Undeniable Truth
Chapter 1: Pursuit

Disclaimer: I do not own gundam seed or any other gundam series; if I did no one would ever watch them. This fic is making no money, and only is here for fun. All I own is any original ideas and characters I might add.
Pairing: KiraXCagalli, possible others
Timeline: Post Gundam seed, Gundam Seed destiny

Summary: After kidnapping cagalli from making one of the biggest mistakes of her life, the Archangel and crew are made out as traitors. With the Earth alliance and Zaft both after cagalli, the ship could be in some serious trouble.

A/N: Kira and cagalli are twins in this fic because I don't think of love as something so simple. It can pop up anywhere, even where we don't want it to. It takes place directly after the kidnapping of cagalli from her wedding in gundam seed destiny but will twist into its own story from there. If you have trouble recognizing the names of mobile suits or cruisers, I may be able to offer some technical information on them if you email me about them.

It had seemed at first the kidnapping would just blow over, with the threat of a full scale war growing by the day, and the earth alliance refusing to listen to any sort of sane negotiations. What they hadn't expected was Yuna being a complete fool with wanting his precious cagalli back. "He did what?" Cagalli had all but lost her temper at this point, unable to understand the way people thought, especially the idiotic ways of her own country's representatives.

With a sigh Murrue gave a slow nod, looking around towards everyone assembled in the Archangels briefing room "That's right, Yuna has agreed to offer the earth forces full economical aid and military support if they can bring you back safely to Orb. He has already left with an Orb fleet, probably to meet up with the earth forces to track you down. Not only that Chairman Durandal has been out maneuvered by the council, and Zaft forces have already been ordered to capture you. It seems they hope to use cagalli in order to bargain for orb's neutrality or worst of all military support."

The desert tiger smirked slightly, his hand gripping his cane "Actually this could be a good thing, as long as we have cagalli orb will most likely refuse to use its military to help the alliance. This could make things much easier. The only real problem we have at the moment is not having anywhere to go. At this rate the earth forces will reach us in a day, maybe less. Zaft will probably take longer to deploy, but they will still come after us to." The room became uncomfortably silent, each of them desperate for ideas and wondering where the future might lead them. Sure they had kira, but even he had his limits in fighting.

"Well I guess there isn't too much point in just sitting here. We should all get some rest; the auto navigation will keep us on a steady pace. We will deal with where to go tomorrow, and if we have to fight the earth alliance before hand we will." The captain gave a small smile before every stood up to leave, except for kira. "Uh…I'm sorry, if I hadn't come up with that plan we wouldn't have a pursuit after us." His further apologies were cut off by Murrue, simply smiling. "No, we might have had to support the war if we had stayed in orb anyway. Besides a little adventure is good sometimes right?"

Staring at her with suspicion for a moment he gave a small nod "Alright…I'm going to see if cagalli is alright, I did just crash her wedding back there" The two of them shared a short chuckle just before kira left the briefing room, heading down the hall. Finding cagallis door open, he leaned against the frame slightly, a small smile tugging at his lips. It was rare to see his sister just sitting there, so full of thought without some sort of temper flaring. Although seeing her in uniform was still kind of new for him "Are you alright…?"

She seemed to frown at him before looking at the floor, still planted at the edge of her bed "I don't know what to do anymore you idiot! I thought I had everything under control; I'd just marry the guy…and hopefully try to get out of putting orb into battle. And then you come along and 'kidnap me'. I'm grateful…but why? Even if it was a mistake, shouldn't you let me make it?" When she received no answer another frown pulled at her "Shouldn't you?"

"You care about athrun right? He's my friend, I had to do something" In reality his friend hadn't even crossed his mind during the entire thing, the real reason he felt the urge to take her away was something he still couldn't fully understand but for now he simply decided it was to protect his sister. "And…I couldn't see my sister miserable for the rest of her life…"

"Right…your sister" what am I supposed to say? That getting closer to athrun just makes me think more about kira? I'm going crazy! "I'm tired, the wedding had me up most of the last few nights" moving to hide herself under the bed covers it wasn't long before she heard the doors slide close, sighing in relief she fell into a much needed sleep hoping to gather herself before the morning

Instead of waking up normally, kira was unfortunate enough to be woken up by the Archangels alarm system. With half open eyes kira tried to jump out of bed quickly, his body being tangled up in the sheets only to land on the ground roughly. "Ow! It's to early…" squirming out of the tangled sheets, kira used the video phone to contact the bridge, only to find it already preparing for battle.

