I Am A Psycho Starfox Fan

The Third Ode

By: Firefury Amahira

Disclaimer: I still don't own Starfox, Nintendo does. And NASA hasn't responded to my inquiries about building Arwings. The jerks.

Oh my gosh, can this really be?

A new Starfox for you and me!

No longer bound to the TV by wires

Flying and dodging around towering spires!

Say goodbye to the ground

Aerial antics all around!

Starfox that you can play on a plane

And drive the other passengers insane!

Flying by stylus, a new challenge it seems

For a pilot of such high esteem!

Tactics now come into play

Where to go, decisions to weigh

New enemies to face

Against the clock the players race!

Who is the villain in this new tale?

I hope it's not Andross, he's totally stale!

The aparoids are toast as well

So on what vile foe will this story dwell?

I squeal in anticipation of that glorious day

And nothing shall hold my madness at bay!

I await the eighteenth of August two-thousand-six

And there's hell to pay if I don't get my fix!