Danny stretched his arms over his head and looked around his room. It was half cast in shadow as the early morning sun peaked into the room. He groaned and flopped back down onto his pillows and pulled his covers over his head. He had absolutely no desire to be up at that time and if luck was with him, no one else did either.

Unfortunately, Danny wasn't known for having a whole lot of luck.

In the back of his room he heard a small ring. His bleary mind told him that it was his cell phone, so he reached out and groped around for his phone on the desk. He looked at it for a few seconds as the ringing continued and pressed the call button. "Hello?" he asked sleepily.

The ringing continued as a voice chimed from his phone. "We are sorry, the number you have dialed cannot be completed, please hang u…" Danny hung up and dragged himself out of bed.

He was now awake and not very happy about it as he rooted around in his closet for his Titans' Communicator. Finally he found the black and yellow device and pulled it out. "Hello?" he asked grumpily.

Robin was on the other end, smiling sheepishly. "Sorry Danny, but you were the closest Titan to the problem."

"Closest Titan?" Danny asked, yawning as he fell back onto his bed.

"You live in Amity Park on the west coast, right?" Robin asked.

"Yes…" Danny said slowly. "Why?"

"We're in a space station right now," Robin told him. "Which is why we can't handle this. There are reports that a small meteor has hit about 20 miles south of your town. Now, chances are that it is completely harmless, but in the off chance that it's not, we need to be prepared. The meteor is unapproachable by any human because it's giving off some kind of energy, or so we've been told. Since you can go intangible…" Robin trailed off as Danny started to doze off. "Phantom?" he asked loudly.

Danny jerked awake and yawned. "W-wha? Oh, meteor, right," he yawned again. "And if I find something?"

"Call us and wait for backup. We should be done with this in an hour," Robin told him. "What time is it there?"

"6:30," Danny muttered in a less then amused voice.

"How late were you up?" Cyborg countered.

Danny smiled sheepishly. "2:30," he admitted. "There was a DOOM tournament online. Tuck and I made it into the final rounds. Then Sam came and kicked our butts."

Beast Boy's laughter could be heard. "Awesome. I watched that for a bit."

"Well, can you take care of it?" Robin asked, cutting off Beast Boy's chatter.

Danny nodded and stood up, stretching. "Yeah, I can. I'll go check out what's wrong and call back as soon as I'm done."

"Thanks, Phantom," Robin replied and nodded before the screen went blank.

Danny sighed and walked out of his room, the communicator hanging loosely from his hand. He muttered incomprehensibly as he made his way towards the bathroom. His mom came upstairs and poked her head around the corner while Danny was just about to go into the bathroom. "Up so early?" she asked.

Danny yawned, "Yeup."

Her eyes flicked to the half open communicator in his hand. "Going somewhere?" she asked.

Danny followed her gaze and glanced down at his hand. He blushed and shut the communicator with a click. "Yeah," he admitted. "There was a meteor crash and I was asked to check it out. Is that okay?"

Maddie nodded. "Just pick up something to eat before you leave and make sure your dad doesn't see you."

Danny smiled, "Thanks mom."

Maddie winked back. "No problem, sweetie." She turned around and walked back down the stairs, leaving Danny to muse about their conversation.

His life had gone so much easier since she had figured out his secret. They decided that Jack should know when they could trust him not to overreact and when the right time came. Otherwise, every absence he had, everything he missed and every time he screwed up because of his 'missions' or his own job of going around and saving his town from ghosts, he could count on his mother to excuse him from it all. However, that was a double edged sword, as he soon found out.

While his mother was a wonderful supporter, he was still his mother. And if he thought Jazz was overprotective, it didn't even begin to compare to what his mom was like if he came home even 3 minutes after he said he would be home. She would check him for injuries and make sure he wasn't tired or upset before letting him go. And while the thought was appreciated, it became a bit annoying after awhile.

Still, he mused as he splashed cold water onto his face, it could be worse. She could have totally rejected him, but that didn't matter. She didn't, and he knew that his dad wouldn't either; he just needed to make sure his dad heard in the right place at the right time to avoid anything too awkward.

After he was done in the bathroom, Danny went changed his clothes and went downstairs. He greeted his mom with a kiss on her cheek and grabbed two pieces of toast and an apple. "Okay, I'm going now," he told her.

"When will you be back?" she asked as she flipped a pancake in the pan.

Danny shrugged, "I really have no idea," he admitted. "I have to make sure whatever it is that landed isn't… evil, then I have to call Robin and wait for them. I'm guessing it may take a few hours, it not longer."

"If it takes longer then lunch time, call me and check up," Maddie told him with a sigh. "Longer then that and I'm coming out there."

Danny rolled his eyes while her back was turned so she couldn't see. "Yes, mom," he said as obediently as he could muster, even though he could tell there was some cynicism in his voice. "I'm going now."

