Summary: After a Sayian takes a mate, for one week during the month they tend to get overly amorous for the complete seven days. But this time Chichi will not be the one on the end of an extra excited husband, she's got a plan that will get her out of it. Of course who said that plan was the best idea?

A/N: This is a naughty DBZ fic, heh, heh. Of course the chapters won't have full erotic scenes, the complete chapters will be at mediaminerorg or adultfanfictionnet. Now don't judge right now, but there will be some non-con in the beginning of this story. Just a warning to you. This is mostly a G/B pairing with a splash of V/B for good measure.

Time of the Month

Episode 1—Chichi's Unusual Plan?

It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining so brightly and the birds were singing. The sounds of hard martial arts training drifted through the partly open window disturbing the beautiful lady who was in sound slumber in her soft bed. Groaning, Chichi grabbed a pillow and shoved it over her head to drown out the sound. Those three were at it again; Goku, Piccolo and her only son Gohan had been up since the crack of dawn training hard. There was something about androids coming in a few years to kill them all.

Tossing the pillow off her she sat up, the two men in her life would probably want breakfast about now, she could never really complain about Piccolo's eating habits for that merely consisted of water and there was plenty of that to go around. Getting up out of her soft comfortable bed, she stretched her arms up getting all the kinks out of her back.

Her smooth lavender silk nightgown fluttering to the floor as she changed out of it and got dressed. After brushing her long dark hair she pulled it up into a bun on the top of her head. Making sure her appearance was satisfying as she gazed at her reflection in the mirror, she smiled and turned away from it heading out of the bedroom and down the stairs to the kitchen where she began the very big task of preparing breakfast for her family.

Something was nagging at the back of Chichi's mind, as she cooked up the last of the fish. What was it? She scratched the back of her head wondering what she was forgetting. It was then the front door was loudly thrown open and banged into the wall, startling her.

"Hey good morning, Chi!" came Goku's happy and excited sounding voice as he stepped into the house. He rushed to his wife's side and looked over her shoulder at what she was cooking in the frying pan. "It smells great! Are you almost done? Gohan and I are starving!" He looped his arm around her waist and she jumped a little.

"Goku, I'm trying to cook here." She smacked his hand with her spatula and he chuckled merrily.

"I know that, and you're doing a fantastic job." He nuzzled his nose into the side of her neck and took in her heavenly scent. A soft purr seemed to rumble from his chest, "You smell nice." was his quiet reply.

Chichi closed her eyes for a moment, but then realized she was still standing at the stove, food cooking on the fire and her eyes snapped open. "Goku, go sit down, breakfast is almost ready."

A playful growl came from Goku and he moved his mouth to her ear, "But I'd rather have you."

She nearly dropped the spatula from her hand, oh yeah, that's what was nagging at her. Chichi took a quick glance at the wall with seven days circled in red. It was that time of the month for her husband. Why wasn't she told about this before she married the guy? The very important fact that he tended to get so overly excited and demanded the use of her beautiful body to satisfy something that wouldn't get satisfied until all seven days were up. No matter how many times and how often she gave into him during that week, it never seemed to lessen on the severity of his condition. Chichi liked it much better when she was in control of their love making, and that he seemed to go along with whatever she wanted. Oh no, but not during this week. If she said not tonight, I don't feel up to it, he tended to get a little out of hand.

It was best not to yell at him at all this week, for that seemed to actually excite the man. Chichi turned around looking up into her husband's dark eyes, trying to restrain herself from raising her voice, "but you need to have some food darling, you've been training since dawn. I'm sure your stomach could use it."

Goku smiled sweetly and nodded, Chichi wondered how an over sexed creature could emerge from an innocent looking guy like him. It was completely baffling.

"You're right. I think I shall eat first."

Gohan finally made his presence known by stepping into the kitchen, "And don't forget dad, we have to do more training before the androids arrive."

"Of course!" Goku said with glee, "We won't let them win son!" He walked over to his boy and ruffled his hair, "will we?" making him temporarily forget about his wife's lovely scent.

"No way!" Gohan curled his fingers into his fists and made a determined gesture as his mother sat the large plates of food onto the table.

