetles or my chemical romance. I like them! Lol im not obsessed lol.

TO: WildWolf333: I have no life! There fore I can come up with many ideas. I shouldn't of made you. You should of just read it because you KNOW I'm good, I wouldn't lie to you would I?

TO: Midnight-heart: yes it was very romantic-like! Lol haha I don't know were I really go the idea if I had one I lost it.

TO: Alexa: Aww thank you! Your soo nice! And nope he has no ghost powers at all! He never met Sam, there fore no ghost powers or no ghosts, cept Vlad.

TO: MCR Rocks: Yes My chemical romance rocks and I LOVE FRANKIE, you would die if you met my other two Gerard Way obsessed friends