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Her Angel of Music

By: Phantomfan1911

Disclaimer: Now, if I owned POTO, do you think that I would still be in the Navy? I do, however, own Isabella.

Summary: Modern Day AU. Things are going great for seventeen-year-old Christine until a tragedy changes everything.

Chapter One: The Unthinkable

"So are you going to the dance tonight?" Meg Giry asked.

"I don't know. No one has asked me, and I'm not sure I can even go. Dad's been pretty strict on me lately," Christine Daae replied, shaking out her mahogany curls.

Meg sighed. Unfournately, Christine was right. Ever since her mother had died back when Christine was seven, Charles Daae had been protective of his daughter, sometimes not letting her go out with her friends or to some school events. Now that Christine was seventeen, his rule was as strict as ever.

"I'll tell you what. Let me talk to Dad and see if he'll let me go. You don't have anyone to go with right?"

Her blonde haired friend nodded. "Yeah, that's right. Not that no one asked me. I just felt like waiting for the right person," she replied.

'Like Raoul de Chagny,' she thought to herself. Meg was in love with the handsome blonde transfer student ever since she had first laid eyes upon him a year ago.

Christine laughed. "Come on Meg! I know that you've got this massive crush on Raoul! It's totally obvious!"

"Is it that obvious? Does he know? Oh my god I'm so embarrassed!"

"Relax Meg, he doesn't know that you have the hots for him. He just thinks that you like him as a friend that's all. But it is too bad that he's going to the dance with Isabella. That girl is too stuck up for her own good."

"You're telling me. But anyways, why did you want to know if I was going to the dance with anyone?"

"Because I can tell Dad that I'm going to the dance with you and stay the night at your place tonight. I'm sure that your mom wouldn't mind having me over. I'm like a daughter to her," Christine replied.

Meg nodded. "That is true. Mom is always asking me when I'm going to bring you over again. But do you think that your Dad will go for it?"

"He should. Why don't you drive over to my house and we will find out."

Without another word, Meg carefully turned her car on to Government Avenue and into Christine's driveway. Gathering up her things, Christine hopped out of the car and headed towards the front door of her home. "Dad? I'm home," she called upon entering the home.

"I'm in the kitchen sweetheart."

She made her way into the Daae's spacious kitchen and saw Charles Daae putting the milk carton back into the refrigerator. He looked up at his daughter and smiled. "Hi sweetheart. How was your day?" he asked, kissing her on the cheek.

"Oh you know, the usual. Nothing interesting," she replied, picking up a carrot stick from the counter and dipping it into the open ranch dip container. "But there is something that I wanted to ask you."

"Oh really? Well ask it quick, I have a meeting in LA that I need to make."

She crunched into the carrot stick, carefully thinking of how she could word this. "Can I go to the dance with Meg tonight?"

"Oh Christine, you know how I feel about dances," he replied.

"Please Dad? I'm seventeen now and it's not like I'm going with a boy, I'm going with Meg. And I'll stay the night at Meg's house too. I know that Mrs. Giry would love to have me over. Meg's always telling me how much her mom talks about me. It's just this once. Pretty please with sugar on top?" Christine was on the verge of begging. She really wanted to go to this dance.

Charles sighed. "Alright. You can go. I'm going to be in LA overnight anyways so it's probably a good idea if you stay over at the Giry's anyways."

"Oh thank you Dad! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Christine exclaimed, jumping up and down.

"Am I to assume that Meg is outside in her car waiting for my answer?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah, that's right. I almost forgot!"

She ran outside and over to Meg's car. "Meg! He said yes! Come in and help me pack!"

"Cool!" Opening the driver's side door, Meg got out of her car and ran into the house behind Christine. "Hi Mr. Daae! Thanks for letting Christine go to the dance tonight!" she called out.

"Meg, Christine, come in here for a moment," Charles called from the kitchen.

The two girls entered the kitchen and stood across from him. "Yes Daddy?" Christine asked.

"Alright, I'm going to be in LA overnight, but you have your house key incase you need to get in the house for anything. My cell phone will be on if you need me for anything, but I will be in a meeting until around ten tonight. Have fun sweetheart. I would really love to stay and chat some more but if I don't leave now, I'm going to be late."