Chichi didn't like the idea of her one and only son fighting, she'd rather him be safe and home. "It's time to eat, Boys." She looked over and saw that no good Piccolo sitting outside against a tree, she shook her head and sat down as her boys took to piling all that food on their plates and immediately tearing into everything. She did not like how this week was starting.

It was going to be a disaster, she would end up…well it was best not to think about what kind of condition she would be in when the week was over. She needed to get away, perhaps go and visit her father. But for a whole week? Surely Goku would eventually come searching for her.

A plan, she needed a plan to get her husband off her back, literally, for this one week, but what could she do? She was his wife, his mate. There was no getting away from her wifely duties, which she really did not mind, she actually loved being with him. But during this week it was painful. Perhaps a replacement for this week, no that probably wouldn't work, there really wasn't anyone she could trust, or anyone that Goku was close to that it would actually work.

A strange pulling sensation brought Chichi's eyes to a certain picture on the wall. She slowly stood up and approached it, where she crossed her arms over her breasts and putting a finger to her chin in thought. "Hmm, I wonder." She whispered aloud.

Chichi was looking a picture that was taken many years ago, it was of Krillin, Yamcha, Puar, Oolong, Launch, Bulma and of course Goku.

Launch was definitely out of the question, that woman would never go for it. Especially, that violent half of hers. No way, she seemed to hate men and besides she's not all that close with Goku and they kind of lost track of her. So that left only one person. She met her a few times and spent a little time together on Roshi's island, they even went out shopping together one time. Besides, she was really good friends with Goku and had no special feelings other than friendship was ever between the two. That's it! Bulma, she could be the replacement for the week. Could it work? Is it actually possible? Chichi was sure that Bulma was not seeing anyone at the moment, her off and on relationship with Yamcha was officially off. But Chichi still could not see Bulma agreeing to something like this, she was very headstrong and never let anyone tell her what to do. A very sneaky idea popped into Chichi's head, what if the woman had no choice? She'll set up something extra tricky that way it would seem like an accident.

Oh it was perfect!

Wait, what if this idea didn't work? What if her husband came after her anyway? Chichi groaned, she shouldn't think that way, it will work. It had to! She also needed to get her son away from this type of situation. He wouldn't understand. Chichi looked towards the window at Piccolo. That was the key. He would come in useful after all...

The clinking sound of tools hitting the floor along with the tunes from a radio and an occasional foot tap from the young woman underneath the gravity machine console, she was repairing this blasted machine once more. Vegeta had busted it again, so what else was new? Now if only her father didn't have that important meeting in Europe for the week, he would be the one repairing this thing. But since she was also one of the reigning geniuses of the family, no strike that, in the entire universe! It was up to her, Bulma Briefs to get this contraption working again.

"Aren't you finished yet?" The annoyed voice of one Sayian prince known as Vegeta said. He heard an annoyed groan coming from the woman.

"No, and if you keep bugging me it will take me a lot longer." Bulma answered as she was rewiring some of the fried wires. She felt something grab her ankles and pull her out from underneath the console. She looked up into the angry face of Vegeta. "Excuse you! I have a job to do."

"Surely you are tired of this game?" Vegeta said.

"What on Earth are you talking about?"

Reaching down, he grabbed a hold of her overalls and pulled her upwards, Bulma's eyes widened as he moved closer to her, his mouth hovering closer and closer to hers, she could feel her heart pounding hard in her chest. Opening his mouth he said, "BRRIIIING"

Bulma blinked, "what?"


A pair of beautiful sapphire eyes opened, staring up at the ceiling. She groaned and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. "Stupid dreams," Bulma complained, she heard the phone next to her on the nightstand ring again and she turned over on her side and picked up the receiver. "Hello, this better be good."

"Uh…is this Bulma Briefs?"

"Yeah, who is this?" Bulma asked, her voice edged with annoyance as she ran a hand through her shoulder length tangled hair, getting the knots out.

There was a sharp intake of breath on the other end and then it continued, "It's Chichi. You know Goku's wife? We met a few times and had a shopping trip together."

