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(luffys pov)

I held his hand.
slightly bigger than mine, and scorching hot.
he seems surreal.
after our encounter in alabasta, my brother visited me every once in awhile.
like a ghost, he always knew where i was.
and as the visits gets more frequent he seemd more surreal than he was before.
as the visits became more frequent, he began to settle a permanant home in my head.
he soon appeared in my head full time, anytime any where.
naturally i couldn't wait till he dropped on by and i beagan to almost always search for a rediculos orange hat in the horizon along the ocean.
when i held his hand, i felt his fire blaze another fire in methat reflected in his eyes.
i stopped tip toeing into my crew mates room in the night. instead i slept around the deck in clear nights and waited for my brother.
he didnt give me any promises. his visits were sponteneous and so expected.
so i was ready when he step onto my deck.
in the middle of the night, in this vast ocean, when only light is the moon that dissapears behind the massive clouds so often, all my crew mates were asleep.
i stood in the deck in a light shirt and pair of swim shorts. Ace sat on the edges of my little ship for little while, looking at me.
his expression was unreadable, for he had his back to the light.
"Luffy." he started. i tensed up.
i lived with him. he is my brother. my flesh and blood. this is so utterly wrong.
"why aren't you sleeping? a good captain should get his sleep, ne?" he was smiling, i could hear it in his voice. "i..waited for you. i had a feeling that you'd come tonight"
he laughed softly. "this isn't even my ship luffy. i'm not even your crew member." i brieftly saw him throw his ciagrette over to the ocean.
i watched smoke escape his mouth.
"i know. i dont care. you are my brother"
he snickerd.
"i'm not going to stay for too long, i cant. i just passed by to see your face"
my heart began to thump noisily.
"smoking is bad for you luffy." he added.
"i dont smoke. you do." i mumbled.
i suddenly didnt want him to go. i wanted him to stay with me and sleep with me.
"Ace. can you stay?" i asked him rather desprately. his eyes opend up wider.
"lil'bro, are you having some hard times? are you alright"
"Ace, I"
"Having hard time with your navigator, eh?" he smiled brightly as he cut me off.
i looked at the new amusement in his eyes and swallowed hard.
"Ace, That's not the"
"Luffy, i'm not the one you should seek for advises on girls. you know i dont favor them"
yes, yes i know. bastard. i know so fucking well. you ass. you faggot. you homo.
you gay retard.
I looked at my bare foot and bended my toes untill they cracked.
"I know." "Luffy, what is wrong?" I heard him step closer to me. no dont you dare.
you are dirty as it is.
i am dirtier.
i didnt say anything. i couldn't. i dont want to. "luffy..?" he was inches away from me.
i looked up at him and smiled. "just abit tired." he muzzeld my hair.
"go inside luffy." my brother told me and the moon decided to show each other our faces.
the sudden yet soft light hit our faces directly and we both smiled.
"goodbye for now. my little luffy." He said and bent his face over mine.
slowly. so painfully slowly.
and we kissed. so deliciously slowly and carefully.
careful not to make anysounds.
his mouth was on fire that set mine on fire also.
his tougne crept into my mouth and i greeted him with mine.
i gripped on his arm and his wrapped himself around me.
his naked chest was smooth underneath my fingertips.
let this be forever, i wished.
my wishes are nothing.
his mouth left mine and i found myself welling with pain that i was alien to.
i watched him jump over the ledge and onto his tiny boat floating dangerously next to my ship.
i heard his boat barrroooming across the empty ocean.
i saw the moonlight dimming and onceagain hiding behind the thick clouds.
i felt the ship shake slightly with the ocean.
i even was aware of how cold the atmosphear felt suddenly.
but what i didn't realizes was the tears steaming down my face mingling with his.
when the moon shoned over us, i saw him crying silently, just as i was.
what i did know, was that this was so wrong in everysense, that it..just might be right.
it just..might be.