Angel in Disguise by Comet

Angel in Disguise by Comet~Princess

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Epilogue - All My Heart


Usagi slowly opened her eyes to be greeted with a white ceiling. Carefully, she looked around. The room was very plain and it was apparently a hospital room. She felt someone holding her hand. She turned her head and saw that Heero was the one who was holding her, and he was asleep by her bedside, his head resting in his arms, his hair falling into his face. Usagi´s eyes softened at how peaceful he looked. He must have brought me here, she concluded. Gently, she brushed his hair out of his face, her fingers brushing lightly across his forehead.

He was either a really light sleeper, or he was just sensitive to her touch, because the moment her fingers made contact with his skin, he jolted awake, his eyes opening and staring down at her. Usagi smiled at him. "Hey," she greeted softly.

"How are you feeling?" Heero asked, not letting go of her hand.

"Much better," Usagi admitted. "What happened after I passed out?"

Heero shrugged. "Not much," he answered. "They took Mariemeia to the hospital, and since you fainted, I made them take you too."

Usagi tried to sit up, and Heero immediately helped her by supporting her waist with his free arm. "Thanks," she said after she was resting comfortable among the pillows and the blankets. "What else?"

"Lady Une, Relena, and the guys all came to get checked up and all that," Heero informed her.

"So, they´re all here?" Usagi asked.

"Yea," Heero replied. "By the way, I thought you said you healed fast. You were out for a little more than a day."

Usagi smiled. "Well, humans aren´t supposed to heal faster than angels, you know?" she said.

Heero blinked, then stared at her. "Are you saying what I think you´re saying?" he questioned.

"That depends," Usagi teased, her tone light, "What do you think I´m saying?"

Heero gently tipped her chin up so she looked directly into his eyes. "So you´re mortal and human?" he asked in almost a whisper.

Usagi merely nodded. Heero leaned down and kissed her softly. "How?" he inquired. "You were still immortal when you came after me, weren´t you? And I know I stayed with you from the moment you fainted to now."

Usagi´s heart jumped at the thought that he´d stayed with her for the entire time. She smiled and shook her head. "You want to hear it from the beginning?" she wanted to know.

"Only if you´re feeling up to telling me," Heero answered.

Usagi nodded. "I feel much better," she started, "and you better make yourself comfortable, because it´s long."


Duo stretched from his position the chair in Mariemeia´s room. "I don´t get it," he grumbled to the other pilots. "How come we´re in here looking after her?"

Quatre looked up from the book he was reading. "Because Lady Une and Miss Relena are both in the other room, finalizing the peace treaty for total pacifism," he answered.

"So?" Duo complained, trying not to scratch one of the bandages off his arm. All four of the pilots were sitting around Mariemeia´s room, having been assigned to look after her until she woke up. Trowa and Wufei had set up a chess game, Quatre was reading a book, and Duo was doing absolutely nothing. "I don´t get it," Duo started again. "How come we´re the ones with cuts and bruises all over us and Heero doesn´t even have a dent on him when he´s the one who blew up in his Gundam?"

"Yuy´s not normal. What I want to know is what´s up with the onna? I thought she wasn´t weak, but she fainted," Wufei muttered.

"Yea," Duo added with a goofy grin, "and supposedly right into Heero´s arms in front of Relena too!"

"Speaking of Usagi," Trowa spoke up, "does anyone know anything new about her?" He had been pondering what Duo had told him ever since they were in here. It made sense, especially when he put that together with what Heero had said before, but it was still kind of fuzzy.

Quatre put the book down. "I know her entire story," he answered. All of his comrades turned to look at him. "She told me. And I know she was planning on telling you, but with the battle and everything. . ." he trailed off.

"So, why don´t you tell us instead, Winner?" Wufei reasoned. "We don´t even know how long she´s going to be out."

Quatre thought for a minute. "Alright," he agreed. "I don´t think she´d mind." He began to retell the story that Usagi had told him, starting with her birth, to when she traded her angel powers to become human. "That´s all I know," he finished. "I have no idea why she fainted."

Trowa nodded. "The entire puzzle makes sense now," he muttered to himself.

Duo yawned. "This is really weird," he stated. "Hey, do you guys want some coffee? I´ll go get some." He stood up and left the room. Wufei remained deep in thought, Quatre returned to his book, and Trowa stood up. "I´ll go see if Heero wants some coffee," he said and left as well.


"And that´s it," Usagi finished. She looked up at Heero, who was staring back at her with wide-eyed shock.