Bulma nodded, "Oh yes, I remember," She let out a large yawn "uh sorry I was so rude, but I was asleep." Sitting up she shifted the blankets, pulling it down from her white spaghetti strapped tank top and curled them around her waist. "Is there something you need at well…" She glanced over at the clock on the wall…"eight in the morning?"

"I was just wondering if you'd like to come over. You see it gets awfully lonely with the boys out doing their activities and I'm here all by myself in this empty house. You could come by for tea around three and then stay for dinner."

"Dinner? Are you saying there would actually be some left after Goku and Gohan got through with it?" Bulma teased, she could hear the soft laughter on Chichi's end as she stood up and stretched. She loved the feel of her soft cotton blue pajama pants against her skin.

"Yes well, I would make extra to insure that you got some, so please Bulma, I would really appreciate it."

Bulma with phone in hand walked over to the terrace and popped the doors open letting in the morning air. "I guess I could spare a few hours, it would get me away from Mr. High and Mighty." Her face flushed with the recent dream she was about to have. Good thing the phone was cordless as Bulma stepped out onto her balcony and leaned on the railing. Speak of the devil, it was Mr. High and Mighty himself, working out on the lawn for his daily training since her father was making repairs on the gravity machine. He was doing pushups in the morning sunlight she got a delightful chill running through her as she watched him. Sure he was great to look at, those thick hard muscles, a nice tight behind, woo she would often find herself melting. It was the actual trying to be civil to the man, trying to hold a conversation was like war and he always had to win.

She hated his stupid guts.

"Great then, I'll see you soon." Chichi said and then hung up the phone.

"What are you staring at so intently?" A voice said from down on the ground, Bulma looked down and found Yamcha smiling up at her.

Ever since the two of them broke up for good, they had been much better friends. It had been found out that they only continued dating because it was what they were used to. It was an actual mutual agreement that they would see other people and just be friends. "Nothing, I was on the phone."

"Yeah right," He said chuckling, Yamcha knew exactly where her pretty blue eyes were focused on, he was certainly no dummy. "Your mom told me to tell you breakfast is just about ready; so I was going to fly up to let you know when I noticed you outside already."

She nodded with a smile, "Okay, thanks. I'll be right down." She rushed back into her room and threw the phone on the bed, tore off her pajamas and rushed into the adjoining bathroom, where Bulma quickly turned on the shower. She jumped in and began to clean herself up.

Yamcha still down on the ground turned towards the second house guest, "Breakfast is ready." He said a little gruffly. He did not like this person staying here, he was dangerous. So he stayed for more reasons than the great training facilities, he stayed to try and protect Bulma if this guy decided to go psycho on everyone.

"I heard." Was Vegeta's grunt reply, he waited until the weakling turned and walked away before looking up to Bulma's balcony. She had been there, he knew it. She was talking on that phone contraption thing. How primitive a form of communication. She had been acting strange lately, always worrying about him. She even stayed with him in his room when he was injured really badly. He didn't need anyone and he wished she would stop it. He even tried telling her to stay away, but she just didn't listen. Bulma was like an insect that wouldn't go away unless you swatted it. Walking into the kitchen he saw was Bunni, Bulma's mother sat down the last of the many, many, many plates of food onto the table.

"There you are Vegeta dear, are you hungry?" Said the blonde with a giggle in her voice.

Vegeta rolled his eyes and sat down to the glorious feast. That weakling Yamcha was standing up by the staircase that led down into the kitchen, it was then he heard the rapid footsteps coming down them. Who else could it be?

Bulma hurried down as fast as she could, if she didn't there wouldn't be any food left by the time she got there. "Good morning." She said brightly as she entered the kitchen. She looked to find Yamcha standing there. "What are you doing?"

He shrugged, "I was just waiting for you. It's not polite to eat anything without everyone being at the table."

"Since when do you care about manners?" Bulma's hands found her hips.

"Since now, all right!" Yamcha's mood was quickly plummeting.

Bulma's eyes narrowed, "Sheesh, who shoved the pickle up your ass this morning?" She saw her ex-boyfriend roll his eyes as she took a seat next to her mother. "Oh, just to let you know, I won't be home for dinner."

"Oh yeah, dear? Just curious, but why?" Asked Dr. Briefs.

