These issues are a work of fiction based partly on characters owned by Marvel Entertainment Ltd. These stories are not to be used for commercial gain, and are purely for entertainment purposes only.

A new threat has appeared in London causing a group of heroes to ban together to save her. Realizing that this may not be the end and that once again a country needs her defenders, Captain Britain draws together a new team of heroes. The sword is drawn and X-Calibur is reborn.

Team Roster

Active Roster

Captain Britain – Brian Braddock

Psylocke – Betsy Braddock

Sunfire – Shiro Yoshida

Shadowcat – Kitty Pryde

Nightcrawler – Kurt Wagner

Nightmagik – Margali Sefton – Future daughter of Nightcrawler and Amanda Sefton

Cat – Piotra Wisdom – Future daughter of Shadowcat & Pete Wisdom

Shuriken – Yukio

Grizzly – Mikhail Ursus

Emerald Dragon – Benedict – Son of Sir Benedict

Non-Active Roster

Meggan – Meggan Braddock

Icey – Drake Stuart – 5 year old future grandson of Bobby Drake and Betsy Braddock


Marvel Girl – Rachel Grey

Psi-Blade – Pete Grey – Future son of Rachel Grey and Pete Wisdom

Shamrock – Molly Fitzgerald

Geo – Jamesy Braddock – Future son of Brian and Meggan Braddock