Waves Upon the Sand -- Notes

Out of all my works, this is probably the title I'm most proud of. The coloring is supposed to be reminiscent of Jyou and Yamato (blue and gold), while also showing that love is ever changing. The waves meet the shore, but they never stay.

Also, this is a retelling of "The Little Mermaid", and not the Disney version, I assure you. "The Little Mermaid" is one of my favorite stories by Hans Christian Anderson, but I wasn't content to just create a story by filling in Digimon character's names in the slots. A lot of the religious undertones have been deleted…not because they disturbed me or detracted from the original, but rather because they didn't fit the particular type of story I wanted to tell. The story goes more in depth than the original, and there are some parts added relating to mermaid mythology in general.

Warnings are as follows; this is mainly a Yamajyou story, but there is some Yamara at the end. I have not made Sora-chan an evil character, but have tried to infuse her part with more depth than in the original story. It's too much of a cop-out, and besides, I like Sora-chan, even if Yamara isn't my favorite coupling. (close, but I still like Jyoura better! And Yamajyou is my all time fave!) I have no doubt that this story will probably not satisfy Yamara fans, but they are not the main audience I'm writing for. I'm sorry. ^_^;;

See if you can guess who the merboy's sibling are! ::grin::