Helping some of the breakfast foods onto her plate before Vegeta devoured most of it, Bulma looked at her parents. "Well you know Goku's wife, Chichi? Well she called me suddenly this morning asking if I wanted to keep her company while her family is busy with their training."

"I wasn't aware you knew Chichi all that well BB." Yamcha said, after swallowing a bit of ham.

She shrugged, "I don't really, I mean we did talk on Roshi's island and I took her shopping to get her to stop worrying about Gohan when…" She looked over at Vegeta and cleared her throat, "When we were first visited by aliens that tried to kill us." She noticed he didn't even halt in the shoveling of food down his throat, as if he didn't even hear her at all. Bulma rolled her eyes and continued talking to her family and Yamcha. "It's probably a good idea that I actually get to know her better, after all she is married to Goku who is one of our best friends."

"I guess you're right." Yamcha sighed and leaned back in his chair, "It's just a little odd to me."

"Not really, I mean she is a woman, I'm a woman. She's probably overdue for some female companionship." Bulma bit into her blueberry muffin. "Besides, this is Chichi we're talking about, what could happen?"

Chichi set out the tea cups, with small bowls of lemon and sugar. She smacked her hands together and wiped them on her apron. She heard the sound of an air car's motor stop. Bulma was here! Chichi felt so nervous and perhaps a little guilty in getting the other woman here on false pretences. Bulma would never agree if she was just asked, so this was the only way.

She heard the loud knock on the door and quickly put a small green tablet into Bulma's tea cup. It was sleeping medication, sometimes Chichi had a hard time sleeping so it was something her doctor prescribed to her to help her get at least six hours of rest a night. It took an hour to kick in.

"Come in!" Chichi yelled as she grabbed the hot teapot and started pouring the tea into Bulma's cup as the door was opening and the blue haired, which was now sleek and shoulder length rather than in that puff she had before, appeared in the door way and walked in with an innocent smile on her face. That look made Chichi feel even worse. "Would you like lemon and sugar?" She asked, trying to smile.

"Sure. Just a little sugar though I'm trying to watch my figure." Bulma said with a smile.

"Oh, you look fine to me." Chichi replied looking back in the cup as the green tablet dissolved. "Beautiful even." Why in the world would Bulma think about dieting, she was lovely with a body that most women would kill to have. She had a generous chest and a thin waist.

"Well I do have to maintain my weight with jogging and regular workouts or I'll puff up like a pumpkin." Bulma replied with a laugh. "I'm glad you called Chichi, this will give us more of a chance to get to know each other well. We should be good friends after all."

"Uh…yeah." Chichi stared at the cup, "I better get the cookies I made for our tea. Excuse me a moment."

Bulma sat down and looked around the small but quaint little living space, the living room with a few chairs and a sofa, pictures on the walls of family and friends. The dinning table was in a part of the living space that was made up to resemble a small dinning room. There were stairs to the left against the wall. This home was a nice size for Goku and his small family. She looked down at the tea cups which were white and painted with pretty little blue flowers.

Chichi returned with the cookies, "Oh! Your seat is that one." She pointed to the chair across from the one Bulma was sitting at. "I have this little, uh, thing…that I must always sit on this side. Sorry about that."

Shrugging, Bulma smiled. "It's no problem." And she moved to the other chair, and smoothing her hands over the glossy wood of the table. "I was thinking that perhaps we could do some shopping, say this weekend. I know of these great shops with adorable outfits that I think would be great for you." She lifted the cup to her lips.

"Uh…wait, Bulma. There's something I need to tell you." Chichi swallowed hard, how could she think about doing this to her when Bulma was just trying to be friendly.

Bulma paused with the edge of the cup against her lips, blinking at Chichi over the rim.

Chichi could hear her husband and son and the green man coming back from the river, Goku was loud with an especially loud Gohan. It was true that Chichi was only thinking of herself at this moment in time and there really was nothing else she could do. She didn't want to be in pain. She couldn't take it and needed a break. "I mean, that sounds ideal." She replied with a forced smile and looked away ashamed as Bulma drank from the tea cup. 'I'm sorry.' There was a strong chance that Chichi felt her husband would still come after her since she was his mate. Yes, perhaps Bulma would not even realize what she had done to her, drugging her like this and would go home without a care in the world once she had woken up.