"Bye sweetie," Maddie replied. "Don't forget to call!"

Danny quickly ran out the door yelling, "All right mom!" before Maddie could get any more 'advice' in. It was like she thought he was five or something.

He ran into a small alley near his house and transformed into his half ghost alter ego, Danny Phantom. He glanced up at the top window story of his house to make sure his dad wasn't up and ghost patrolling. When he made sure it was okay, he flew up and quietly flew out beyond the borders of Amity Park.

After he was out of the city, he began to fly as fast as he could towards where he needed to go. It's not that he wanted to get there quickly, but rather, he wanted to go fast. Half the fun of being half ghost was being able to fly. The weightless feeling of floating in the air and being able to go anywhere he wanted to.

Unfortunately, a 20 mile ride at 117 MPH made for a very short trip. With a sigh, he glanced down at the small scene of mayhem below and counted to ten slowly before he landed and got ready for the inevitable.

He floated over to where a man in a black uniform was yelling out random directions and pointing to places or people. "YOU!" he pointed at a hapless worker. "OVER THERE!"

The person he pointed to paled and nodded. "Yes sir!" he replied and ran over 'there' without the faintest clue of what he was actually supposed to do.

"Um, sir?" Danny asked.

The man turned around and glared at Danny. "Who are you, kid?" he snarled.

Danny smiled a little. Finally, someone whose reaction wasn't "It's the evil ghost kid! Run!" Fortunately for Danny, being a Titan had done wonders for his reputation. He cleared his throat and made a small attempt to look authoritive. "I'm a Teen Titan," he said proudly. "And I came here to investigate whatever crashed here."

The man's enormous mustache twitched as he turned a bright purple. "A kid? We ask for help and they send a kid?"

Danny crossed his arms and floated up in order to be face to face with the man. "The Teen Titans were put on this, and I was the closest by. I can get in there and out in five minutes if you'll let me."

"How, there's an energy field 3 feet thick. Nothing can get through it," the man barked.

Danny rolled his green eyes and sighed. "I'm half ghost. I can go intangible and fly through it. If that doesn't work, I can go intangible and fly underground. Either way I can get in and check if it's a threat or not."

The man narrowed his eyes and Danny and frowned. "You look familiar, have I seen you somewhere before?"

Danny blushed and held out his communicator. "My name is Phantom, here's my communicator if you don't believe me."

The man studied it and then sighed and nodded. "All right kid, go ahead and try. If whatever is in there is alive though, don't fight it."

Danny nodded, "I know that. Robin already told me this was an info mission anyways." To prove he was amiable, Danny gave the man a small smile before turning to the bright green forcefield and gulped. He flew up to it and held his hand out to test its power.

To his surprise he wasn't zapped, nor did he feel any bad energy when he laid his palm flat against the giant half bubble. If anything, it just felt like a solid wall that was obviously made of energy. He took in a deep breath, as if about to jump into a pool and went intangible. He didn't hold his breath as he passed through the several layers that made up the force field but he did feel pressure on his lungs. Whatever it was, it was heavy and it contained a lot of energy.

Finally he came out into the center of the bubble, which compared to its size was a tiny hollowed out center with absolutely nothing but a small space ship. Danny blinked and went invisible as he tried not to touch the space ship. He looked inside and saw what was unmistakably an alien inside of it, seemingly asleep. He blinked and looked at the layers of force field and wondered what was going on.

The alien stirred a bit and Danny got ready to zoom out to report but instead the odd creature merely turned onto his side and continued to sleep. Confused he floated out of the bubble and back over to the tall man.

"Well?" he asked.

"Uhhh… I have no idea," Danny admitted. "I'm going to call the other Titans. Maybe Robin knows something." Before the man could protest Danny took off and floated a safe distance away from the energy and the man. He pulled out his communicator and flipped it open. "Robin?"

Robin's voice came through even though no picture was shown. "Phantom? Is that you?"

"Yeah, it's me," Danny answered. "You wouldn't believe what's in the center of that thing," he said slowly.

"An alien?" Robin asked.

"Well… yeah, but more… what it…is doing," he said slowly.

"What do you mean?" Robin asked.

"Well, if an alien were to land on this planet, what would you think it would do first?" Danny asked.

"Benevolent ones seek out the Justice League to report in and evil ones try and take over the world," Robin said simply.

"This one created a huge force field and fell asleep," Danny said, puzzled. "I'm not kidding."

There was a pause on Robin's end before Beast Boy and Cyborg burst out laughing. "Wow," Robin said slowly. "All right, we'll be there in a few minutes. Hang tight, Phantom."

"All right," Danny said and closed his communicator. He sent one more glance back at the odd force field before crossing his legs in mid air and floated high above the site, waiting for the Titans to arrive.

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