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Chapter 1

Bakura Khalid curses as he walks down the sidewalk. He kicks a rock, sending it flying off somewhere where it hit's a poor bystander in the head. He continues on, without even noticing that the rock has hit someone. And even if he had noticed, he most likely would have smirked and then carried on.

Up ahead somewhere, the poor bystander is revealed to be Malik Ishtar. Cursing the Gods for his bad luck he throws the rock at the wall of a building, only to have it fly back and strike him in the head again. "DAMN IT!" He yells.

At this time a limo zooms past, spraying water from a nearby puddle onto Malik.


In the limo sits Mokuba Kaiba. When he hears the yell he glances out the back window to see what's going on. He catches just a glimpse of the soaking wet teenager and winces slightly. "Oops… Aoi, we splashed someone."

"I'm sure that person will be fine, young Mr. Kaiba." Aoi replies. "Now where is it you wished to go?"

Mokuba looks out the window. "There! Stop!" He grasps the seat tightly to prevent himself from flying forward when Aoi brings the limo to a screeching stop. "Wait here for me, okay. Do you want anything?"

"No thank you." Aoi replies.

Mokuba smiles. "Okay!" Then he opens the door and runs off to the newly opened café with the sign reading, in bright blue letters, "Lexus Café". Inside the café, he stops and looks around the place, taking in all the deep colors and the rock music playing faintly in the background.

"Hello and welcome to the Lexus Café! I'll be your waitress for this evening and my name is Ash Phoenix!" A blonde girl says cheerfully, bouncing up beside Mokuba. "I suppose I should first ask if you're staying or going though…" She sighs, her cheerfulness evaporating for a moment before returning. "Anyway, staying or going?"

"Going." Mokuba replies.

"Alright, just hop right over to that counter where my dear friend Alexandrian will help you out. He's the brown-haired one reading the menu for some odd reason or another." Ash says. "As for me…" She grins and heads over to the café phone, hoping to talk to her boyfriend for a bit. But as luck would have it, she's stopped by a customer before she gets to the phone.

Mokuba passes off Ash's oddness for being normal, and heads over to the counter to order his drink.

Meanwhile, Bakura continues down the road in search of something to do when he comes across the Lexus café. Figuring the best way to get over whatever it is that's wrong is to drink an insane amount of coffee, he heads into the new building.

Ash, being the designated greeter for that evening, cheerfully does her job of greeting. "Hello and welcome to the Lexus Café! My name is Ash and I'll be your waitress if you will be dining in!"

Bakura glares at her, annoyed by her cheerfulness. "I'll be staying."

Ash takes down her cheerfulness a notch or two, not wanting to annoy him too badly. The last thing she needs is to make a customer angry and in doing so make Roman Lexus, the oldest of the three Lexus brothers, yell at her.

While she's leading Bakura to a table and getting a menu for him, Mokuba has gotten his coffee and a cup for his brother and is leaving the café. Before he's out the door, the youngest Lexus brother, Nixxus, walks out of the back room and notices him leaving.

"Alex, Roman wants to know if you're thanking the guests for coming." Nixx says. "And I see you're not, so… Thanks for coming!" He yells after Mokuba.

Mokuba pauses and turns around to see who's calling and blinks in surprise. Nixx's jaw drops when he sees that it's a boy and his breath catches in his throat.

'He's so… cute!'

Mokuba gives the best wave he can with a cup of coffee in one hand and then leaves.

Nixx lets out a whimpering-like noise and leans against the counter. "Please tell me you got his name."

Alexandrian raises an eyebrow. "Nixx, we don't usually ask our customers for names. And why aren't you dressed in the café uniform?"

"Because it has no pink in it." Nixx replies. "You don't like it?" He steps away from the counter and spins around once to show off his outfit that consists of a pink belly shirt that reads 'My mommy says I'm special' and loose black jeans.

Alexandrian just reaches out and tugs his brother's braid. "No. Go put on the uniform before Ash spots you and makes a big deal out of it or Roman finds you first."

Nixx sticks his tongue out, showing off his tongue piercing, and then goes off to change like his brother asked.


Mariku Leil walks gloomily down the street. For the third time in two weeks his father has kidded him out of the house for Ra-knows what reason. Shoving his hands into his pocket, Mariku raises his kohl lined lilac eyes for a moment to see where he's at before he lowers them back down to the ground.

Dressed in dark jeans and a gray hoody, Mariku can easily slip away into the background and remain unnoticed by the ground. As long as he doesn't try to draw any attention to himself that is.

After walking a bit further, Mariku looks up again to see where he's at. He spots the café a little ways ahead and after a moment of consideration, decides to go see if they have any good food there.

As luck would have it, Bakura's leaving at the same time that Mariku's entering. The result? A head-on collision. Both of them curse and then glare at one another, but are more annoyed than angry.

"Watch where you're going!" Bakura snaps.

Mariku just growls in response and brushes right past the white-haired male with a grumbled, "Go to hell, bastard."

