Hey people! i aboutsly LOVE faeries landing, and i noticed there were very few fanfic's on fanta and ryang...hmm...so i decided to do one on how i think fanta felt when she burst in on Yuri and Ryang kissing-vol.8 (oh and there's a bit on ryangs thought's too:))

Ok, so listen, people. When i found Ryang and Yuri kissing, i really didnt know what to say. So i said something i shouldnt have to Ryang, but it was just to cover up my feelings. I mean, what am i supposed to say? hi what's up? So maybe i do like Ryang a little. Maybe a lot even. But still! the way i felt was no match for that ill tell you. I wanted to rip Yuri to shreds. And at the time i didnt know why. After the kiss in the wizards realm i did, and especially when Ryang almost died too. So, here's my version of what happened...


"hmm...308...310! Here it is! Young Master---"

'what? Ryang? That couldn't be him. Could it? No way. I mean that's YURI. Evil ex, out to get Ryang and he's kissing her? But...i...thought he sorta liked me...and besides he's mi----no he's not, is he? But how could he? She's EVIL. EVIL i tell you!'

'Fanta! Man her timing sucks! Wait, what's the matter with her? She's looking at me all strangly...WELL WHAT DO YA THINK STUPID? YOU JUST KISSED YOUR ENEMY! OF COURSE SHE'S LOOKING AT YOU STRANGELY!'

"Man, i gotta get rid of that voice!"

"what?" (in case ya cant guess that's Yuri :))

"Ryang? you mean...you mean...let her steal a second kiss from you?" giggle


ok i know i was harsh on him but still! Man the things i go through for that boy...

hey hope you like! review if ya find the time!