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Chapter 5

"What do you mean it won't fit?"

"I just...don't think it...will fit."

"Why not?"


"Well, what?"

"Look at it!"

"I see it almost every day."

A pause. "Every day?"


"You're not turning into a depraved pervert, are you?"




A short pause. "Yes?"

"Do you trust me?"

"Mako, this isn't about trust."

Even more sternly asked, "Do you trust me?" Then a longer pause.

"Yes, I trust you. Why else would I be naked like this?!"

"Why else, indeed?"



"I love you."

"I love you too."

Ito's body still shook from the memory of Makoto's words. Hearing his words of love, then feeling them with her whole was an amazing experience! The feel of his flesh. The press of his lips. The exploration of his fingers. So gentle and yet so exhilarating!

Not at all how she thought it would be.

Their love had been confessed long before that moment. She'd even had little daydreams about how their first time together would be. She always imagined she'd be in control, that she could take her time and do things the way she wanted.

Then the opportunity presented itself for the first time. But she wasn't in control. He was moving too fast! Hell, she couldn't even think straight! Fear took over and she did the only thing she could think of at that moment.

She ran away from him.

It wasn't his fault. Not really. The feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty were just too overwhelming. Even if he'd taken his time and tried to make her comfortable, she would have had to leave. Sure the emotions were there -- the love and the want -- it just didn't seem to be right to her. Not at that time, or place.

So what changed her mind?

Three weeks.

Three VERY LONG weeks.

That's how long she went without speaking to or seeing him. Not necessarily by choice, mind you. At least not on her part. There was her family vacation. Then his.

Traveling away from home was supposed to take her mind off of her issues, not compound the problem. "I knew it," some said when revelations were made. And some left it go at "congratulations." But her family wanted to know more specifics. Especially her brothers! They had taken the news of Makoto's true identity well enough, but they were still overprotective in ways that seriously annoyed her.

"How far have you gotten?

"He's not forcing you into anything, is he?"

Ito shook her head at her older brothers. Twins, and doubly troublesome. "Will you guys stop?! Nothing like that has happened yet."


"She said 'yet'."

"GAH! Will you two PLEASE grow up!?!"

"Then what are you all depressed about?" Ryuya asked.

"I...miss him." It was a completely honest statement.

"You know, you can call him if you want. Use my cell phone," Tatsuyoshi offered.

There were times when she wanted to call. To apologize. Mostly to hear his voice. But every time she picked up the phone, words failed her. What was she going to say? "I'm sorry" sounded lame, even to her. How could she explain when she was still trying to figure it all out herself? Would he even take her call?

It was a conversation with her grandmother that had put things in perspective. So simple. Ito was surprised she hadn't thought of it before.

"Take matters into your own hands," the older woman had said. "When you want the control, take it. There's no shame in it. You never know. He may enjoy it."

So when Ito returned home, she called Makoto. The beginning of their conversation felt awkward, and she did apologize. But before she would explain any further she asked, "Would you mind coming over? I'd like to see you. I...I've missed you, Mako."

A relieved sigh. "I've missed you, too."

"I'll explain everything. I promise! I just...I want to talk face to face."

"I'll be over in half an hour."

It was the longest thirty minutes of her life, but she used it to prepare herself. And her room. A few candles gave the room an extra scent of powerful floral fragrance, one she knew Mako would like. She even donned a matching bra and panty set she'd purchased just for the occasion. In his favorite color too. Taking a deep breath, she sat on her bed and waited.

He arrived promptly and to much fanfare from Ito's siblings. After exchanging a few choice phrases with her nosy brothers, she led Makoto up to her room. They made small talk on the way upstairs, Ito still yelling at her older brothers. She sighed heavily as she stepped inside her sanctuary. Makoto entered behind her, standing somewhat uncertainly near the doorway.

"Close the door," she told him.

"Is it okay?"


He did as she requested, a small smile passing his lips. "Your brothers will be angry."