Bakura glares at Mariku and then continues on his way, deeming it not worthy to spend any more anger on the blonde. Meanwhile, Mariku sits down at the counter on the chair that he has claimed his own since two days ago.

Nixx is the first to notice him and so he bounds over to take Mariku's order. "Hey Mariku, bad day?"

"Give me the strongest thing you've got." Mariku mutters.

"Coming right up!" Nixx replies, bounding off to make Mariku's cup of coffee. "Ash, I think Mariku needs some cheering up." He whispers to the blonde girl as he passes by her. "Why don't you go get your cards and play a game."

"One game of Duel Monsters in which Mariku can kick my ass again coming right up!" Ash says cheerfully. She pulls her deck out of the pocket of her apron and skips over to Mariku. Someone has had one too many mocha's.

The duel begins, with Ash starting out in the lead with her cat cards. Then Nixx brings Mariku his strong coffee and the duel begins to turn sharply in Mariku's favor. Less than ten minutes later, a smirking Mariku lays down his final card. "I win."

Ash stares at the cards for a moment before muttering, "Well damn."

"I don't see why you're so surprised." Nixx comments. "You always lose when you duel Mariku."

"By 5000 life points?" Ash questions.

Mariku happily drinks his coffee while Nixx snickers loudly.

"You loser." Nixx says.

"Shove it, pink-boy." Ash replies.

"No arguing!" Roman interrupts loudly. "Get back to work you lazy idiots!"

Ash scrambles out of her chair and Nixx squeaks a little before running off to see if Alexandrian needs help. Roman smirks, pleased by their reactions.

Mariku just rolls his eyes and tosses some money on the counter. "Tell Ash I said thanks for the duel and tell Nixx that next time he needs to lay off the sugar."

Roman nods. "Sure. HEY NIXX…!"

Mariku snickers as he leaves the café, happy that he's gotten someone else in trouble at the café instead of himself for once.


"Yugi! Hey, Yugi!" A white-haired boy shouts.

A teen with tri-color hair lifts his head off of his desk to look at his friend, wondering how in the world the boy can be this hyper halfway through the day. Even Joey's exhausted by this time! And he sleeps during class.

"Hello, Ryou." Yugi says dully.

Ryou looks at his friend in concern. "Yugi, what's wrong? I know that it's halfway through the school day and all, but you look more exhausted than you usually do."

"One word: Yami." Yugi grumbles.

Ryou sits down on the bench beside Yugi with an understanding look on his face. "I see. So what happened this time?"

"Matsuko-senshi paired me up with him for our history project." Yugi groans. "So now I've got to go to his house after school or have him come over to mine. This is going to be the worst week ever!"

"There, there, Yugi." Ryou says, patting Yugi on the back. "It's not that bad. It's not like you have to hang out with him all the time or anything. It's just one class and some time after school."

"Ry, I have three classes with him. Three! Do you have any idea how horrible this is going to be? Ever since the beginning of the year he's been trying to get my attention, and now I have to talk to him and give him my attention!" Yugi exclaims. "I have no excuse not to talk to him anymore!"

"You think that's bad. I'm stuck with the rich CEO from Hell." Joey grumbles as he joins the two. "The only good thing out of this is that I get to ride in that fancy limo of his and bug the hell out of him." He sits down beside Ryou, dropping his school bag onto the ground.

He tosses Yugi and Ryou two brown paper sacks. "Sorry. I didn't have much time to make anything this morning, and I haven't had time to go get groceries for a while." Joey apologizes.

"It's alright, Joey." Ryou says. "I brought some extra for us anyway."

Yugi sighs and nibbles at the sandwich he has pulled out of the bag. "I'm not very hungry, guys. You two go ahead and eat as much as you want."

"Yugi, you need to eat more! It's no wonder you're so small! But I really don't blame you for not wantin' to eat after hearing that you're paired up with your worst nightmare." Joey says with a shrug. "You gonna eat the other half of that sandwich?"


Nixx sighs dreamily as he stares off into space with a half eaten sandwich in her hand. Ash, who's sitting beside him, just rolls her eyes and tries her best to ignore him. However, when her friend sighs dreamily for the ten-billionth time, she has to say something.

"Alright, Nixx. Spill. What the heck are you thinking about?" She asks.

"I saw someone… he was so pretty." Nixx says dreamily. "Pretty long black hair and blue eyes. So pretty."

Ash raises an eyebrow. "He sounds like your brother."

Nixx snaps out of his daydream and sputters. "W-what! He does not! He looks nothing like Roman! He's much cuter!"

"I don't know, Roman's pretty cute." Ash says.

"I'm pretty what?" Roman asks irritably as he sits down.

Ash squeaks and blushes slightly. "N- nothing! Nothing at all, Roman. Nothing. Nixx was just telling me about his crush. That's all."

Roman smirks. "So you really are talking about nothing."

"Hey!" Nixx yells. "Don't talk about him that way! You know nothing about him!"

"Neither do you." Ash points out. "So hush."

Nixx pouts and then goes back to nibbling on his sandwich and thinking about the cute boy he saw at the café.


A few days later, Yugi storms into Ryou's apartment. "I can't believe this!"

