Undeniable Truth

Chapter 18: Significance of Siblings

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Perpetual darkness...

A body pressed roughly up against gears and knobs of all types, hands tightly wrapped up in unyielding rope in this perpetual darkness that would not fade.

Excruciating pain...

His nerves felt broken and twisted as pain soared between them, an agonized groan of protest. Kira's neck almost felt broken but then if it was he would not have woken up like this. 'What the hell happened to me...'

Senses were returning slowly letting the hum of computers fill his ears along with the creak and rattle of mechanics all around him. Everything seemed so blurry, nothing came to mind when he tried to recall it. 'We were on the ship...then the cannon...Clyde!'

"Ow ow owwwww" With a jolt Kira had tried to jump up from his small corner, smashing his head against something overhead. Finally with a start eyes popped open to view the dimly lit area around him. There was no mistaking this place, it was without a doubt the cockpit of a mobile suit. His hands were bound but his legs could still move freely.

"Kira you shouldn't move so fast...I hit you pretty hard" the shaking voice of Clyde kept him somewhat calm, but the fact he was even here could mean only one thing. "So it was you, kidnapping seems a little out of your character." Carefully he moved to a more comfortable sitting position behind the main pilots seat. From the monitors it appeared they were already in space. 'Damn how long was I out?'

"Don't act so calm! It's...It's, shouldn't you be screaming?" Anger would be the usual first reaction to a situation like this, though Kira couldn't bring himself to be. Clyde's quivering form and the unusual shake of his voice kind of took the bite out of him. Besides that he also didn't know much about what was going on, so blowing up would only hurt his chances of finding out. "Who would I scream too exactly? You'd just gag me then."

"Did I hit you that hard, why are you acting so strange." Arching an eyebrow Kira leaned back with a sigh, Clyde throws him in here and suddenly he's the strange one? 'My head hurts so bad right now...'

thinking was even a chore in this position. "Clyde please turn around, if we don't go back..."

"I can't do that, I have to bring you to the Nova Cannon..." That caught his attention sitting up straight with saucers for eyes. Struggling with his restrictive ropes Kira tried his best to break free. "You can't be serious, what are you thinking!?"

"It's...personal, please don't think bad of me...I just...I don't have a choice." This whole thing seemed like just a bad dream, the worst possible outcome being played out from the fears and doubts in his mind. Yet this was just so real it seemed very unlikely to change...there was...no waking up from this...


"Hey wait, there's a lot of things we don't have a choice on but diving headfirst in to our enemies base isn't one of them!" Kira screamed with all his might trying to deter this kid from something that was too dead set to change, what was on that cannon? Why did Clyde do this? None of it made any sense.

"Just sit back and be quiet, please!"

Docking station

The Nova Cannon's operation was much like a small city with everything from a hospital to a library, thousands of people walked it's halls working on the many parts keeping it from spiraling in to the sun. The best of the best in engineers were stationed upon it's hollow steel shell.

"Hanger 4 preparing for incoming vessel, opening bay doors 2 and 3...disabling security locks 5, 6, 9. Correct rotational position in 30 seconds, final safety disengaged. Heat reflectors and dissipation rings all green." To land on such a monumental base required near perfect timing. The bay doors had to be opened at the short time it faced away from the sun or risk the safety of the dock crew.

Behind thick protective glass stood an aged general glumly staring out towards the wide open space filled to capacity with mobile suit's and ships. Finally they would have custody of the traitor Kira...but at what cost? General's were growing crueler by the day in their tactics.

"I remember a day when my name used to be something to look up to, now look at me.." Admiral Haruka chuckled to himself, it was too late to back out now after all. He had fallen for the general's promise of peace without ever understanding what that really was. The cold calculated voice of the dock operator rang out over the speakers once again.

"Opening bar door 1, please clear landing area immediately." The massive doors slid apart from each other parting the air tight enclosure to allow the single mobile suit passage in to their base. Yes it was time for the final act. Slowly Haruka turned and left the observation room where several soldiers already stood ready.

