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Summary: Just Toph's take on Sokka and realizes how at times people can be so alike.

She was born blind. She hated it and yet loved it, she hated it for the reason that because of her blindness everyone always felt she was incapable and need to be taken care of. She wasn't useless she could handle herself she could do so much more then anyone else could. She hated to be though of as weak.

She did like being blind because she could even in blindness see so much more then anyone else would in their lives. She could hear hurt in their voices, joy, despair, longing, love.

She heard it in her companion's voices. Katara for Aang and Aang for Katara. She never felt this however from Sokka, all she felt from him was hurt masked poorly by the act as a fool and a klutz.

Katara had told her what had happened between Sokka and Yue. How though a secret their love though short lived had become so very apparent at the very end. He would have risked the world in chaos just to be with her. She knew of what he saw in the swamp, still feeling guilty for not being able to save her.

Sokka was probably the most emotional in their group even more then Aang, at night she would hear him whispering to the moon for forgiveness never receiving an answer.

She knew that life had been cruel to him and she was making it worse by calling him names and treating him badly. Maybe because she was afraid to become like him, to begin to think of themselves as weak.

There was just that bit of familiarity between both of them, not wanting to be weak.

She realized that she was indeed just like Sokka, she wanted to prove herself to others deep down like how Sokka wanted to be acknowledged by the rest even though he couldn't bend.

"How you feeling?" a voice came interrupting her thoughts.

"I'm fine it's none of your business just-," she stopped herself before she could say something more harsh maybe. Maybe it was time they spoke together seriously and find out what else they had in common.

"I'm sorry for snapping at you. You just caught me by surprise." She said to him, "what did you want to talk about anyway?"

"Nothing much I just wanted to get away from the love birds over there," he replied gesturing to the fire they had started.

She smiled at gestured for him to sit down and asked, "Why are you on this journey anyway Sokka?"

She felt him smile as he began to explain all that had happened, why he was here, what had happened, how he felt. But what was most important was that now she could hear something else other then hurt in his voice. He felt happy to finally get everything off his shoulders all he felt things he wouldn't have said if they had never asked.

She had thought of him to be just an idiot, but from what he was saying she now knew he was so much more. She would definitely need to talk more with him, someone she felt could connect with herself fully. She was happy and he was happy with what they were now as they talked and that was good enough.


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