"So Bulma, how's everything at home? I heard that you let that no good Vegeta stay with you?"

Bulma rolled her eyes, "Vegeta is a Stupidhead and I hate him." She crossed her arms in a huff, leaning back in her chair.

"Stupidhead?" Chichi has never heard that kind of insult, it sounded pretty dumb.

"Yeah, he's a jerk." Bulma glanced into her cup, "That fool thinks he can order me around my own house. You can't even hold down a civil conversation with him. All he does is glare at everyone and everything. He's damn lucky we let him stay with us." She finished off her tea and Chichi held up the pot silently and Bulma gave her a nod. The cup was filled once more.

The door burst open and Goku and Gohan stepped inside, both males smiled at the sight of Bulma sitting there.

"Hey Bulma, It's been awhile huh?" Goku said with a large grin.

Bulma snickered, "Yeah well at least it wasn't as long as the last time that we had seen each other. You know before the whole Namek thing."

"Right." Goku looked to his wife. "Are there any snacks? I'm starving." He then spotted the cookies and went right over to them and started tossing them into his mouth.

Chichi rolled her eyes, "Can't you have a little self control in front of our guest, what if she wanted some?"

Blinking innocently, Goku held out the plate of already half eaten cookies, with his cheeks full. "Dith oo wan thum?" He sprayed crumbs everywhere.

"Eww," Bulma was grossed out and waved them off, "Uh no, that's okay." She knew that Chichi wasn't worried about Goku spoiling his appetite since he seemed to have a never ending one.

"Well I better finish dinner," Chichi excused herself from the room and raced into the kitchen. She could hear Goku talking with Bulma. Feeling the weight of her guilt, she could no longer stand in the same room with those who seemed to trust her. Chichi gripped the sink tiles and sighed long and deep.

"Hey Bulma, do you think you could help me with this algebra problem?" Gohan's voice asked.

Chichi's eyes widened, would Bulma even help Gohan in his studies without being paid, unlike those tutors she has hired in the past?

"Sure kid. Let's see it." Bulma's voice replied with confidence.

Chichi bit her lip hard but not enough to draw blood. She knew that Bulma was a genius, but sometimes what was happening right under the woman's nose went unnoticed. Chichi would make this up to her. She would apologize because she really wanted to be friends.

Getting back to fixing dinner, Chichi continued to swim in her guilt, but would do nothing to ease it. She turned around and came face to face with Piccolo and she squeaked. "Hey, you're just the man I was looking for." She saw his antae twitch. "Remember that drivers license you managed to get, when you didn't take the test at the same time as Goku? Well I need you to drive me and Gohan to my fathers."

"I have important training. I cannot just drop everything and drive you anywhere." Piccolo replied calmly.

"You can do that with Gohan while at my fathers. Goku will be no help to you this week, not one bit."

"Then why not have Goku fly you over, I'm sure with him being your mate and all it will be no problem for him."

Chichi laughed but it was hollow and empty, "He won't exactly be the man he is this week, his chemicals become all unbalanced and it's quite a hassle dealing with him. I really need you to do this for me. Is it not enough that I let you stay here in our home without paying rent?" She saw him jolt back a little. "That's right and I allow you use of my husband as your training partner. I could make that all stop and send him to Bulma's where she has proper training facilities and then that would leave you with nothing. How will you defeat those androids in three years? You can't train on your own, you need a strong partner to throw you around. So either take me and my son to my fathers where you can continue your training with Gohan there…or else." Chichi demanded.

There must be a really good reason for this, Chichi hated training so to use that as ploy must mean something serious was going on. Piccolo was not an idiot. He was very intelligent; his mental capabilities go beyond any other race. He was strong in mind as well as body. He observed Chichi over the past couple months, she was never flustered like she seems to be now. He would go along with her game, "Very well, I shall take you where you wish to go and continue my training with your son for the week." He will get the truth out of her while on the road.

"All complete seven days. We need to leave right in the middle of dinner." She said and turned back to the food on the stove.

Once it was done Chichi started plating everything and began to carry out all the food. "Dinner is ready." She said with a smile.