She reached beyond him, turning the lock. When she glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, he had the most adorable look of shock on his face. And uncertainty. Maybe her plan would make HIM run screaming.


"It's all right. I just want you to myself for awhile."

"They'll break down the door."



"If I'm making you nervous, you can unlock the door."

He thought about it for a moment and Ito's heart really sank. She stepped back, her smile disappearing as quickly as her determination. But her heart leapt as he grabbed her hand, preventing her from further escape.

"I'm all right. It's you I'm worried about."

She shook her head, stepping closer. "No need to worry."

"The last time we were alone together," he said as she stepped into his embrace, "you ran from me."

"You...scared me," she admitted with a blush. Her eyes locked with his. "But I'm not running now."

"I'm glad."

She wrapped her arms around his neck, a perk of being nearly the same height. "But..."

He raised his eyebrows in question. "But?"

"I need to move at my pace."

"I'm not sure how slow I can go," he replied, resting his forehead against hers.

His breath tickled her nose and she tilted her just slightly, her lips tantalizingly close to his. "Please try...for me."

"Only for you," he said. Then he pressed his lips against her proffered ones, issuing a tender yet passionate kiss.

The heat grew quickly, as did the kiss. This was it. They could both feel it. Feel the rightness of the moment. Feel the way it should be between them. Feel the burning embers of desire in their guts. It was as if one kiss made all the difference in world.

Separation was always difficult, but Makoto couldn't help but blame himself. Words could not describe the confusion and heartache at the absence of his love. His sisters, even his mother, tried to consol his wounded pride. But the plays and sightseeing he'd done with them while on vacation did little to cheer him up.

It had taken him days, weeks, until the moment she called him to her place, to figure it out. He felt guilty over his role in her unease. It wasn't like him to rush her. He certainly didn't want to scare her away!

Now his own uncertainty came to the forefront. He was with her, holding her in his arms. Scaring her again ate at his conscious. Was he holding her right? Was his kiss okay?

But it disappeared bit by bit as she initiated a different kind of kiss, her hands caressing the base of his neck. He nearly jumped when he felt the tip of her tongue brush the roof of his mouth. His body relaxed as she melted against him, moaning. Uncertainty became consuming need. His own hands began to roam. He had to touch her. To rip her clothes off and just eat her up.


But she beat him to it.

Mako looked at his partner in disbelief. His new shirt, a gift from Tsubaki, was now ruined. But there was no anger in him. Just a primitive excitement to know more.

"I hope you know how to sew on buttons," he jested.

Ito shrugged, half embarrassed by her eagerness. "I'll figure it out later."



"Fair is fair," Mako commented. "Besides, I'm good with buttons."

"Jerk," she replied, but her words carried no sting. Not with the smile on her face.

There lips met again. This time, their hands joined in the fun, touching, teasing and exploring. As they made their way to the bed, very little was left untouched. Clothes fell in their wake. Both were eager and determined to be with each other. But the awkwardness of first timers led to this little discussion and that. It was all part of the exploration process, Ito wagered, but she knew she'd said something wrong when she told said:

"You're amazing."




"It'll never fit."

The look of awe and unabashed consternation was really cute.

And while it did take some effort to make it slightly less painful, he did prove her wrong.

VERY wrong.

And she wanted him to prove her wrong again.

Brushing a stray blond hair from his face, she regarded him in repose. He looked very much like a boy sleeping next to her. She almost giggled in delight. Next to her. It had been a warm feeling waking up with him in the same bed. A feeling she wasn't ready to let go of just yet.

Besides, it was too late in the evening to let him leave.

All night. The thought gave her goose bumps. And evil thoughts. Giving in to the naughty voice in her head for the first...well, perhaps second...time, she snuggling back under the covers. She tried to hide a smile against Makoto's shoulder, kissing the flesh there lightly.

Makoto stirred, rolling from his side to his back without waking up. Poking his chest with her finger only earned her a groan and the strangest look on her face. Sighing, she shook her head.

