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In less than an hour, they would be facing that all important moment. The one they had worried over for months. The specific instance that would determine their future.

The moment when Makoto Amano would introduce Ito Miura to his family.

As his fiancee.

It was a day two years in the making. He'd managed to survive two years of high school. Two years of pretending to be a girl. At graduation, he succeeded in surpassing his father's condition. Two years of acting, and only one person knew his secret.

They spent the past few days talking about the meeting. His mother had planned a small family party. And why not? It would be the first time in ages he'd set foot inside the confines of the house. The first time he'd be entering of his own free will, unafraid of what his father would say or do.

There was worry, however, that his father would plan something. A trick. A set-back. He was being an awfully sore loser. But Makoto remained confident. Even his ex-fiancee, Takayo Iizuka, supported his decision. Sure, she was heart-broken to lose him, but she wanted him to be happy. Her blessing was received in the form of hugs and tears.

With Iizuka supporting them, his father had no leverage.

Ito was till worried. Why? She would not say. Her silence in this matter only worried Makoto more. Sure it was an important moment, but they had discussed everything. Planned to the finest detail. Nothing could stop them now.

"Ito, we're going to be late."

"In a minute!"

She'd been saying that for nearly half an hour!

"What's the hold-up?"

"I'm almost done."

Makoto sighed and went through the all the possibilities one last time. He had thought of every contingency, planned everything just right. Patting his right pocket, he made sure the final piece was in place. It would make the moment all the sweeter.

There was just one missing component.

"Okay...I'm finished."

Makoto turned around with a smile. "Good, then we should...go." His voice trailed off as he took in the sight of the woman before him. Eyes widened in surprise, and he was certain his jaw would hit the floor at any moment.

Ito stood framed in the doorway, her fingers grasping nervously to the material she wore. It was only slightly uncomfortable, but not too unlike costumes she'd worn in the past. His reaction, however, was not what she expected. Nerves jolted and her system went into panic mode.

"Is this...I mean this...this is...all right? Right?"

Makoto blinked. 'All right? Is she serious!'

"I mean, I wanted to look special...for the occasion. "

The dinner was slightly more formal than the gathering with her family, but he certainly had not expected her to dress...well, in a dress. Pale blue silk clung to strong curves as it flowed from her chest to her knees. It was nothing fancy, rather simple in both design and in practice. The white sandals on her feet were more her style, but the silk ties that crisscrossed up her calves gave the shoe a more elegant look.

Her long legs weren't bad either.

"It's important...to you...and to me," she stammered. "I just...wanted to look...beautiful..."

She looked like an angel!

With a knowing smile, he cupped her chin so she'd look at him directly and stop fidgeting with the dress. He was surprised to find the barest hint of tears in her eyes. And she shook in his gentle grasp. Did she really think this was of the greatest importance? Was she really so nervous?

"I would've been happy had you shown up in nothing at all," he finally replied. "I'm just glad to have you near."

"So..it's okay?"

"Better than okay." He smiled at her. "It doesn't matter what you wear. To me, you'll always be beautiful."

A smile began to form and the tears finally found freedom. "You mean it?"

"Of course I do." He kissed the tears away, wrapping her in a warm, loving embrace. She clung to him and his heart soared. He would die happy as long as she was with him.


They parted reluctantly, but he was happy to see a smile and no more tears on her face. "My family will love you, Ito. Most of them all ready do."

"I know."

"Then what's the matter?"

"I'm...very uncomfortable in this bra. It's strapless, you know." She lowered her voice as she fidgeted with the dress again. "And the underwire is KILLING me."

"It'll be a short meeting, I'm sure. My father is disgruntled as it is. He won't stand for a long formal engagement." Hugging her tightly again, he rested his forehead against hers. "And when it's over, I'll bring you back here and help you out of that dress." He kissed the tip of her nose. "And into something more comfortable."

Her blush encompassed her face and disappeared where the dress rested across her chest. "I thought you said you'd be a gentleman while I was here."

"But you look good enough to eat," he said, nuzzling her neck.

Her blush only got darker, the heat threatening to consume her. She would have melted in his grasp had there not been a greater task at hand. "If you spoil your appetite, your mother will never forgive you," she replied.

He groaned, pulling away. "She has a large meal planned for sure." With a sigh he released Ito. Then with a bow, he extended his elbow towards her. "Shall we go then? The quicker we get there..."

"The quicker we'll get back," she said with a smile.

As they left his apartment behind, Makoto and Ito walked hand and hand towards that all important moment. Neither cared what the future held. All that mattered was that they were finally able to be together.


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