AN: This takes place sometime after the chuunin exams and Tsunade is the Gondaime. They are just about to exit the borders of Fire country. I have fixed this story's names and spell checked everything for your enjoyment. I love you all!

What are you doing alive?

"You snake-tongued FREAK!" Naruto ran towards the snake sannin. His arm craned backwards and ready to hit him with all that he had. Orochimaru laughed and side-stepped, making Naruto fail his attack. He made a few hand seals, "Kuchiyose no jutsu: edo tensei."

Naruto stared at the single coffin in wonder.

"What the hell is that?"

He yelled, pointing to the coffin.

"Kukuku… goodbye, Uzumaki Naruto."

Orochimaru decided to take his leave quietly walking away. Naruto ran towards him, only to have the coffin envelope in smoke and start to open, Naruto taking no heed and nevertheless, ran towards the sannin. He yelled as he went to use taijutsu on him. Orochimaru simply turned around and pulled out his sword that was already forming in his mouth, and struck Naruto down in the left lung.

" T-teme…"

Naruto tried to breathe, only for Orochimaru to add another wound to his shoulder from his already broken body.

"NARUTO!" Naruto turned his head to see the white haired sannin, running towards him. Naruto smiled as blood ran down his chin. His eyes widened again as Orochimaru took his sword and thrust it deeply in Naruto's upper chest below his collarbone. Orochimaru drew his blade back and smiled, letting Naruto fall to his knees.


Jiraiya called out to him. Orochimaru only grinned maliciously and began to walk away. He knew the ties that Jiraiya had to the young boy, so he didn't have to worry about Jiraiya attacking him; he knew that he would first tend to Naruto.

He was right. Jiraiya did leave him alone, running up to Naruto, who now lay semi-conscious on the ground. His blood pooling around him, soaking his tattered clothes and covering his blond hair.



He smiled weakly, only one eye open.

"You idiot! You shouldn't have gone after him!"

Naruto coughed up some blood, making Jiraiya even more worried. The coffin went unnoticed until it opened.

Naruto's eyes closed, Jiraiya trying to shake him awake.

"You idiot! Wake up! How the hell am I supposed to bring you back to Konoha? OI! WAKE UP! NARUTO!"

Jiraiya slowly had tears starting to form in his eyes, knowing that he was too far away from any village to bring him to a hospital and he, no matter who was on his team in the past, was no medic nin like Tsunade.

"Where am I…?"

Jiraiya turned his tear filled eyes to a certain shinobi standing out of the coffin. He held his head with one hand and then averted his gaze to Jiraiya. His eyes went wide at the sight, "M-Minato…?"


Jiraiya didn't make time for introductions; Naruto's breathing was slowing even more than ever. Naruto cringed in pain as Jiraiya picked him up in his arms and quickly began to run towards Konoha, leaving Minato stare at him in utter silence.

"How much farther?"

"How is it you're not being used?"

Minato shook his head, " I don't know."

Naruto coughed a large amount of blood, making both older ninjas look at him with the utmost worry.

"Kuso…" Jiraiya tried to run faster, but he was already at his maximum and already out of breath. He had to save him. He absolutely had to keep this boy safe; it was his fault that he got hurt because he didn't get there in time to stop Naruto. He was too busy in that damned bath house peeping. He didn't notice until it was too late that Naruto was in grave danger from Orochimaru. He didn't know that Naruto would try and kill him. Maybe it was because he called him a weak fool earlier and that he would never surpass the Hokage if he kept acting like such an idiot. That had to be the idiotic action.

"Hey, old frog, he doesn't look so good…maybe I should bring him back to Konoha for you…"


Minato flinched back at the harshness of his voice. Jiraiya clungthe almost dying boy closer to him now, knowing the urgency that he had to go faster. No, speed was no option; he needed to go faster to save the boy.



"Take him back! Please go quickly to the hospital and ask for Tsunade!"

"Right away."

He quickly took Naruto away from Jiraiya and used body flicker to go all the more quickly.

"Why is the damn fox not healing him?" Jiraiya muttered loudly under his breath.

Minato didn't need telling twice when listening to his former sensei. Especially when he knew a life was on the line. A young life at that. It wasn't until Minato took a closer look at Naruto that it was then he realized who he really was. THE Uzumaki Naruto the he had sealed Kyuubi in. What would happen if he knew...? What if he knew who Minato was personally? What would he say if he knew that he had a connection to him on a whole other level? No, he couldn't think about his problems now. Now, it was Naruto's problem that mattered. His condition was worsening. He was almost there, he recognized the familiar surroundings. He wished time would stand still just enough for him to get Naruto to the hospital. Even when he was alive, he knew Tsunade. Well, heard of her, anyways. She was the best medic nin that ever lived. Even Rin used to look up to her and want to become a medic nin just like her.

Minato looked down at Naruto. His breathing was so scarce now, he could be mistaken as dead.

"Don't give up, Naruto! Do you hear me?"

Minato tried to encourage the blond, wanting to do something about his bleeding but it would waste too much time seeing as it already is.

The gates were finally approaching them. "Hah!" He breathed out, sighing at the same time. He continued to run faster, if possible. He approached the hospital at lightning speed and stopped at the counter, not even bothering to put up a genjutsu to hide his real face.

"Get me a room, now!"

Minato ordered, the nurses not even bothering to take a second glance at the dying Naruto.

" Tsunade-sama! Is she here?"

" Hai! In the infirmary!"

" He's going to die if she doesn't help him, now!"


A doctor yelled on the top of his lungs.