Authors note: So this idea is actually a dream I had last night, which I guess is pretty strange, but I figured I'd go with it. Also, this ignores HBP, and may seem a bit ooc, but not too much. Draco, who has been living in muggle London since the end of the war, in less than adequate surroundings. One day he runs into Harry, and the two began talking again. What will happen when Harry discovers Draco's living conditions? Read on to find out! And reviews are always nice too ;-)

Chapter One:

Draco sighed, walking down a small street in muggle London. Ever since Harry had defeated the Dark Lord during their last year at Hogwarts, the blonde heir had found himself dragging his way through life. It had been two years since he had entered the wizarding community and about 6 months since he had heard any news. Few had cared that he was gone, so there was no worry that someone might find him. Though he knew running away was cowardly, Draco chose to look at it as attempting to find a life without the constant prejudice against him, the assumptions that he had been fighting alongside the Dark Lord, rather than where he truly had been, fighting along side Harry Potter, his childhood nemesis. There were great downsides, and his life was nowhere near perfect at the moment, but it was something that he could not help.

So here he was, wandering the familiar streets of what had become is home when he suddenly halted, eyes locked on a figure across the street. He watched as the tall, lean figure worked happily, sweeping outside of a small cafe. Though Draco could not yet see is face, the unmistakably messy brunette hair caught his attention, and as the young man looked up a small gasp escaped his lips. He found his grey eyes locked with emerald green ones, which were covered by a familiar pair of black rimmed glasses. As an inward debated began raging within him, two sides arguing as to whether or not he should go over, the handsome young man beckoned him over with a smile.

As Draco crossed, he watched the other wave and place the broom he was holding against the wall. A nervous feeling began creeping its' way through him as he shoved his hands in his jean pockets, unsure of what to say. "Hey…"

Harry flashed him a smile, his bright eyes seeming to gleam in delight. "Why Mr. Malfoy, I do believe this is the first time I've ever seen you so nervous around me," he joked, letting out a small laugh.

Draco shook his head, his face scrunching at the thought of being called "Mr. Malfoy." "Don't call me that," he replied sharply, though immediately felt a bit sorry for snapping. "Sorry…being called that just reminds me of my father…the one person I don't want anything to do with. And I'm not nervous either…it's just you're the first person I've seen that I know in two years. It's been a while."

The brunette nodded in understanding. "The only people I see are Ron and Hermione, and occasionally the rest of the Weasleys." Before he continued, however, Harry glanced inside and then motioned to Draco. "I have a few more things to finish up inside, you're welcome to come in if you'd like."

"Sure," Draco replied, surprised at how quickly his response had come out, before he had even had a chance to really think about it. He followed Harry inside, glancing around at the inner part of the diner. It was very casual with a tint of sophistication. Wine red walls surrounded him and round, cherry wood tables lined the walls on either side of him. There was a very homely vibe given off by the place. "It's nice," he stated.

This made Harry smile. "Thanks," he replied. "I used some of my savings to open it up. After everything that happened, I just wanted to get away I guess. So here I am, running a café, which I guess is probably the last thing anyone expected." As he spoke, Draco noticed that Harry actually seemed happy with life at the moment. He noticed the other's eyes surveying his as well, almost trying to silently ask how his life has been.

Rather than make the boy, no, young man, wait, he volunteered some information in regards to himself, but not a lot. "I'm happy for you," he said first, for he truly was. "I've…been alright I suppose. It's been different, trying to live here, but I've been managing alright I think."

He watched Harry nod, though noticed as he turned away a small frown was beginning to form. "Would you like a tea or coffee before I start closing down?"

"That'd be great," Draco replied, taking a seat at one of the tables. "I must say, it seems you've done really well for yourself. Business is going well I assume?"

Harry nodded. "Yes actually, much better than I had originally hoped. Mornings here are absolutely mad. I actually think I might have to hire some help. It gets so busy that I barely have enough time to get to everyone. I wouldn't mind being able to use a bit of magic, but rules and all that."

Draco raised a brow. "You saved an entire world Harry. I doubt you'd be thrown in Azkaban for a bit of magic use around muggles."

Still, the wizard savior shook his head. "What can I say? I'd feel terribly guilty."

For the first time, Draco found himself smiling and a small laugh escaped, surprising not only Harry but himself as well. "During our years at school you didn't seem to let that stop you. If I remember correctly you were quite the rule breaker when we were younger."

