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Dreams and Suspicions

He woke up in a mass of sweat and unfortunate arousal. Memories of the dream that had plagued him through the night were still vivid and fresh in his mind. His skin was hot to the touch as his fingers sought to relieve some of the tension that had built up between his legs. The sweat continued to fall down the base of his neck and he imagined that dark hair and smooth skin was surrounding him, rather than the cool of the night air and the rough callus of his fingertips.


The name slipped unchecked from his lips like it had so many nights before and it didn't take a moment of thought to remember who had been the other person in his dream.

It always seemed to be the same, different scenarios, words and settings, but always the same result. Jackson could not remember how many nights he had woken up like this; breathing erratic and far from platonic thoughts running through his head.

He felt the all-too-familiar name ready to spill from his parted lips again, due to his own ministrations, when he heard a soft melody seeping through the thin walls of his room.

"Clouded senses when my fingers touch yours. You're just a reminder of things that I've never felt before…." His sister's voice rang clear in the silent air and his thoughts jumped to, why in the hell was she singing this late anyways. His sister's voice was beautiful, yes, but in the middle of the night, when his frustration was already running high…..

"Give it a rest, will ya Miley? Hannah and me need a break!" He shouted, while pounding on the wall that he knew held his sister on the other side.

He could hear her frustrated groan and mentally scored one for Jackson as he felt a swell of pride for still being able to annoy his sister.

"Just go back to sleep, Jackson." He heard her retaliation and he shot back quickly, "Ah, but how can anyone sleep when a cat is being killed in the next room?"

There was a cry of indignation and a smirk was already forming on his lips when he heard a laugh come from the other room. He knew right away that it wasn't his sister's. No, this laugh was deeper. This laugh was male.

He shot up in his bed quickly, feeling slightly dizzied by the sudden movement, as his mind jumped to who could be in his sister's room. He freed himself from the covers that had twisted around his body and headed out the door of his room to knock promptly on his sister's, arguing to himself that as her older brother it was his duty to take some authority.

Jackson Stewart was a fucking liar.

He didn't even pause to knock as he opened her door, his suspicions proved instantly. There sat Oliver, fully clothed, thank God, and sitting quite innocently across from his sister in a pink, shag chair, making him look out of place and slightly amusing.

"You should learn to knock." His attention was pulled reluctantly away from the other boy as his sister's annoyed and disgruntled tone pulled him from his reverie.

"And you should learn to not bring boys in here in the middle of the night." He shot back almost instantly, not waiting for her to explain herself. "What's he doing here anyways?" His voice rang with suspicion and a less noticeable jealousy. It was hard enough that his sister was best friends with the object of his infatuation but Jackson wasn't sure if he could handle it if there was actually something going on between the girl that he had annoyed since they were little kids and the boy that he couldn't get off his mind.

"Not that it's any of your business, Jackson, but we're working on something for school." A likely story. "Now if you don't mind, get out." She ordered, gesturing towards the door.

"If you needed help with a project then why didn't you just ask me?" Jackson insisted, not quite ready to leave and definitely not believing the story that his sister was feeding to him.

He felt almost offended as his sister gave out an unladylike snort and proceeded to laugh at his suggestion. "Ask for help on homework? From you?" She questioned, in between giggles. "Wow, that's a good one." She added dryly before turning her face away.

"Well, if you're working on homework, then where is the books?" Jackson asked, trying to ignore his sister's last remark. He raised his eyebrows questioningly at the school supply-free room, and saw his sister's face scrunch in a glare.

"Why do you care so much anyways?" She asked pointedly, folding her arms around her small frame.

"Well, I-I-"

"You can stay if you want, Jackson." Both Stewarts jumped at the sound of the voice that had been silent since Jackson first opened the door.

"What?" Miley and Jackson questioned in unison, turning their attention to the boy who sat uncomfortably in the pink, shag chair.

"Well, I mean, if it's such a big deal, you can stay if you want. I don't mind." Oliver said in a soft voice, his eyes not meeting Miley's burning stare.

"Oliver-" She started, her tone confused and dangerous.

"Oh what's the big deal, Miley? It's not like we were doing anything important anyways."

"But-" Jackson could see the hurt shining in his sister's eyes, even though she did her best to cover it. It made him wonder even more what they had actually been doing before he barged in.

"Look, don't worry about it. I'm tired anyways, I'm just going to go back to bed." Jackson said quickly, becoming slightly uncomfortable under the cold gaze that his sister was giving him and the questioning expression that was radiating off the person that was most likely kissing his sister whilst Jackson dreamed of so much more that he could do to the younger boy.

He closed the door quickly behind him, not giving the other two a chance to respond, and headed back for his room, wondering how things had gotten so complicated.