With that, he kissed Christine goodbye and headed out the door. A few moments later, the two girls could hear his car starting up and backing out of the driveway.

"I can't believe he said you could go! That's cool!" Meg exclaimed.

"I know! Come on, you have to help me pack."

Half an hour later, the two girls emerged from the house, and got into the car and headed towards the Giry home.

"This is so much fun! Now I know what I've been missing all these years!" Christine yelled a few hours later, in the ladies room of the auditorium, where the dance was being held.

"I know! I've missed having you at these dances Christine! They aren't any fun without my best friend!" Meg replied.

Suddenly, a tall, red headed girl entered the room, dressed in a beautiful midnight blue strapless dress. "Oh, hi Isabella. How's Raoul?" Christine asked the new comer, trying to be polite.

"We're fine Christine, thank you for asking. Aren't you here with anyone?" Isabella replied.

"Yeah! I'm here with Meg!" Christine said, grabbing on to her best friends arm.

"Oh, I see," Isabella said. "Well Meg, Raoul told me to tell you hi. He saw you earlier by the punch bowl."

Meg blushed a deep red. "Oh, well please tell him that I said hi," she replied.

Turning to look in the mirror, Isabella took out a small compact and reapplied her lip-gloss. "Well girls, it was fun, but I must be getting back to Raoul. Have a good night."

Once she was gone, Meg let out the breath that she had been holding. "God, I can't stand that girl! She thinks that she's the queen of the universe!" she said.

Christine laughed. "Yeah, I know. Just because she was voted Homecoming Queen and she the captain of the cheerleading squad AND she's the junior class president she thinks that she owns everyone!"

The girls laughed, then exited the bathroom and returned to the dance floor.

"Alright, now! Let's slow it down a little bit! Ladies, grab your man and hold him close!" the DJ announced as a slow song started to play over the speakers.

Christine looked around and saw Raoul de Chagny standing by himself in a corner. Turning to where Meg was previously standing, she saw that her friend had disappeared and was off dancing with Joseph Williams. Turning back, she saw that Raoul was right next to her.

"Hi, Christine right? You're Meg's friend. I'm Raoul. Would you like to dance?" he asked, offering her his hand.

She smiled and nodded. "Sure, that sounds wonderful," she said, taking his hand and allowing him to lead her upon the dance floor.

Raoul placed one hand on her shoulder and the other gently upon her waist and started to lead her in a dance. "So, you're a junior too? I haven't seen you in any of my classes," he asked.

She nodded. "Yeah, Meg and I are in all the same classes, and we are in chorus and take a ballet class after school too."

"Chorus? Wow, so you must be a wonderful singer then."

Christine blushed a little. "Well, I do try, but there are many more who are better than I am. But tell me about yourself. I know that you're new here."

"Well, I'm originally from San Francisco. My family moved here because my father's company moved its headquarters. I'm sure that you've heard of de Chagny Enterprises?" he asked.

"Of course. Just about everything in this town is either built or run by them," she replied. "My father works for your company. In the marketing department."

"Does he now? What's his name?"

"Charles Daae."

"Oh! I have heard of him. He plays violin also doesn't he?"

Christine nodded. "When he has time, yes he does. He's wonderful on the violin, but he really doesn't play very much. Not since my mother died."

"Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about that," he replied.

Suddenly, Christine felt her cell phone vibrate against her stomach. Parting from Raoul, she opened her bag and pulled out her phone. Not recognizing the number, she answered it timidly. "Hello?"

"Is this Christine Daae?" the voice on the other end asked.

She really couldn't hear what they were saying over the music. "Hang on a minute," Christine shouted in the phone. "Excuse me Raoul but I have to take this."

"Of course, here. Let me help you," he replied, taking her by the hand. He led her out into the lobby of the auditorium where the music wasn't as loud. "I'll just stand over here and wait for you to finish."

She smiled and then turned her attention back to the phone. "Hello?"

"Is this Christine Daae?" the voice on the other end asked again.

"Yes, this is she."

"Miss Daae, this is Gabrielle Sanders down at San Diego General. I'm afraid that there's been an accident."

"An accident? What kind of accident?" Christine cried into the phone.

"It's your father, Charles Daae. He was in a car accident on I-5 miss. He's not expected to make it through the night."

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