Finishing up a few things behind the counter, Harry rejoined Draco and sat down, placing down two steaming cups of coffee. "What can I say? I admit I was a bit of a trouble maker," Harry paused to take a sip of his coffee. "But you weren't completely innocent either."

Draco sipped his coffee and shrugged lightly. "I may not have been an angel, but I was never in as much trouble as you were. I was just…secretive."

Harry shook his head, laughing lightly. "That certainly is one way to look at it I suppose. Still…you certainly made life at Hogwarts interesting, at least for me. You always kept me on my toes."

"Well I'm glad I could be of assistance," he answered, gently brushing back a few strands of his silky hair. For the first time since he had left everything he knew, Draco found himself enjoying someone's company.

The two spent the next couple hours talking and reminiscing of days that had passed years ago, each surprised at the ease at which conversation came. Yet as the sun began to set Draco glanced outside and sighed, knowing that he had better get going. He looked up at Harry, offering a small smile. "I should get going. I lost track of the time." As he stood up to leave he watched as this companion stood as well.

"I should be getting home too," Harry said, answering Draco's unasked question. "Perhaps we can walk together for a bit until we go our separate ways."

"Sure…," the blonde answered, again without thinking before he spoke. This served to tell him that despite the need to cut himself off from everyone and everything he once knew, a part of him still reached out for familiarity. Not to mention he could not help but notice that Harry and grown to be quite a handsome young man. Yet as they left the café and began walking down the street he immediately berated himself, knowing nothing good would come of being attracted to Harry Potter.

The two turned down a small side street, chatting idly as they walked. Not sure of where to look, Draco found himself glancing into small shops through the windows until suddenly his eyes locked on a figure, instantly putting him on alert. He glanced over at Harry, unsure of what to do but not wanting the other to get involved. There was a small glimmer of hope that perhaps he would not be seen but it was quickly dashed as his eyes locked with a pair of onyx ones, which went with the face of a very angry young man.

"Uh….I…I've got to pick up something real quick," Draco lied swiftly, continuously shooting glances toward the small shop as he watched his…owner move to come outside.

Harry furrowed his brow. "Alright…so let's go. I've got nothing else I have to be doing right now."

"NO!" Draco closed his eyes for a moment, silently cursing himself. "I mean…It will only take a minute. Just keep going and I'll catch up." He silently pleaded for Harry to listen, biting his lip as he heard the small bell ring above the door behind him. He looked up at Harry one more time, his eyes begging him to keep going without him. "Please…"And thankfully, though unknown to him reluctantly, Harry gave a slight nodded and started walking, a bit slower than before.

"Starting to fraternize are we?" A cold voice came from behind him.

Letting out a shaky breathe he turned around, facing a man whose eyes were blazing. "Dominic… he's just someone I used to go to school with. No one important."

He received a sneer in response and suddenly winced as he was shoved back into the brick wall, his head smacking into the concrete. "That's not what it seemed like from where I was standing…the two of you seemed rather chummy I'd say. You wouldn't be going off and messing around behind my back now would you? I'd simply hate to think about how that would make me feel…"

Draco shook his head frantically. "No! I'd never even think of doing that…you know I wouldn't. Harry and I just-" Before he could finish he almost doubled over as Dominic's knee was shoved into his gut, letting out a small yell.

"Sh…sh….," the man cooed, letting out a small chuckle as he lifted Draco's face. "I know you wouldn't. It would be the stupidest thing you could do…"

Even though he was still talking, Draco found it harder and harder to pay attention, unable to concentrate on anything but the piercing pain. This was the reason that he barely registered it when he heard a yell and suddenly Dominic was on the ground unconscious. Without the strong grip holding him up Draco would have slid to the ground, but suddenly felt himself being supported by someone else. He slowly lifted his head and saw a flash of green. "H-Harry…"

"Sh…it's alright I've got you," his savior said softly. "It seems one of us was being a bit dishonest when saying things were going alright…"

"Sorry…" Draco responded immediately, grasping his stomach. He glanced down at the vicious man who had beat him. "Y-you don't know what you've done…you should have just kept going."
"And let him keep hitting you?" Harry asked, frowning. "Besides…I have a hero complex remember?" He laughed lightly, trying to lighten the situation. "It's a saving people thing. I can't help it. Now I'm taking you back to my flat, and then I want to know how you've Really been doing."