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Ron ran upstairs to his bedroom, the hot tears on his face mixing with the rain that was already streaming down his face. As he slammed the door, he crumbled against the solid frame and let out a cracked sob that he had been holding back ever since he ran away from Harry. His shoulders hunched forward, and his forehead met his knees in hopeless abandon. The door shook as he angrily sobbed against it, his whole body shaking from the effort. His naturally dark blue eyes were almost green from the redness and the tears that were invading his eyes so quickly.

Ron slammed his fist against the floor beneath him and leaned his head against the door. He was panting from the run to his room, but also from his violent sobbing. He bit his lip in frustration, unconsciously biting it so hard that it bled.

"Fuck." He whispered as he wiped the blood away from his bottom lip.

"Fuck." He whispered again as he heard Harry's footsteps coming up from the stairwell.

As Ron heard Harry's footsteps approach he stumbled to the window and wiped the tears away from his face. He heard the door open and could hear Harry's footsteps coming closer. Harry's hand pulled Ron around to face him. Ron knew he looked like a complete idiot. He heavily exhaled all the breath that he had been saving since he first head Harry's footsteps. He knew that his face was bright red from crying and that he was still dripping wet.

"How long?" Harry whispered not letting his eyes leave Ron's face.

"I've probably felt this way forever, I just hadn't admitted it to myself until recently." Ron said his voice cracking mid-sentence. After realizing his feelings for Harry the previous week, and he had come to the conclusion that they had existed forever.

"How'd you know?" Harry said, staring more intently then before.

"It just happened."

"No, how'd you know that I was gay?" Harry said, his eyes leaving Ron's for the first time out of embarrassment.

"I didn't." Ron whispered as he took a step closer to Harry.

"No?" Harry whispered and he put his hands onto Ron's waist.

"No." Ron whispered onto Harry's lips as he closed the space between them.

The kiss was softer, more tender, then the prior one. Ron had felt that the previous one would only last for a fleeting moment, but he felt as though this one could last forever. Harry's wet fringe brushed against Ron's as he moved into the kiss. They stood there, almost to exhausted to deepen the kiss, but at the same time to content with their gentle contact.

Harry nibbled on Ron's lip, almost pushing him over the edge as he asked for entrance. Ron obliged and opened his mouth. Harry timidly slid his tongue into Ron's mouth. Ron brushed his tongue against Harry's, and Harry immediately reacted off of this. He pushed Ron over to the nearest bed (his own), and pushed the other boy onto it. He straddled him, and both boys moaned as their erections ground against each others.

Harry captured Ron's lips once more, pressing hard against the soft lips as he ground his hips against the other boys.

Ron slid his hands onto Harry's waist, pushing the thin material up his stomach. Harry broke the kiss allowing Ron to slide the shirt off of him completely.

Harry immediately attached himself to Ron's mouth again, and set to work on Ron sweater. He slid the damp fabric off of Ron's chest, and quickly set on exploring the newly exposed skin.

Harry latched on Ron's neck, his lips grazing over the Adam's apple, and sucking at Ron's collarbones, which caused Ron to shudder, as they were apparently his weak spot.

His hands roamed down to Ron's nipples, thumbing them until they were hard, before moving down to the hard stomach that had been built by strenuous hours of Quidditch. He brought his lips to meet Ron's once more, but Ron pulled back.


"Hmm?" Harry moaned as he lay on top of the heavily breathing boy.

"Is this really what you want?"

"What" Harry asked as he turned to look at Ron.

"Me. Have you ever wanted me before right now?" Ron said, asking the question that had been burning in his mind ever since they had started kissing.

"Yeah. Yeah Of course. Why else would I be doing this?" Harry said looking intently into Ron's eyes.

"How long?" Ron asked, squirming under the pressure of Harry's gaze.


"How long since you realized that you were gay?"

"I never realized I was gay. I just knew I was in love with you." Harry confessed as he recaptured Ron's lips.

"What time is it?" Ron asked.

"Hungry aren't you?" Harry said and smirked.

"Ten till seven." He said after he looked at his watch.

"We should probably be getting downstairs."


"Well to do that you'll have to get off of me."

Harry leaned further into Ron, stubbornly refusing to get off.

"Fine." He murmured into Ron's neck and he took one last smell of the mix of rain and grass that scented Ron's hair. It reminded Harry of flying.