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Prelude to Disaster

"You're just too adorable!" Matsumoto squealed, reaching out to play with her captain's tie, seemingly unaware of the vibrant (and, frankly, unhealthy-looking) color his face was turning.

Hitsugaya batted her hand away and turned, crossing his arms. "Don't touch that; it took forever to tie."

"'s why it's better not to wear one at all," Renji stated matter-of-factly as he made a lopsided pointing motion to his own chest, which showed an obscene amount of tattoo work revealed by the multiple buttons he'd chosen not to do.

"Really, Abarai-kun, that's perhaps the most unbeautiful way to express yourself in a... stifling uniform such as this." Yumichika said this with a serious expression, which prompted Ikkaku to squint his red-shadowed eyes in his direction. "Like yours is any saner, Yumichika. I mean, those eyebrows..."

"At least they're beautiful, Ikkaku-kun," he shot back, which, in Yumichika speak, was a resounding "shut up."

Ikkaku shut.

"Can we stop bickering and go into the school now?" Hitsugaya piped up, and four heads turned to look around briefly before they remembered to look down.

"Sure, fine, let's go squirt."

"What did you just call me?"

And so Ichigo's worst nightmare traipsed casually into the school, arguing amongst themselves all the way.