"Why go through so much trouble just to destroy you?" Dib asked. "I mean, what do they care that you're here on earth as long as you're not going against them or anything."

Zim tugged on his antennae and shook his head. "You don't understand Dib-worm, the Irkens are obsessed with perfection. Every Irken must be superior to every other living thing in this pathetic universe. Otherwise, what point is there in trying to take over the universe? We must PROVE our power and superiority to all other races."

"And you're a defect," Dib finished for him.

Zim nodded and brought his fingertips together. "My programming is flawed, according to the Irken Empire," he said quietly. Then he snorted. "Although this is OBVIOUSLY a lie. Lies, I say," Zim sniffed. "But, they are here to destroy me because they don't see my obvious superiority."

"But why?" Danny asked. "I mean, I understand the whole wanting to be perfect thing but why go through all this trouble to destroy you?"

"My data is still logged into the Empire. Every Irken's data is always at the fingertips of the great brains," Zim explained calmly. "My data must be like a virus to them," Zim shrugged then grinned wickedly. "They just cannot handle MY GREATNESS!" he proclaimed.

Dib nodded, "We know we know. Now, will you help us stop them?" he asked.

Zim eyed Dib and then looked at Danny who glared back. Zim grinned, showing his rather sharp teeth and leaned back into his chair. Danny raised an eyebrow, wondering why he was being singled out by the crazy alien. "Well?" he asked. "Will you help?"

"Only if you say 'please'," Zim said snidely and laughed.

Dib sighed and rolled his eyes. "Come on Zim. We already made our case to you. If you want to continue taking over the planet on your own and if you want to live you have to help us take down the Irken Empire's armada."

Zim tugged on his antennae and glared irritably at Dib. "I don't HAVE to help you do anything, filth," he hissed. "In fact, I don't HAVE to do anything. Zim no longer TAKES orders anymore." Zim leaned forward and glared at them through the monitor. "I decide what I do, understand?"

Dib opened his mouth to retaliate but Danny placed his hand on Dib's shoulder. Dib glanced up at the white haired teen and Danny gave him a quick smile before addressing Zim. "Fine, but we're not ordering you to do anything. We're asking for your help. You can decide to do whatever you want but if you want to stay here then we're just saying you're going to have to confront them anyways."

Zim's grin returned and he shrugged. "True," he admitted, almost grudgingly. "Fine, I, ZIM, shall grant you the honor of receiving my almighty help. It won't be easy," Zim warned. "And afterwards, Dib and I shall return to our original battle."

"I look forward to it, space boy," Dib sneered. Then there was a soft knock at his door and Dib turned around to see his younger sister, Gaz standing in front of the rest of the Teen Titans.

Zim blinked and glanced around Dib's room. "You're the same humans that I saw earlier," he finally said.

"What idiotic thing did you do now?" Gaz asked the alien exasperatedly.

The Titans were a bit taken aback at the way Gaz addressed Zim but he didn't seem to mind. It almost appeared that he had a vague respect for the short, purple haired girl. "The Irken army is invading," he said simply. "To destroy me, because I fear I am too perfect."

Gaz snorted and shrugged. "Whatever," she muttered darkly. "Just don't annoy me while I'm playing Piggy Wars V or you will pay." She caught Zim and Dib's glances and held them with her own amber one for a good ten seconds before she stalked off to her room without another word.

Raven watched her leave and grinned. "Wonder if Beast Boy would shut up if I used a glare like that," she asked Cyborg quietly who quietly laughed in reply.

"Anyways," Dib continued. "Zim agreed to help, so long as we don't order him around. And I have probes and stuff in space that can help us find out just how many we're dealing with. Aside from that… who else is going to help?"

"We have some friends," Robin replied with a smile. "There are more Titans then this," he said. "Don't worry."

Zim curled into his large seat and glanced about the room again. "So, do you really wish to attack the Irken armada?" he asked.

"Unless you have a better idea," Robin replied with a raised eyebrow. "Any suggestions are welcome."

"The Massive," Zim said simply.

"Come again?" Beast Boy asked from behind Starfire.

"The Massive," Zim said again. "The ALMIGHTY mother ship of the Irken Army. It is about half the size of this pathetic little planet. It's the defensive and offensive stronghold and it has the Tallest on it."

"Tallest?" Starfire asked.

"The Irken's leaders," Dib replied before Zim had a chance.

Zim nodded and brought up a screen on his computer so that the Titans and Dib could see what he was talking about. "These are the plans for the Massive," Zim said while pointing at it. "I used these to take over the Massive once. My point is, if you destroy the massive then a lot of your worries are over."

"Think you could take it over again?" Cyborg asked while trying very hard to make sense of the blueprints in front of him.

Zim sniffed airily. "Of course I can take over the Massive again," he said haughtily. "If I was on the massive I could probably destroy it from the inside," he mused quietly. "It has a lot of weak points on the interior," Zim's voice trailed off and a curious look of deep thought came over his features.

"We'll come by your place," Dib said with a sigh. "Promise not to shoot us?"

"I promise nothing, Dib-worm," Zim replied but it was more of an automatic reaction then a threat. Dib shrugged and turned off his monitor.

