Is it wrong to love someone you can never be with?

He is like no other.

No one reached out to him,

That is, until my mother.

He's a walking contradiction.

Pale and dark

Dangerous and sweet

Shy and loving

And sadly, incomplete

His creations never

Cease to amaze

Whether it be an angel of ice

Or an elaborate hedge maze

He's not dangerous at all

He's simply misunderstood

And for things that weren't his fault

He was shunned from the neighborhood

I know he can't hold me,

But oh, how I long to hold him

I'm not even mad about the

Fact that he killed Jim

Is it his face? Or his personality?

Or those fingers made of steel?

It's impossible to describe

The way he makes me feel

He's quiet, he's patient

He never makes demands

People just can't see him the way I do

They can't see past his hands

I can sum up my emotion toward him

With those three little words

I love him

My angel, Edward.