'I had no idea he was a sound sleeper.'

Ito took the opportunity to pull back what little covering they shared and look at him. Really look at him. Even those parts that still made her blush. Face heated, yet intrigued by what she saw, tentative fingers reached out to touch.

'Gods, he's hard! Sorta...'

His penis was semi-hard, the soft flesh a stark contrast in her light grasp. Carefully, she lifted him to continue her observation. The slight of movement caused his penis to twitch and harden more. Curious by this new discovery, the grasped him more firmly and repeated the action. The reaction was slightly more dramatic the more she moved.

Then another idea struck. Something that she remembered him doing to her. Was it possible to do that for him? Scooting lower on the bed, she decided to give it a try.

Makoto stirred again. He felt something warm inside of him. A rise of pleasure as glorious as it was mind bending. Should he stop it? He didn't want to. But as soon as he moaned aloud and opened his eyes, it slowed, then halted. It took him a moment to realize that Ito was there, touching him and...dare he even think it?

"I'm sorry," she blurted as soon as she realized he was watching her.

Her face turned a bright red as she pulled away. "I didn't mean to...! I mean..."

"Don't stop."


"Don't stop," he pleaded with half open eyes. Yeah, he thought it, and it only served to make him harder. Was this a dream?

The feel of her fingers wrapped around him was anything but a dream and when her lips brushed his tip...pure bliss. He sighed as she slipped him into her mouth and nearly choked when she sucked really hard.

"Too much," he nearly shouted, desperately fighting the urge to release himself in the warmth of her mouth.

"Did I hurt you?"

", you didn't. didn't hurt," was all the explanation he could offer at the moment.

She pouted cutely. "Then what did I do?"

"You woke me up," he replied in a more serious tone. He smiled at her nonetheless, reaching for her hips and guiding her to sit across his lap. "But this is what you wanted right?"

She blushed again. "I guess..."

"Then be one with me. This way, you're in control."

It took her a few moments to process what he'd said. But it wasn't long before she moved upward, grasping him firmly in one hand. With his help, she lowered herself over his throbbing erection.

She was slow to move, and she saw what looked like pain in his face. Nothing physical, he promised, though she took her time. It was achingly sweet, she thought, hearing his moans. They were melodious, some of the best sounds she'd ever heard. Moans turned to whines and incoherent mutters, their bodies humming in tune with each other.

His fingers clutched at her waist, her hips. They urged her faster and she finally agreed. Her own body was beginning to shake with need. She fought to keep her eyes focused on his face while her body steadily rose to the precipice of pleasure.


Like an avalanche, her first orgasm nearly buried her in ecstasy. Just one hard thrust from him had her head thrown back and nearly screaming. It was better than the last, she thought to herself. But she still wanted more. Needed it.

Ito sighed as Makoto bolted upright, fusing their lips in a heated kiss. His movement changed the angle of her movements, but in a good way. She felt full before. Now she was bursting at the seams as she moved along his shaft. She moaned loudly into the kiss, grateful that it drowned the sound, lest her brothers come running.

The brushing of their skin heightened the sensation of movement for both of them. Hands grasped to whatever solid haven they could find. She rode him harder, faster, pushing her body to do what it thought impossible. His own movements complimented hers.

In a mass of tangled arms and legs they collapsed back onto the bed.

"That was..."

"Exhilarating," Makoto gasped, still holding tightly to Ito.

"I'll buy that," she replied.

For a long while they laid together in silence. Words weren't really necessary. The moment spoke for itself, emotions joining them together. Closer than they were before. Bonding them. Making them inseparable.

They were one.

And remained so as they fell asleep.

Ito's last thoughts were of the next morning. Her brothers, if they were not already aware, would ask all sorts of questions. She was prepared to handle them, defend Makoto if need be. Even her father couldn't ruin this night for her. She'd kick his ass too.

But it wasn't really all that important.

What was important was that they were together, and the future already looked much brighter.


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