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Another Day, Another Park

Chapter 1

Mount Doom


Still Super

"Wow. Cool place," Bella said upon seeing the chosen amusement park. It was a good size and was advertised to have a water park as a neighbor.

"I thought so…" Emmet said, pleased everyone seemed to like it.

They marched up to the entry gate, where Emmet stepped up to the window.

"Yo," Emmet said to the booth manager, who was facing the other way with his head down.

The worker turned around and Emmet took a step back in surprise. The worker was younger than him, physically.

"That's deep, man," said the worker pulling out tickets, and Emmet wasn't quite sure if he was being sarcastic or not.

"Well, err, six tickets, please, if you would," Emmet said somewhat nervously.

The teen finally looked up at him and his eyes widened. "Dude!" He said, suddenly diving under the counter.

Emmet watched him warily.

The teen popped up again, waving a flyer around so fast, Emmet was unable to see what it said.

Finally, the worker set it down on the counter top and Emmet's jaw dropped.

"AcK!" Emmet said, "Come on guys, we have to go, they already know about us, well, me, here. Let's find someplace else, BETTER probably."

The worker shook his head vigorously. "No! I want you to sign this, dude!" He handed a pen to Emmet.

Emmet cast him a suspicious glance.

"Just sign it, 'To my biggest fan, Tyler, From, Mr. Anonymous." The guy said happily.

"Wait," Bella interrupted, "Tyler!"

Tyler looked up. "Uh, yeah. Do I know you?"

"Oh, the irony," Bella grumbled.

Emmet signed the poster and then said, "Hey, wait a second. How do you know I called myself Mr. Anonymous?"

Tyler sighed. "Here's the story: I needed a summer job, so I signed up. Next thing I know, there's this warning going around about some kid doing all these stunts. I was sent over for the day. I saw some of your stunts and performances. They were so cool!

So, I started a fan club. I'm the president! I wanted to warn you that they know about you here."

"Uh, that's nice," Emmet said, sounding worried about this fan club thing. Well, all least he might have some help escaping conductors. "Could I have our tickets please?"

"Oh yeah! Here." The teen handed them their tickets and they hurried inside the park.

"Where to first?" Alice chirped, unfazed by the worker.

"How about we draw straws again like yesterday?" Jasper suggested.

"Vote," Edward said.

All hands went up today, except Edward's, for he was wondering about Bella's new claim that she was a dare devil.

"Straws it is," Rosalie said, disappearing for a few minutes. When she returned however, Alice had another idea.

"How about before we go on rides, we do a team building thing, or something to get us warmed up for the day?" Alice said.

"Like what?" Edward asked skeptically.

"How about that?" Jasper pointed.

"Hmmm…" Bella said, "It has possibilities."

Edward worried what that meant, but in the end, agreed and they head toward the climbing wall.


The wall was wide; wide enough for ten people to go up at once. Even with that advantage, the line went slow.

"You know what this reminds me of?" Bella asked.

"What?" Alice, Emmet and Edward asked in unison.

"Mount dOOm," Bella told them in her most theatrical voice. (A/N: For anyone who hasn't seen Lord of the Rings, Mount Doom is more or less a big evil volcano.)

"Right…" The disbelieving voice was Jasper's.

Emmet looked curious. "How so, Bella?"

"I dunno," Bella replied, "Just that kind of atmosphere."

Emmet looked around at the bright cheery rides, people laughing, talking, eating, the birds chirping and so forth and decided that it was the sugar Bella had eaten for breakfast talking.

Bella deepened her voice and said, "Six people. They shall be the fellowship of the ring! Ahem. I'm Arwen, the elf. Edward, you're Argorn, the human."

Edward nodded happily.

"But I wanted-" Started Emmet, but Bella interrupted.

"Emmet! You can be… Frodo."

"I don't want to be a hobbit."

"Be a hobbit!"

"Make me!"

"It's that or the dwarf."

"I am Frodo, hear me ROAR!"

"Close enough. Jasper, you can be… Legolas the elf, I s'pose."

Jasper shrugged.

"Alice, you'd be a great Gadriel, the elf. And Rosalie, I think you could be Eowyn."

Alice smiled and Rosalie shrugged.

"Well, that was fun," Jasper said, giving Bella odd looks. He and Alice had surprisingly never seen the movie, so had no idea what was going on.

"I need a ring." Emmet suddenly insisted.

"A ring?" Jasper repeated incredulously. "Whatever do you want a ring for?"

"To throw into mount doom!" Emmet said as if stating the obvious.

"Waste of a good ring, I tell you," Jasper said.

Rosalie shrugged and handed him a penny she spotted on the ground.

"This will do." Emmet grinned. "Shiiiiiiiny… my-"

"Don't even go there, Emmet," Rosalie interrupted.

"Ahem." Bella said.

Rosalie narrowed her eyes at Bella. "What?"

"Call him Frodo."

Rosalie gave Bella a look and turned away.

"Next ten!" The worker shouted, and the group moved onto the mat.

Six people came over and hook them up to ropes that would catch them if they happened to fall.

Then they walked to the wall and on the people's commands, began climbing.

The vampires climbed easily up, trying to make it looked like if actually required effort.

Bella was doing pretty good too, actually. They were fast in getting to the top.

But what was Bella…err…Arwen planning? Edward wondered. She had sounded like she had something up her sleeve. It didn't take long for him to find out.

When they reached the top of 'Mount Doom' Emmet threw his penny over the other side, resulting in a small "ouch!" drifting up towards them from below.

Emmet shrugged, "It was for the good of the world."

They started climbing back down. (A/N: Yes, I know they just usually fall, or 'Moonwalk' down, but I changed it)

The vampires and Bella were spread out more now, anxious to get to the ground and to some actual rides. Edward, Jasper and Alice alone kept pace with Bella, while Emmet was closer to the middle and Rosalie nearing the bottom.

"See you at the bottom!" Bella suddenly yelled, and to the surprise of Edward, she threw herself off the wall.


The guy holding her rode, in his surprise, did not actually hold the rope very well. It skidded through his hands. Later, this guy would reflect and be happy he wore thick gloves. But, back to the more pressing matter…

"Bella!" Edward yelled, causing other people to notice the danger. Edward leaped after her, but it was too late for him to save her.

Bella's rope holder was slowly slowing it down so it wouldn't snap the rope.

Bella flew by Emmet and by instinct, Emmet grabbed the rope. Bella halted mid-air, bounced, and the roped snapped.

"EEEeee!" Bella yelled in possibly glee.

Rosalie, who had not bothered about the falling Bella, but held out her hand, inspecting her nails. As Bella was passing her, she casually stretched her fingers and grabbed Bella, pulling to the wall.

"Thanks, Eowyn," Bella panted.

"Nice stunt, Arwen," Rosalie said expressionlessly.

They climbed down and Edward hugged Bella before scolding her.

"What were you thinking?"

The conductor dude had come out of his booth and was walking up to Emmet.

"Hey kid! You talked her into it didn't you? And then you snapped her rope!"

Emmet groaned. "Not again!"

Edward was forced to postpone his lecture as he pulled Bella along and they and the rest of the Cullens disappeared into the crowd…

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