Gipdac's Trilogy Of Terror Vol. 1

What happens when nightmares become a reality?...

Chapter 1

RJ slowly turned in his sleep.

He saw Vincent, tearing off Verne's head, and eating his friends.

Then, Vincent stared at RJ, and grinned.

"Time's up, RJ."


RJ woke up with a start, sweat pouring down his face.

He had been having the same nightmares for weeks now, and each time it seemed more real.

RJ went back to sleep.

He saw Vincent eating Hammy.

"You couldn't save them, RJ."

Vincent began laughing.

Then, Vincent broke up into different pieces, and the pieces turned into creatures.

The head became a huge goblin-like creature.

The arms became giant centipedes.

The legs became weedhackers.

And the torso became a hedge on fire.

RJ screamed as the weedhacker hacked up his friends.

Then, the centipedes began eating the pieces.

Next, the hedge burned whatever bones were left.

The goblin-like creature smiled at RJ.

"They're all dead, RJ. And its all your fault!"

RJ then saw his friends being killed, over and over again...

RJ woke up again, and he began crying.