"Alright, that matched everything I knew before," he started after a moment of silence, "but you´re telling me that the heavens exist, that people actually live there, and you came back to life from the dead?"

"Yea," Usagi confirmed. "It´s the truth. Do you believe me?"

Heero sighed. "I have to believe you. Nothing else makes sense," he answered.

Usagi smiled, then noticing the expression on his face, she added, "Heero, I´m really sorry I didn´t tell you before."

Heero smiled and shook his head. "Weren´t you the one that told me that love is never having to say you´re sorry?" he asked.

Usagi looked at him in surprise. "You remembered," she stated rather than questioned.

Heero nodded. "I remember a lot of things about you," he continued softly, "but right now, there´s only two things that matter."

Usagi cocked her head to one side, silently asking him to continue.

"One," Heero began, "are you here to stay? As in you won´t leave me again."

Usagi nodded and giggled. "Unless you want me to," she murmured.

Heero shook his head and squeezed her hand. "Don´t you dare," he growled.

Usagi laughed. "What´s the second thing?" she asked.

Heero´s eyes softened. "Did you really mean what you said back at the bunker?" he questioned.

"I said a lot of things back at the bunker," Usagi responded.

"No, what you said before you passed out," Heero clarified. "When you said that you. . ." his voice trailed off.

"When I said that I love you?" Usagi filled in, her eyes twinkling with merriment.

Heero nodded, not daring to look at her. If she didn´t really mean it, he wouldn´t know what to do anymore.

"Heero, look at me," Usagi pleaded softly. He obeyed, and she allowed her eyes to show him her sincerity. "I love you with all my heart, and don´t you ever believe otherwise," she stated.

"That´s all I need then," Heero whispered. "Because I love you just as much, if not more."

Usagi smiled and tipped her face up to kiss him. He wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him. The gentle kissing soon turned passionate. Heero seemed to be trying to memorize her every feature, unwilling to let her go anytime soon.

Trowa´s voice came from the doorway. "Hey Heero, do you want any cof- . . . no, you don´t," he answered himself, shutting the door behind him after he caught sight of the scene in the room.

(AN: Get your mind out of the gutter, people! Trowa just saw them kissing. Keep in mind this story is rated PG.)


Usagi sighed as she tried to make sense of what Heero was saying. It was about a month after the incident with Mariemeia. Lady Une had adopted the little girl and cared for her like her own daughter. Noin and Sally were continuing their work at the Preventers´. The Gundams had been self-destructed, and all the guys, along with Usagi and Relena, were back at school. In other words, things were back to normal.

Currently, Heero and Usagi were studying for their chemistry exam. Well, Usagi was studying and Heero was teaching her. It was the one bad thing about being human again. She´d have to understand and actually pass this course. In addition, the two of them were sitting on the couch and she was in his arms, which didn´t help her concentration at all.

"Can we take a break?" Usagi asked.

Heero shrugged. "I´m not really studying, angel," he replied, bending down and giving her a quick kiss.

Usagi smiled. "Then, how about we-"

She was interrupted by frantic banging on the door of their dorm. Usagi frowned as she got up to open the door. As soon as she released the lock, the door flew open and Duo rushed in, running past her into the den, where Heero was sitting.

"Heero, you have to help me," Duo pleaded, rubbing his head where a bump was forming. "You don´t want to see me in a gazillion pieces, right?"

Heero sat back and crossed his arms. "What did Wufei say about that prank you played on him?" he demanded.

Duo scrunched up his nose. "Want me to leave out the death threats?" he mumbled.

Usagi stood in the doorway of the den, looking at Duo in concern. "Sure," she answered, silently wondering what Duo had done this time.

"Then, he didn´t say anything," Duo muttered.

"MAXWELL!!" they heard from the halls.

Duo eeped and ran into the bathroom of the dorm, locking the door behind him just as Wufei stomped into Heero and Usagi´s dorm. Now, Usagi knew why he was so mad. Wufei had a giant multi-coloured afro on his head, which Usagi guessed was glued on. He was wearing a shirt that said, 'I´m the Disco Justice Boy´ in orange paint, and the katana he was carrying was painted bright pink.

Heero smirked and Usagi backed into the den, laughing at Wufei´s attire.

Wufei growled at the girl. "Onna, this is not funny!" he shouted, waving the katana in her face.

Seeing this, Heero stood up and promptly socked Wufei in the jaw. "Don´t touch my girlfriend," he warned.