The Titans followed Dib outside and down the road towards Zim's house. "Crazy little guy, isn't he?" Cyborg asked finally.

Dib laughed and nodded. "Oh yes. Totally insane and now he has no one to keep him under any kind of control. He actually did listen to the Tallest before. I think. As much as Zim can obey someone."

"Is that why he was so touchy about not taking orders anymore?" Danny asked.

Dib nodded. "Yeah, I think he's really upset about what happened. I can't say I blame him though. I mean, I think he's a horrible person and probably doesn't deserve as many chances as we're giving him but I do feel kinda sorry for him."

"This Zim," Robin said after a short silence. "Is he… smart?"

Dib looked at Robin and frowned. "He's…" Dib sighed and rubbed his forehead. "He's brilliant," he finally said. "Yeah, he's smart. He did take over the Massive. I also managed to hack into his computer and take it from him but he destroyed my probe before I could do anything worthwhile. He also built one of the robots he's with, the purple one. He knows how to build things, program things, create viruses, mutate things, and well… really anything. Zim is the worst kind of scientist because he can do anything and he knows it, but he doesn't always think everything through. So while he's smart enough to do a lot of things, he's also very dangerous. It's like a five year old with the smarts of a supercomputer."

"Terrifying," Raven said dryly.

Dib glanced and her and snorted. "It should be. You haven't seen what he can do. Not yet. Even though Zim's never actually managed to take over the world he has done a lot of damage. Like one time he created a giant water balloon that flooded the entire city and destroyed, well everything, including his base. But all he wanted to do was get revenge on me. He becomes so fixated on one thing that nothing else matters or serves as a warning."

"But you think he can help?" Danny asked.

"I know he has the potential to help," Dib said. "I hope he can. I think he will." Dib grinned. "If he wants to stay here badly enough he'll find a way to make it happen. I don't have any worries there."

"That is good," Starfire said quietly. "Because it seems to me that this empire is more of a threat to everyone then Zim."

"They are," Dib agreed. "Zim is less of a threat now and more of a…"

"Nuisance?" Danny supplied.

"Yeah," Dib replied slowly. "That's a good way of putting it."

"You seem to enjoy fighting him though," Raven pointed out. "Otherwise you wouldn't have helped him when he crashed back on earth before."

"I didn't help him," Dib protested, scandalized. "I mean…" Dib looked around at the doubtful faces of the Titans. "We're rivals," he finally muttered and left it at that.

The group came up to Zim's rather startlingly bright green house and walked into the yard. Raven glanced at the 'I 'heart' Earth' sign in the front yard and glanced at Danny who shrugged in return. Dib ignored all the odd paraphernalia in the front yard and marched right up to the door. Danny noted that it had a 'men's' bathroom sign insignia on it before Dib knocked loudly. The door creaked open and Gir stuck his head out. "Yeeeesssss?" he asked loudly.

"We're here to see Zim," Dib said.

"Okeh," Gir said cheerfully and flung open the door. The Titans and Dib followed the skipping robot into the living room and looked around at the semi-normal living space. Robin quietly shut the door behind them as Gir looked around. "Master," he yelled out. "Your friends are heeeeerrrreeeee."

"Dib-stink, you know how to get down," Zim's voice came over a com system. "Just come and leave Gir upstairs. He's annoying me." As Zim's voice cut off Gir giggled loudly and Dib shrugged.

"How do we get down?" Cyborg asked.

Dib pointed at the couch. "I think one entrance to his labs is under that," he said. "Just pick it up or push it or something."

Cyborg nodded and pushed it aside and sure enough there was a large hole that led down into the lower portions of the house. Dib stopped Gir from jumping into the hole by grabbing the antennae on the top of his head and picking him up. "Hey Gir, why don't you go make waffles?" Dib suggested.

"WAFFLES!" Gir yelled and dashed for the kitchen.

Dib turned and glanced at the odd looks the rest of the Titans were giving him. "What?" he asked.

"You are… very used to this, yes?" Starfire asked.

Dib made and face. "More then I'd like," he admitted and jumped into the hole.

The rest of the Titans followed and the couch slid back into place over them. Danny accelerated a bit and slowed Dib down before he reached the floor. Starfire gave the came courtesy to Cyborg and Raven helped Robin land lightly. Beast Boy fluttered down behind the rest of them in a flurry of wings and feathers.

Dib gave Danny a smile and nodded. "Thanks," he said and walked ahead.

Danny nodded back. "You're welcome," he replied before looking around. He whistled at all the seemingly high tech gadgets in the basement of Zim's house.

"He's got some nice hardware," Cyborg admitted as he looked around.

"Why thank you, machine earth creature," Zim said from behind them. "I am well aware my tools are quite amazing. I made the computer you see before you myself, as I felt that the Irken one really wasn't quite so good."

"You rebuild everything you get, don't you?" Dib asked Zim dubiously.

"Yes, and there's nothing wrong with that. The only thing I haven't rebuilt is Gir and my Pak. Anyways, I think the Tallest are planning on making a broadcast soon," Zim said and pointed to the monitor. "If you're quick you can trace it and save a connection into the Massive on disc."

"Devious, aren't you?" Cyborg asked.

Zim grinned maliciously. "You have no idea," he said.

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