Bring It On... Again

Disclaimer: Llama whut? Saru/Bya/Ren is my OT3 and it's CANON bitches. I mean... all is Tite Kubo's. Except my sould which belongs to Mikey, who bought it off eBay.

The stare-down was intense. Electricity and tension practically crackled in the air between the two.

"Tonight… it's mine. Finally!" Renji proclaimed, pointing a shaking finger at his Captain.

Byakuya merely scoffed. He knew that he would never lose. After all, certainly not over something as important as this. Or so he thought, until he was knocked to the floor by a glancing blow to his left ear.

Rolling gracefully to the side to dodge a second hit, and jumping nimbly to his feet, he managed to make a return hit to Renji's midsection.

"Ooof…" The redhead stumbled backwards and lost his precarious footing to sprawl in an ungainly heap across the tatami mats.

Taking this advantageous moment, Byakuya leapt upon his prize victoriously.

"It's mine!"

"Dammit! You cheated!"

One neat brow was raised in disbelief. "How so?"

Renji's lower lip jutted out in a semi-pout as he leaned his chin on the edge of the futon and eyed the large soft body pillow that Byakuya reclined on in a regal manner. "You just did."

The Pillow™. It was a bone of contention between them, and a cause of nightly fights as to who would claim property rights.

A small smile curved Byakuya's lips and he leaned back slightly in a stretch, letting his eyes slip shut as his arms were raised above his head, causing the opening of his black sleeping yukata to shift and slide open across bare skin, revealing slimly muscled thighs.

Renji's mouth went dry, and for a moment he wondered why the hell he was arguing with his lover over a pillow of all things. NO! He must focus! And not on pale skin that gleamed in the moonlight. Or tight lickable abs… silky black hair… smirking li—FOCUS!

Closing his eyes and forcing himself to concentrate, and not on the image of stripping his captain naked and ravishing him into the futon, he leapt forward and attempted to tug the Pillow™ free.

An all out free for all ensued, hair was pulled, yukata's were tugged, and it was only when there was an ominous riiiiiip that both men froze in horror to see the victim of their struggle laying in a pile of feathers and material between them.

A few stray feathers floated in the air around them, landing gently on and around them. Renji couldn't help but let out a small snicker as he watched one settle on the tip of Byakuya's nose in an apparent show of defiance to gravity.

"At least now, bedtime might be quiet, with nothing to fight over." Byakuya noted as he let go of his half of the mangled pillow and brushed feathers off him and the mattress.

Renji followed suit and stretched out next to the dark-haired shinigami. Within seconds, his breathing was deep and even, proof he was asleep, but just as Byakuya lay down and reached for his half of the thin coverlet, the redhead rolled over, cocooning himself within it.

Byakuya's eye twitched slightly as he grabbed a corner of the blanket and pulled.

The fight was back on.