See? I do live! Just another Harry Potter drabble.

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He shouldn't have done it. It's obvious, I knew it, anyone watching us knew it, and He should have known it to.

He should have known better than to touch what's mine.

If he'd kept to slowly torturing me to insanity through dreams and visions of blood and death and pain, he would have succeeded. The Wizarding World would have fallen right into his hands, uncontested and unable to fight it.

But now…

He took what's mine, he broke it, he killed and destroyed it right before my eyes.

And now he will pay.

The world could have been his.

But now I will take it from him, as payment of a great and terrible debt, one which can never be paid, not in pain, not in blood, not in death or life or love.

It was mine.

And now it's gone.

That very day, the Wizarding World fell. Not to Voldemort, not to his up-and-coming right-hand man and potential betrayer Lucius Malfoy. Not to Fudge and his corrupt and inept Ministry. Not even to Dumbledore and his well-meaning Order.

Not to the light, or to the dark; but to a force greater and more terrible than any could have imagined, anticipated, or prepared for.

Hell hath no fury like Harry Potter when his lover, friend, and family was taken.

The Wizarding World learned one lesson that day, that fateful day when everything fell to chaos and despair.

You don't touch what's Harry Potter's.