Bulma was first to put food on her plate because that would be the only guarantee that she would get some. The four different kinds of meat and potatoes, vegetables, rice and many other things to numerous to name. The boys soon helped themselves and started gobbling down everything.

Feeling a little strange, Bulma squinted her eyes a little as her vision was starting to go blurry. Was she coming down with something, because she certainly didn't feel too well. Gohan noticed this and looked over at her.

"Bulma, are you all right?" He said with a large turkey leg held in his hand.

She looked over at him, his voice sounding foggy like she was underneath the water. "Uh…yeah. I'm—" Bulma promptly fell face first onto her plate.

"Oh dear." Chichi said a little high pitched and stood up from her seat, reaching over she shook Bulma's shoulder. "Bulma, are you?" She heard soft snores coming from the young woman with her face in her food.

"What happened to her, Chi?" Goku asked, concern tinting his voice.

"She just fell asleep, who could blame her though. She's up so many nights fighting with that no good space man Vegeta, its bound to wear a person out eventually." This was the first time in her life that she lied to her family. Chichi pulled Bulma up a little so that her head went back and leaned against the chair head rest. She brought up a napkin and dipped into her the water glass and wiped her face of the food. "Oh I just remembered, my father wanted me and Gohan to visit him. So we have to head over there."

"Chichi, wait a minute." Goku whined as he stood up from his chair.

Chichi smiled believably at her husband, "Don't worry about a thing, Goku. Bulma here agreed to stay and take care of you for this week. Anything you need and she will be only too happy to oblige. I had already talked to her about that when she arrived earlier this afternoon."

"I don't know about that." Goku replied, reaching up and rubbing the back of his head in confusion. "She was never really the domestic type."

"I know and that's what I asked her." Chichi moved over and lifted Bulma up, being a half demon herself, she did have great strength, like when she tossed Gohan's tutor out the window when he criticized Goku's abilities as a father. "But she informed me that you were her best friend and would do anything to help you out." She carried Bulma up to her and Goku's room and carefully deposited her on the bed. Watching the blue haired woman roll over and clutch the comforter in a soft sigh, made Chichi's stomach tremble with guilt.

"Well why are you putting her in our room then Chi?"

"Well then when she wakes up, tell her she can sleep in Gohan's room." Chichi said with a smile. Walking over to her closet she had pulled the door open revealing a coiled up rope on the floor, she had put it there just in case. She was sure once Bulma found out what was going on that no doubt she would try and make a break for it, knowing that the other woman had never once seen Goku in the state he will be in once midnight starts to roll around and it can get a little scary when someone's what can be considered a darker side tends to be a lot more dominant.

Chichi grabbed her suitcase already packed with her and Gohan's things. "Gohan and I will need Piccolo to drive us to my father's place. He'll also stick around with us for our visit."

"He is?" Goku felt confused, "He can't go with you. We have to train."

Squeezing the handle of her suitcase she started leaving the room. "He said he needed a small break and you need one too. So just take these next seven days and relax." She came rushing down the stairs, "Gohan, it's time to go. We'll just borrow Bulma's air car." She gripped her son's arm tight and he groaned in complaint at being dragged away from his dinner.

Surprising Goku, Piccolo followed after them and he felt even more confused. "Hey, wait. I don't know what's going on. Will someone please stay and talk to me."

Piccolo turned to his sparing partner, "I don't really know what's going on myself, Goku. I'll talk to your mate while on the road and figure out what is going on and then I'll let you know. But I did promise to take her to her family. Don't worry too much and try to relax, like Chichi said."

Goku just stood there with an unsure expression on his face as Piccolo climbed into the air car along with Chichi and Gohan and started to drive away. Well he supposed he just had to trust in them, it wasn't going to be too bad. At least he wasn't all alone, Bulma was here. Sure she was asleep, but still there to keep him company while his mate and son were visiting the Ox king. Perhaps a little vacation was in order, they had been training for many months non stop and even the strongest warriors needed a break sometime.

His stomach rumbled and he glanced down at it, a warm heat burning pleasantly within. Goku glanced down and patted his belly, he was feeling a little hungry right now, perhaps it was time for something sweet.

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