"You two run ahead and prepare the interrogation room, the rest of you are to follow me" Ignoring the affirmative grunts from these scared little minions of the general Haruka headed down the stairs to await his guests.

Directly after the landing of Clyde's mobile suit both of them were rudely forced to exit to the floor below, their helmets being the only source of air in this tightly sealed vault. Three soldiers with guns held high ordered them to a door off to the far left of this giant hanger.

"Apparently they don't like guests..." twisting his hands inside the ropes around his arms Kira followed behind the green haired captor in front of them, the point of a soldier's gun stabbing In to his back. "Hey watch that thing please...! How do I get in to these messes..." Cagalli would be so pissed about this, just thinking about it made his face twist in agony.

"Shut up kid this ain't your territory." Sighing Kira refrained from responding and noticed the door just feet from them slide open. Packed in to the tight room the door closed behind them, with only two soldiers following them in.

"Filtering air in to chamber." The monotone voice echoed out just as bursts of air shot through several hoses in the side of the wall, balancing out the pressure between the two sides of the door. The pulses of air faintly died away as the door before them slid open to reveal an old general with a stern face, wrinkles twisted up in that high and mighty way Kira had come to expect.

"Welcome Kira, my name is Admiral Haruka. I have heard a lot of your renegade exploits" why was it that the large powers always viewed people against them as renegades? The Archangel wasn't even putting on an offensive. Clyde's soft voice replaced the silence from Kira. "You promised to let my sister go, where is she!?"

"In due time kid. First of all I want to extract some info from our guest, then you will have that darling little sister of yours." Clyde tightly balling his fist up roughly grabbed the light military uniform of the admiral, who made no move to resist what he felt was the grip of a child. "If you did anything to her at all I'll...!" Calmly Haruka grabbed the hand to pull it off his collar, shaking his head lightly. "She has silently been sleeping, no harm has come to her and the gas we used is not lethal."

Once Clyde had calmed himself down Haruka took him down one of the three branching paths from the juncture they stood in front of of, calling back to the few guards waiting behind him. "Take him to room F, I'll show him to his room then meet you there. Separated from the general and the pilot Kira found himself surrounded on four sides, being marched down the echoing steel walkways of this massive station.

"Keep moving boy! I won't to get my damn shift over with, not baby sit" Being stuffed in this station sure seemed to make guys cranky, though Kira couldn't exactly blame them. 'Well here goes nothing...'taking a deep breath he twisted his ropes a bit trying to find the small cut. 'Come on...Come on...yes!' Twiddling the area in his fingers a bit he twisted and pulled the tiny cut few would notice, breaking the threads one by one.

"I said keep moving!" He had slowed his pace to work on the ropes and drew more angry curses from the soldier, who quickly shoved the front of his gun against his spine. "Uuugh, ow!" The soldier went to do a second one farther up on his back but only met air as Kira ducked under it, sliding and swinging his leg upward launching the weapon in to the air.

"Whaaa- Keh!" The second soldier flew against the wall from a swinging kick to his face. The gun less soldier leaped at him from behind grappling him under the shoulders. Holding him tightly the guard refused to let go until Kira threw his elbow back in to his face twice, dropping the man to the floor holding his bloody nose.

"Damn you!" Bullets sounded as the third guard attacked but just a little to late. Kira had already ran to the left flanking the barrage of bullets pattering and bouncing against the floor. Even before he could pull off another attempt at shooting he was pressed in to to the wall with a knee in the chest.

"Phew..." Relaxing his knuckles Kira picked up one of the forgotten rifles, checking the clip real quick before leaning against the wall. "I almost got myself killed there...well I'm free at least, thanks to Clyde..."


"Just sit back and be quiet please!" Groaning to himself Kira released a built up puff of air, trying to relax his building nerves. He was really kidnapped by Clyde, how long had it taken to sink in? The whole thing just seemed so impossible. "Just tell me why your doing this at least..."

"I'm sorry...I never wanted to, it has nothing to do with you so..." Kira cut him off with another plea for info, just wanting to know what could convince someone to betray him like that. "It was...I mean, look it's just a long stupid story! I'm begging you to stop..."