Ryou looks up from the book he's reading, unfazed by Yugi's temper. "Can't believe what? And take your shoes off."

Yugi removes his shoes and drops them by the door before walking over to the couch Ryou's sitting on and sits down beside his friend. "Him! We finished the project yesterday and now he wants to keep hanging out like we're friends or something!"

Ryou sighs heavily. It's times like these he wishes he has books on psychology so he can figure out Yugi and his odd problems. "Oh my, that's horrible Yugi."

"Yes! It is!" Yugi agrees. "And then- wait." He narrows his eyes at his friend. "Were you being sarcastic?"

"No, not at all." Ryou lies. "Carry on."

"Ryyyyyyooooouuu!" Yugi whines dramatically.

Ryou sighs again and sets aside his book. "Yugi, just tell me one thing. And be truthful."

Yugi nods. "Okay. What?"

"What's so bad about Yami trying to be your friend?" Ryou asks seriously.

"What's so bad! Ryou! He's one of them!" Yugi says as if it's the most obvious thing in the world.

"One of them." Ryou repeats dryly. "Alright, tell me one other thing. Who is this 'them'? And I swear if you say 'aliens' or 'the little people' then I am kicking you out of my apartment and taking back the key I gave you."

Yugi snorts. "Aliens? Of all the nonsense… No it's not aliens! Are you crazy!"

"So it's the 'little people' then?" Ryou asks, somehow managing to keep a straight face.

Yugi grabs one of the small couch pillows and bops Ryou on the head with it. "For the love of cheese, no!"

Ryou steals the pillow from Yugi and hits him back before putting it behind him. "For the love of cheese? Have you been reading American comics again?"

"No!" Yugi exclaims. "And we're off topic!"

Ryou sighs. 'Darn, I had hoped he'd forgotten.' "Alright, so who is this 'them'?"

"Do I have to elaborate?" Yugi asks.

Ryou narrows his eyes. "You don't know, do you." He states.

"At the moment, no…" Yugi says. "Give me a while and I'll think of a good excuse."

A smile spreads across Ryou's face and he starts laughing, which makes Yugi stare at him in surprise.

"Ryou, are you alright?" Yugi asks worriedly.

Ryou's laughter slowly fades as he looks up at Yugi. "I'm fine. And I know what's wrong. You like him, don't you?"

"I don't like him, Ryou! Haven't I made that clear!" Yugi shouts in disbelief.

"No, I mean you like him." Ryou emphasizes the word 'like'. "That's why you don't like spending time around him. It's because you're afraid that you'll blurt out that you have a crush on him!"

"I-I-" Yugi looks away in defeat. "Maybe you're right… But what do I do? I can't be around him without driving myself crazy!"

Ryou shrugs and picks up his book. "I don't know." He says honestly. "I've never been in love before."

"Arrrrg!" Yugi leans back on the couch, letting his head hit the hard back with a thunk. "Ow." He mutters.

Ryou shakes his head in amusement and turns the page of his book. 'Only Yugi.' He thinks affectionately. 'Only Yugi.'


"Hey moneybags!"

Seto grumbles something under his breath and tries his best to ignore the blonde who's trying to get his attention.

"Kaiba, you in there?" Joey asks, poking the CEO in the side.

Seto glares at Joey. "Stop it, mutt." Then he goes right back to his work, wondering what god he pissed off to have the annoying blonde continue to hover around him and disrupt his work.

"Kaiba, I'm bored." Joey complains, enjoying teasing the brunette. It's not everyday that he has a chance to be in the CEO's home. And without any arguments either.

"So go chase a cat or bury a bone or something." Seto mutters. 'Damn, I feel a headache beginning.'

Joey growls and punches Seto lightly in the shoulder, not wanting to make his History partner too angry with him. "Stop it with the dog jokes or I'll start in on you."

Seto scoffs. "Sure, puppy. As if you could really think of an actual good insult."

"Seahorse." Joey coughs.

Seto stiffens. "What?"

Joey looks innocently at him. "I didn't say anything." He says cheerfully. "So, shouldn't we get to work on that project?"

"I've already finished it." Seto says.

"But I didn't do anything!" Joey protests. "This was suppose to be a partner activity!"

Seto looks from his work over to Joey with a raises eyebrow. "So you're complaining that I did all the work? If you want, you can do it yourself and have both of us fail."

Joey falls silent. "You're not gonna tell the teacher that I did nothing, are you?"

Seto rolls his eyes and goes back to work. "Why would I do that?"

"Do you really want me to answer that?" Joey asks.

Seto thinks about it for a minute and then shakes his head. "No. Not particularly."

"Okay, good." Joey says. "Because I wasn't entirely sure what I was gonna say anything. Well, I didn't have anything planned to say. I'm sure I could have come up with some idea or another. I'm smart like that."



"Shut up."


Shiro: I have to say, the last two scenes are my favorites. That could just be because I'm in a mood to read the more cutesy pairings, since the Bakura/Mariku pairing can't exactly be called 'cutesy'. Usually. It would scare me to see a cutesy one.

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