"Level one battle stations! Have kira get down to the freedom gundam! How many enemy ships?" The captain gripped the side of her chair tightly, a visual of their pursuers appearing on screen. "Captain it appears to be ten ships, including four carriers! Looks like three more from orb are coming from the port side!" Taking a moment to observe the locations of the ships Murrue gave a quick nod "Right, aim gottfried's at the orb ships, valiant's aim at the earth forces in front of us. Lohengrin's are to fire at the first carrier, load ports 4 through 8 with anti beam death charges. Launchers 10 through 16 with sledge hammers! Followed immediately by shrapnel warheads, Igelstellung's are to wait to intercept incoming missiles"

Kira didn't take long to reach the hanger, throwing himself into the seat it descended into the gundam. The start up sequence initiated, the large mobile suit moving into position to launch. Before it could take place two missiles collided with the catapult, causing it to collapse. "Murrue, I can't launch! It's blocked off." When no response came from the bridge, kira moved for a manual take off. Walking through the open doors, the freedom pushed a large piece of metal off to the side before launching the boosters. As soon as he was free of the ship, the wings spread out to increase mobility.

The archangel's cannons were able to strike down a carrier before it launched its mobile suits, but the other three were quickly sending out their wingdams. Not only that, but a few M1 astrays were with the small orb fleet even if they were taking more of a defensive approach. Boosting up to avoid fire, kira quickly responded with locking on to several mobile suits. Unleashing a full barrage, he did his best not to hit the cockpits of the earth forces. Noticing two more mobile suits coming from his left, kira actiated the thrusters to moveover there attack using a beam saber to take out the arms. To focused on the mobile suits he didn't even notice the missile until it smashed into the left side of his suit sending it flying down to slam against the Archangels frame. "Ugh! I can't keep track of all of them" Locking on to the second squad of wingdams he unleashed another barrage from his full arsenal, the damaged part of his mobile suit sparking from the pressure.

Inside the ship things weren't going much better, half of the weapons systems had already been knocked out by missiles and the orb ships had moved behind them to attack the engines. "Captain! Engine power is down to 70, missile ports 4 through 12 are damaged. Gottfried's have been hit! Were losing stability on the port side!"

"Use the remaining missile ports for sledgehammers! Hit the cruisers on the left! We need to break through and quickly. Kira, we need you to concentrate on those missiles! Another direct hit to the ship and we might be going for a swim!"

"Right" dispatching of a few incoming mobile suits, he switched his targeting over to the warheads. Using the beam rifle in combination with the Vulcan's a third wave was repelled. Unfortunately it was rather obvious things were not going well and still vastly outnumbered the ship was close to going down.

"Evade those warheads! Anti beam charges to the left, keep a watch on the engine output!" Murrue was a decent captain, which was true. But against these odds it was almost impossible to imagine a way out. They were fighting in a ship best suited for space combat, and were being attacked at both sides.

"Mobile suits are latching on to the archangel! I'm intercepting!" quickly running over to the back of the ship, the freedom punched an astray off the side of the ship, jumping back to avoid a saber. Blocking a second strike with his shield, he docked under a third slicing through the suits legs. Lifting off from the ship kira used his beam rifle to take down incoming missiles, turning to the left in horror as an astray landed in front of the bridge, peering in to make sure cagalli wasn't present before aiming.

The entire bridge froze as a beam blasted through causing a large explosion…except it wasn't from the archangel. Watching the broken pieces of the astray hit the ships hull Murrue quickly regained herself "Where did that blast come from!"

"We have no idea! It wasn't from kira, and no other ships are in the area!" Another blast tore through two alliance ships, including the last of their carriers. It was then the form of a huge ship began to appear to the side of the archangel. From its appearance it was defiantly a space ship, the bridge protected by a thick area of armor. An area just below the bridge looked like a nelson class warship connected to two other portions of the ship. It was colored mostly black, except for some dark red going along the sides. "Identify that ship!"

"It's not in any of the records, but it doesn't seem to be an enemy. I want to know how that thing was invisible! The mirage colloid doesn't work on earth" Moments later the alliance fleet was in a full retreat, the orb ships turning to regroup with their allies and decide a new plan of attack. "Captain, three heat sources have appeared around kira. It looks like the mobile suits have the same ability as that ship! Not only that we have a transmission coming from are savior"

Standing from her seat, Murrue gave a slow nod before a screen popped up in front of her, a man in his early thirties standing with a small smirk, black hair tied back into a ponytail "We owe you are thanks, I am captain Murrue Ramius of the archangel" Still with a smirk, he gave a small nod before speaking "Koji Rendell, captain of the Invisible. Sorry if we don't exactly welcome you right away, we will keep your pilot and mobile suit on are ship. A shuttle will arrive shortly to bring you over for a little chat. Then we will decide what happens, how does that sound?"

With a suspicious glance Murrue gave a nod, watching koji's image disappear "Looks like we don't have a choice, get a few soldiers to meet me in the hanger. Hopefully we found an ally, and not an enemy."

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