"Not until I know what's going on. You have to tell me something at least!" Silence followed until Clyde finally broke down, tears streaming down that pained face, tears that had been building up from the very moment he agreed to join Kira on this mission. "They have...They have my little sister..."


Of course Kira agreed to help him get his sister back, Clyde knew he couldn't trust the alliance to return her. He had cut his ropes just enough to let him break them when the time came. 'I promised to help and theres no going back now.'

Rolling his shoulder Kira quickly took off down the hallway wiping his brow as he went. There was no ally for him here, no one to save him. This would have to be done with his own merit and skill. "Let's see I should have a few minutes before they find their guards, so I should concentrate on finding his sister."

The halls were surprisingly empty for such a well maned station.'Most of the soldiers must be at certain posts, and not around the halls' with no idea where to look Kira went mostly blind down each hallway he came across until he finally spotted a computer terminal. "Great timing, let's see...integration rooms, guest rooms...hm how in the world am I supposed to know what room she would be in?"

He examined everything quite closely before delving deeper in to mainframe, bypassing two security codes along the way.'Files...Cameras...Man don't they keep a list of people on this thing!?' Everywhere he searched nothing came up. Throwing away the basic method he hacked his way in to the route access and programmed in a quick search code which began running down the entire database.

Beeeep, Beeeep, Beeeeeeeeeep.

Red lights flashed in all directions bathing the halls in red and fading back out only to start again. They might not have expected a hack job like this but they had certainly prepared for it. 'Dammit don't these people know what cutting corners means!' The list of names and files continued rolling down the screen as Kira impatiently tapped his hands on the wall, nervously looking down for soldiers.

The sound of footsteps rang out from everywhere carried by the vibrating metal walkways, each step spooking him more then the last. The monitor gave out a small resounding beep resting on a single name.

Emily Ichiro

"3rd floor, 6th guest room. Well...I'm on the second so I need to go this-"

"Hey you!" Running towards him from the other side of the hall was two guards readying their guns. Choosing to run rather then fight Kira turned tail to take off down the other hall, a guard jumping out to surprise him at the end of the hallway. With bullets soaring from behind he had no time to be surprised, shoving the gun in his face away with his own and slamming the back of it to the man's neck.

Repeating the room number to himself he followed the stairs up, roundhouse kicking one guard over a railing and using a take down on a second attempting to grab his arm. 'They want me alive? If they were smart they would just shoot!'

"You are authorized to terminate the subject should he not comply with custody"The monotone voice spoke out throughout the station so in tune with his thoughts that it was quite scary. On the third floor two more guards were stationed just outside his target room, not even giving him a chance to leave the stairwell. The fire concentrated on the corner of the door kept him pinned as they reloaded in shifts.

"Here goes nothing...!" During one of the reloads Kira rolled out from the door two bullets grazing him along the arm and shoulder before following his trail across the hall. Short bursts of fire erupted from the rolling figure silencing the opposing fire. Picking a grenade and radio out from one of the guard he headed back for the stairs. Clicking on the radio he did his best to mask his voice.

"Kyaaah...Ahhaa, the kid is heading towards the first floor hanger! We need backup...can't...stop...krrrrrr" Pulling the pin on the grenade he threw it down the stairwell along with the radio, jumping back in to the hall as the fire shot up from the explosion. "That should keep them busy."

Returning to the room he slowly pushed the door open to see a sleeping girl resting on a bed, maybe only 13 years old with flowing green hair resting too peacefully. Carefully approaching her Kira scooped her up, and lifted her up on to his back. "They really knocked her out good...alright this is going to be the difficult part."

Clyde's sister clutched on to his back lightly mumbling a light 'brother'before growing silent again. Chuckling lightly to himself Kira mused on the idea of it. "I seriously doubt you'd want to be my sister, I have a strange relationship with mine" he wasn't really sure why he was talking to himself, but it kept him calm.

"Now I just need to get-"

A gunshot sounded.

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