Angel in Disguise by Comet

Angel in Disguise by Comet~Princess

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Prologue – Seraphina, aka Usagi


Pluto nodded as the vision of the Wing Zero and Epyon faded away. It was over. His Fate and destiny have been fulfilled. Peace has been achieved. She waved the Time Key around and the vision disappeared. She turned to find a tall woman with brown hair and green eyes standing behind her. Pluto bowed. "Your majesty, Jupiter."

Jupiter nodded to the time guardian. "You said there was some news about the boy?" she asked.

Pluto nodded. "Yes. He has fulfilled his destiny."

Jupiter smiled. "Ah! He was a good pick, that boy. We all knew he could do it."

Pluto stood up and faced the Queen of the gods. "I believe it is time to return to him what he has always been missing."

"I will find Seraphina then. You take care of the details," Jupiter replied. She turned to leave. Just then Pluto called out, "Your majesty?"

Jupiter turned around. "Something else, Pluto?" she questioned.

Pluto shook her head. "No, I just wanted to wish you good luck in finding her," she added with a smile.

Jupiter rolled her eyes and left the time gate. The girl really was a bother to find. She could make friends with anyone and anything, and therefore, wandered everywhere and was almost impossible to locate. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this also made her perfect for the job she needed the girl to do. As she rounded the corner to her private chamber, she heard a loud, cheery female voice.

"Aww. . . come back, little bunny! It´s not fair! You´re so little. I could never find you when we play hide–and–seek!"

Jupiter almost breathed a sigh of relief. She wouldn´t have to look for her. "SERAPHINA!" she hollered.

The giggling stopped and a moment later, a young girl with a heart–shaped face, ankle–length silver hair that was tied in two heart–shaped odangoes with streamers on either side of her head, and sparkling sky blue eyes appeared. There was a gold, eight–pointed star on her forehead. She wore a long white dress that hugged the upper portion of her body and flared out just above the waistline. A line of pearls were stitched onto the dress where it began to flare. There was silver embroidery of hearts and roses across the material covering her breasts. On her back were two huge, pure white angel wings.

She curtsied gracefully in front of her friend and commander. "You called, Jupiter?" she asked in a polite voice that carried merriment and kindness.

Jupiter nodded at her friend and most capable angel. "Seraphina, I have a job for you."

Seraphina smiled, "I guessed as much. How can I be of service?"

Jupiter waved her hand. A hologram of a boy with messy brown hair that fell into cold and emotionless Prussian blue eyes appeared. "I want you to help this boy," she stated.

Seraphina studied the hologram carefully before turning to Jupiter. "What do you want me to do?" she asked cautiously. This boy did not look like he needed help, at least not physical help.

"He is a soldier who helped stop the war against the colonies. He has a pure heart, Seraphina. However, due to Fate and Destiny, he was trained to show no emotions from his childhood. What little he had left of his humanity, his trainers squeezed out of him in an attempt to make him the perfect assassin. Before you ask, my dear, the reason they did this was because they needed him to stop the recent war," Jupiter explained.

Seraphina looked at her friend in horror. "That´s terrible!" she exclaimed.

Jupiter nodded her agreement. "Yes, but such is the fate of the chosen one. He prevented a disaster from striking the earth. Now that the earth has achieved peace once again, his destiny has been fulfilled. I want to give him a normal life, the one he never had because of destiny. However, with the way he has lived his whole life so far, this is not something I can do by snapping my fingers," she continued, hoping Seraphina would see where she was going with this point.

The beautiful angel nodded. "So you want me to go down there and help him," she concluded.

Jupiter smiled. "That is correct."

Seraphina looked back at the image of the boy and noted his emotionless eyes. "Jupiter, you know as well as I do that it is impossible to live a normal life without any emotions."

Jupiter grinned at the young angel. "You´ve always been a mind reader, my dear. The only thing I need you to do down there is to help him regain his humanity and accept his emotions. That way, he will be able to start his normal life," Jupiter explained. "Oh, on a side note, do NOT use any kind of special power while you are down there. He is, after all, the chosen one."

Seraphina frowned. "If that is the case, how am I supposed to get close enough to help him with something like emotions?" she questioned.

Jupiter sat back in her chair and continued to brief the angel on her latest assignment. "Simple. Pluto will help you create a normal human life, or close to it. You´d have to use a different name, of course. I will also have you registered at the same school as this boy. All other details will be taken care of. The only thing I need you to do is to find him and help him regain his lost compassion. Whatever method you choose will be fine, however, try to be discreet."

Seraphina smiled at Jupiter. "Accepted, Jupiter. I´ve always wanted to revisit Earth again, after all. One more thing, when do I leave?"

"As soon as you´re ready," Jupiter stated. "I´ll go finalize the details with Pluto now," she announced as she got up from her chair. "Go pack and make sure you have everything you need. It may be a few months before you return."

Seraphina curtsied again and turned to go. After a couple of steps, she paused and turned around. A vision of the rabbit she had been playing with flashed through her mind. She´d have to cancel their game now. "Jupiter?"

"Yes, Seraphina?"

"Please tell Pluto that I want to use the name Usagi Tsukino."


End of Prologue.

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