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Authoress' note:

I don't know if anyone is wondering or not but this plot is sort of after the 1st book before they talk again. Also quick apology to bad grammer sorry.

"Jaehee," Dai asked looked at him questionly then he walked over softly to him.

"Dai why are you here," he replied taking a backstep away from him quickly.

"Didn't you come here to see me," he asked, "Why do you get to ask all the questions? Why did you come here? How did you know that I would be here?"

"This is my grandparents' lodge. They called me up complaining about some punk who was wrecking their inn," he explained, "I figured it was you."

"You did assume right," said Dai waiting patiently for the news, "So you came searching for me? But I thought you hated me that is why you..." His voice trailed off as he tried to explain.

Turning without thinking Dai walked away and Jaehee followed in silence. "I still haven't completely forgiven you yet," said Jaehee softly.

"Who said it was just up to you? I have a right to chose also. Remember you followed me here? Why did you do that is you didn't quite forgive me," said Dai annoyance obvious as he turned to walk away.

Jaehee said softly, " I don't know but whenever I'm away from you all I can do is think about you. You are the only thing in my mind."

"So its now that you decide this. Convient isn't it," Dai said the ice in his tone cutting into the cool air surrounding them.

"I know you don't believe that Dai. Please just talk normally to me," said Jaehee looking like he was about to fall apart. He suddenly walked up to Dai and said, "Do you honestly not care about me because if you don-"

Dai grabbed Jaehee suddenly and kissed him firmly on the lips making Jaehee shake until he wrapped his arms around the warm figure in front of him. As he pulled away Jaehee still had his hands clamped firmly down on Dai's arms. "Was that wrong of me," said Dai smiling smugly at Jaehee for all he was worth.

Jaehee said looking him firmly in the eyes, "We can't stay here not right now."

Dai looked at him eyes clouded and said, "My thoughts exactly."