Chapter 3

RJ had failed...All his family was dead again.

Vincent walked up to him.

"You don't need them."

"I do."

Vincent scoffed in disgust.

"You are a fool, RJ."

RJ said nothing.

"You failed them all."

Still nothing.

"Want to see it again?"

No response.


RJ's family reappeared, and Vincent turned on the weedhacker.

"You can't save them, RJ!"

Anger grew in RJ's eyes.


RJ jumped Vincent, pulling out a pocket knife, and stabbing Vincent in the back of the neck.

Vincent roared in pain, and then began panting, and then finally fell.

RJ smiled at his family.

"I won't let him kill you guys. I love you all."

Everything around RJ vanished, and he reappeared back at the log.

His family was asleep, and RJ smiled, and walked over there to go to sleep, too...

Author's Note: if anyone did not understand this, let me explain: the nightmares happened so often, it filled every part of RJ's brain, until he began to see them in reality. In order to stop it, he had to fight his fears, by killing Vincent. That's the story.