This exchange gave Duo enough time to run out of the dorm, laughing hysterically the entire way. Wufei glared at Heero before turning to pursue his original target. "Maxwell, when I catch up to you, you´re going to die!" he yelled down the hall.

Usagi watched the two in a bit of amusement before turning to Heero. "Should we stop them?" she asked.

Heero rolled his eyes. "We do that everyday. We should get paid for it," he muttered.

Usagi laughed. "You know, you´ve changed a lot since I first met you," she commented.

Heero raised an eyebrow and Usagi continued. "You used to be really cold and aloof. You got mad at me for hugging you, and you´d join Wufei on his rampages to kill Duo," she explained.

Heero wrapped his arms around her, resting his head on top of hers. "I still threaten to kill Duo," he stated.

Usagi grinned and hugged him. "Of course," she agreed. "Otherwise, you wouldn´t be you. But you know what I mean, and I like you better this way."

Heero gave her a soft kiss on her forehead before capturing her lips with his own. "I love you, Usagi," he told her.

Usagi smiled and looked into the eyes that still had the ability to hold her captivated. "I love you too, Heero," she replied.


Usagi grinned as she walked towards her last period class. She had managed to do well on her chemistry exam, and it was the first day of the second semester. She´d had computers class first thing in the morning with Heero and Trowa. She had no idea what she was doing. Heero and Trowa, on the other hand, had finished a week´s worth of work in one period. Luckily, they had offered to help her. Next, she had math with Duo. The braided boy had talked so much that Usagi had almost resolved to using Heero´s method to shut him up so that she could understand what the teacher was talking about.

Lunch had been normal. That meant the guys and her had been eating until Duo had pissed off Wufei, which started a chase, which ended up in the kitchen of the cafeteria where the cafeteria lady had once again gotten into a fight with Wufei. Then, just now, she had biology with Quatre, which had turned out to be quite peaceful.

"What do you have now, Quatre?" she asked the Arabian, who had truly become more like her brother in the past month. He had provided her with everything she´d needed, and his family treated her like another sister, including the Maganacs.

Quatre checked his schedule. "I have geography next," he replied.

Usagi brightened. "Really? Me too!" she said enthusiastically.

Quatre smiled and the two walked into the room together. Inside, they found Heero and Trowa already there. "Hey guys!" Quatre greeted.

Trowa merely nodded at the two and Heero barely looked up from his laptop. "Hi Trowa!" Usagi said with a wave before plopping down in the seat next to Heero. "Hey, what are you doing?" she asked him.

Heero looked at her and gave her a kiss before answering, "Checking the news around the world."

Usagi was about to reply when a loud voice interrupted her. "Hey there! Looks like we´re in the same class again!" Duo yelled with happiness.

Heero and Usagi looked up and sure enough, there was Duo with a pissed off Wufei behind him. "Maxwell, you are never leading me around the school again," he said.

"Sorry, Wu-man," Duo replied. "I only got us lost three times."

"That´s three times too many!" Wufei yelled. "And DON´T call me Wu-man!"

(AN: How they got lost in the school after a semester of being there is way beyond me. 0_o)

"We´re all in the same class? Again?" Usagi asked incredulously.

Duo grinned. "Oh come on! You know you´ll miss World History if we´re not all in the same class again this semester," he stated.

"We don´t learn anything if we´re in the same class though," Quatre pointed out. The three-week guest appearance by Relena had turned into a three-month unit since they never got through the lesson planned for the day.

Duo shrugged. "And you care?" he commented sarcastically.

Usagi sighed. "Well, maybe you´ll respect the teacher more this time," she answered.

The rest of the guys shrugged and took their seats just as the teacher walked into the room. "Good afternoon, class," she greeted. She took the attendance, which passed smoothly. Then, she passed out the textbooks and announced, "Our first unit will be mapping countries, and since Miss Relena Peacecraft has been around the world, she will be the guest speaker for the next two weeks."

Relena walked into the room and greeted the class.

In the back, the five guys and Usagi stared at her before exchanging glances with each other.

"After what happened last semester, you´d think they would have smartened up," Trowa mumbled, "but noooo. . ."

"Injustice, injustice, injustice," Wufei muttered. "I refuse to be taught by this psychotic onna again."

Quatre merely sighed while Duo had a grin so wide it looked like his face would crack.

Heero smirked and leaned over to Usagi. "You were saying?" he whispered.

Usagi shot him a look and groaned, burying her face into her arms on the desk.

Here we go again. . .


End of Epilogue. End of Story.

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