If you have not read 'Amusement Parks with the Cullens'

I would most strongly advise you to read it before you read this one, as it will help this story to make a lot more sense.

If you have read it:

WELCOME BACK! I am soooo glad that you liked the first enough to read the sequel! I hope that you enjoy and that this one lives up to the first…

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Title: Another Day, Another Park

Rating: K

Full Summary:

Sequel to 'Amusement Parks with the Cullens'.

The Cullens (and Bella, of course) are back! This time they are going to an all new amusement park for a fresh start… or so they hope… Now there are many new twists! To name a few…

Salt Water Taffy's the new rage,

Emmet's being still being perused by conductors and some other people,

A bunch of fans think Edward's a movie star,

People have started asking Alice for Autographs,

Rosalie and Jasper won't use the letter 'a',

Bella thinks she is super woman,

And Why on Earth is the green spiky haired dude afraid of her?

:Deep Breath: There's more, but you'll have to read to find out…

Warning: Please don't try any of these things at real amusement parks, and if you do… don't blame me!

Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer. Disney's It's a Small World belongs to well… Disney. Bella owns the alarm clock. Not me. End of Story. Well, disclaimer story…

Another Day, Another Park


It's a world of laughter,

A world of tears,

It's a world of joy

A world of fears,

It's a small, small, world!

"Good morning, Bella!"

Bella Swan sat up quickly in bed. What the heck was going on? Where was Edward? That had been his voice just a moment ago, she's been sure of it. It had just sounded a little off… IT WAS A SIGN! Edward's voice. Disney's Theme. The Cullens were taking her to Disney World! That was way to far from home. She wouldn't do it. The only way they could get there fast enough would be to run. And she was not going to California at 100 mph slung over someone's shoulder. No way in the small world.

It's a small world AFTER ALL

It's a small world AFTER ALL

It's a small small WORLD!

"Good morning, Bella!"

AHA! This time Bella was able to locate the source of the noise. Her alarm clock. Curse that blasted thing; would it ever give up. Bella snatched up the alarm clock and threw it across the room, closing her eyes, waiting for the satisfying crash. But there was no crash. Bella frowned.

A chuckle filled the silent air and then Edward spoke, "Now that's not very good at all. You need to break that habit, Bella. And after I fixed it for you and all."

Bella's eyes widened as she recalled the previous night.

Flashback to the previous night, 9:00 PM:

Bella closed her book as the window slid noiselessly open. She watched as Edward leaped nimbly into the room.

"Hey, Edward, what took you so long?"

"Just talking to the family. Carlisle and Esme were very suspicious. I don't blame them. I remember what happened last time we went to an amusement park without them…" Edward shuddered at some distant memory.

Bella looked expectantly at Edward, but he simply shook his head.

"Anything else?" Bella inquired.

Edward chuckled. "Something about Emmet getting a job. I've never seen him look so scared… good times."

Bella grinned, picturing it.

"What are you reading?"

Bella offered the book to him. "You can borrow it if you like. I just finished."

"Companions of the Night?" Edward read skeptically.

"It's about vampires. I thought it would be interested to see how they differed from the real deal," Bella explained.

"I see," Edward agreed, tucking the small paperback into his pocket, before surveying the room. His eyes rested on something on the other side of the room.

He stood and walked over to it. "And what is this?" Edward asked, picking up Bella's alarm clock.

"An annoyance?" Bella suggested.

Edward gave her a look, "You have to have this working. How else will you get up in time tomorrow?"

"You can wake me up."

"No, I might not be able to. I have some things I have to do at home. Don't worry about it though. I'll have this clock up and running in no time."

"Have fun," Bella said sleepily, lying back as Edward examined the clock.

She started drifting off to sleep just as she heard Edward muttering, "I wonder if Rosalie could get this thing to record…"

End Flashback

"You HIJACKED my ALARM!" Bella accused.

Edward looked nonplussed and slightly hurt, "You didn't like it?"

Bella sighed. "It was fine, Edward." She looked up at him suspiciously, "Are we actually going to Disney World?"

Edward looked shocked, "No! Too far." Then he added nonchalantly, "Besides, we're not allowed there anymore…"

Bella gaped at him, but Edward said quickly, "Someone will be by to pick you up shortly! See you soon, Bella!" And with that said, he glided out the window.

Bella rushed to the window and saw him leap off the side of the house and land catlike on the grass below. Wicked awesome.

"Uh, Bella, what are you doing?"

Bella whirled around fast. Too fast. She slipped and fell.

"I'm ok!" She managed, righting herself. Bella glanced at the window and saw bronze hair disappearing from view. Apparently Edward had heard Charlie's shocked thoughts when she'd fallen.

"Uh, nothing, Ch- Dad," Bella said. "I thought you were at work already."

"No, apparently I don't have to go in until evening today."

Uh oh. Was he going to ask to come along?

"Oh, well, that's cool."

"I thought we could have breakfast together before the Cullens came."

"That's nice." Bella said, trying to think of something better to say. She settled for, "Be down in a few. I need a human minute."

Charlie raised an eyebrow at her and Bella clamped a hand over her mouth as she realized what she'd said.

"Um, school joke. Kinda weird, but yah. Be right down!"

Charlie took the hint and went downstairs.

"Whew," Bella sighed. She could almost hear Edward's chuckle.


After breakfast with Charlie, Bella got her purse and waited around near the door.

Soon, the doorbell rang and Bella opened the door instantly.

"Wow, you're getting to be as quick as us," Emmet laughed.

Standing next to Emmet was Rosalie, waiting with a half smile.

"Come along; let's not stand around all day. Alice is anxious to go," Rosalie chided.

Bella shrugged and shouted a goodbye to Charlie, then jumped into the back of Rosalie's red convertible.

"So…" Bella started as Rosalie started the car, "How's Emmet doing with Emse's job statement?"

Emmet whimpered.

"He's coping." Rosalie said.

"Are they serious?"

"Probably not, but Emmet thinks they are. He can't decide what would be better: To spend all his time out of the house and away from Esme's job schemes or to spend all his time in the house and distract her."

Bella chuckled. Emmet growled.

Then suddenly, Emmet perked up. "Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Edward asked me to ask you if you'd eaten." Emmet snickered. So did Rosalie.

"Yep, I have," Bella said, then added casually, "Except Charlie burned the toast, so we ate my leftover cotton candy instead."

Emmet's eyes widened.

A wicked grin spread across Rosalie's face. "Don't tell anyone else that, 'kay, Bella?"

Bella shrugged, looking worried.

There was no time for any other talk, as they were now pulling into the Cullen's driveway.

Emmet jumped out like he's been electrocuted, but Rosalie lingered. When Bella got out of the car she walked up to her.

"Bella," She said seriously, "I am proud of what you did yesterday. When you jumped out of the log and bungee jumped of the Ferris wheel, that is. It took guts. Especially since you're not immortal and you could have died," Bella gulped, "So, I guess, maybe what I', trying to say is… maybe you're not so bad after all."

Bella blinked. This was more shocking then if Edward had decided to throw Jasper a Care Bear party with Cotton Candy as the only food.

"But don't expect any special treatment," Rosalie said airily and glided away, leaving a stunned Bella.

Edward rushed out.

"What did she say, Bella?" Edward demanded, looking fierce.

"Nothing bad," Bella said, smiling. "Let's get this show on the road, shall we?"

Alice chose that time to rush out the front door. "Yes, we shall!"

The Cullens and Bella piled once more into the two cars and headed off towards another amusement park.

Author's Note: I hope that clears up Rosalie's suddenly nicer behavior to Bella! I'll try to post again soon :D