Ok….this is another one of my stupid fanfictions where Itachi is totally OOC….and thank you so much everyone for the reviews for my other idiotic story and thanks specially to bepplin14 and Kagegausui-Chan for the very positive reviews even though the other one was quite idiotic also. Well this fanfiction was like based off of the Geiko commercial where the cave men were insulted instead…heh it was one of my fave commercials xD and sighs a special thanks to my cousinf or 'helping' me…yes she made me put it in here. Well anyways enjoy…I'm sorry about the ending I had no clue what to put….so yeah. Yes… I did spell Geico wrong…but I was too lazy to change it. Yeah. Thanks a lot cuz for pointing that out. -.-" Haha but anyways, I'm starting on a real fanfic and I have many ideas for more.


A TV was on to show a car insurance commercial. Two figures sat on the couch watching the TV.

"So save money on your car insurance and switch to Geiko. It's so easy even an Uchiha can do it!" said a funny looking blonde man on the TV.

The male figure on the couch growled and the lady gasped.

A lawsuit and 2 weeks later

Naruto sat down in Konoha Bistro, playing with his fingers while waiting while across the table from him were a couple who couldn't stop glaring at him. The man had a glint of red in his eyes.

Naruto cleared his throat and began his apology. "I'm so sorry, I had no idea you guys were still alive." Stupid Uchihas, couldn't even take a joke, he thought to himself. Just like Sasuke-teme…

Uchiha Fugaku replied, "Well maybe you should do a little more research next time."

A waiter arrived at the table, asking for orders. "What will you have today sir?"

Fugaku replied, "I'll have the roast shark and the mango salsa and a side of Russian golden caviar." He glared even more coldly at Naruto. Naruto winced. This was going to put a dent into his check.

"And what would you like madam?" asked the waiter.

Mikoto threw down her menu in disgust. "I'm just too emotionally wounded to eat."

All three men had anime sweat drops. The waiter turned to Naruto. "And how about you sir?"

"I'll just have water. But please bring out a bottle of champagne and three glasses. I'd like to treat my good friends to your fine champagne."

"I see no good friends," said Mikoto. She gave him an icy look.

"I shall be right back."


After Fugaku finished his meal, Itachi burst out from a window, breaking the glass. "KISAME!" he yelled. "I WAS TOO LATE!" He sunk to his knees on the broke glass and began to sob.

The End